Proceedings of the 7th international conference on geometry, integrability and quantization, Sts. Constantine and Elena (near Varna), Bulgaria, June 2–10, 2005. (English) Zbl 1089.53004

Geometry, Integrability and Quantization. Sofia: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (ISBN 954-8495-30-9/pbk). 339 p. (2006).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (6, 2004) has been reviewed (see Zbl 1066.53003).
Indexed articles:
Gerdjikov, Vladimir S.; Kaup, David J., How many types of soliton solutions do we know?, 11-34 [Zbl 1101.35069]
Landsberg, Joseph M., Exterior differential systems and billiards, 35-54 [Zbl 1105.58003]
Aneva, Boyka, Quantum groups and stochastic models, 57-78 [Zbl 1098.81048]
Cherbal, Omar; Drir, Mahrez, Dissipative two-level spin system and geometrical phase, 79-88 [Zbl 1098.81043]
Cho, Yong Seung; Lim, Myung Im, Flux conjecture on symplectic submanifolds, 89-97 [Zbl 1099.53056]
Dimitrov, Georgi K.; Mladenov, Ivaïlo M., A new formula for the exponents of the generators of the Lorentz group, 98-115 [Zbl 1098.22008]
Echeverría-Enríquez, Arturo; de León, Manuel; Muñoz-Lecanda, Miguel C.; Román-Roy, Narciso, Extended Hamiltonian formalism of field theories: variational aspects and other topics, 116-127 [Zbl 1210.70025]
Fasihi, Mohammad A., One-dimensional quasi-exactly solvable differential equations, 128-139 [Zbl 1112.34301]
García, Pedro L.; Rodrigo, César, Cartan forms and second variation for constrained variational problems, 140-153 [Zbl 1101.58015]
Grahovski, Georgi G.; Gerdjikov, Vladimir S.; Kostov, Nikolay A.; Atanasov, Victor A., New integrable multi-component NLS type equations on symmetric spaces: \(\mathbb Z_4\) and \(\mathbb Z_6\) reductions, 154-175 [Zbl 1101.35070]
Hadzhilazova, Mariana; Mladenov, Ivaïlo M., Membrane approach to balloons and some related surfaces, 176-186 [Zbl 1094.74037]
Ivey, Thomas A., Geometry and topology of finite-gap vortex filaments, 187-202 [Zbl 1132.53005]
Kyuldjiev, Assen; Gerdjikov, Vladimir; Marmo, Giuseppe; Vilasi, Gaetano, Manev problem and its real form dynamics: superintegrability and symmetry algebras, 203-217 [Zbl 1105.37053]
Mamedov, Khanlar R., On a basic problem for a second order differential equation with a discontinuous coefficient and a spectral parameter in the boundary conditions, 218-225 [Zbl 1109.34061]
Menken, Hamza; Mamedov, Khanlar R., On the inverse problem of the scattering theory for a boundary value problem, 226-236 [Zbl 1106.34059]
Tu, Zhanchun; Ou-Yang, Zhongcan, Variational problems in inelastic theory of biomembranes, smectic-A liquid crystals, and carbon related structures, 237-248 [Zbl 1112.74018]
Ungar, Abraham A., The relativistic hyperbolic parallelogram law, 249-264 [Zbl 1210.83003]
Vernov, Sergey Yu., Painlevé analysis and exact solutions of nonintegrable systems, 280-291 [Zbl 1100.35099]
Yampolsky, Alexander, On special types of minimal and totally geodesic unit vector fields, 292-306 [Zbl 1095.53026]
Yanovski, Alexander B., Compatible Poisson tensors related to bundles of Lie algebras, 307-319 [Zbl 1115.53058]
Zlatanov, Ivaylo; Growth, Thomas; Altankov, George, Quantification of image data and a kinetic model for the integrin receptor movement on the surface of living cells, 320-336 [Zbl 1094.92024]


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Zbl 1066.53003
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