Singularity theory. Proceedings of the 2005 Marseille singularity school and conference, CIRM, Marseille, France, January 24–February 25, 2005. Dedicated to Jean-Paul Brasselet on his 60th birthday. (English) Zbl 1111.14001

Singapore: World Scientific (ISBN 978-981-270-410-8/hbk). xvi, 1065 p. (2007).

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Indexed articles:
Brasselet, Jean-Paul, The Schwartz classes of complex analytic singular varieties, 3-32 [Zbl 1124.14008]
Hauser, Herwig, Desingularization of ideals and varieties, 33-69 [Zbl 1130.14016]
Libgober, A., Lectures on topology of complements and fundamental groups, 71-137 [Zbl 1125.14014]
Trotman, David, Lectures on real stratification theory, 139-155 [Zbl 1176.58001]
Goryunov, V. V.; Zakalyukin, V. M., Lagrangian and Legendrian singularities, 157-186 [Zbl 1126.58021]
Donelan, P. S., Singularities of robot manipulators, 189-217 [Zbl 1282.70003]
Field, Michael, Singularity and stratification theory applied to dynamical systems, 219-240 [Zbl 1137.37028]
Izumiya, Shyuichi, Differential geometry from the view point of Lagrangian or Legendrian singularity theory, 241-275 [Zbl 1144.53010]
Joets, A., Caustics and visualization techniques, 277-284 [Zbl 1209.78005]
Kergosien, Yannick L., Singularities and genericity of medical imaging: old and new, 285-305 [Zbl 1127.68476]
Romero-Fuster, Maria del Carmen, Geometric contact and 2-regularity of surfaces in Euclidean space, 307-325 [Zbl 1151.53051]
Broer, Henk W.; Golubitsky, Martin; Vegter, Gert, Geometry of resonance tongues, 327-356 [Zbl 1120.37034]
Yomdin, Y., Generic singularities of surfaces, 357-375 [Zbl 1125.58011]
Barthel, Gottfried; Kaup, Ludger; Brasselet, J.-P.; Fieseler, Karl-Heinz, Hodge-Riemann relations for polytopes. A geometric approach, 379-410 [Zbl 1118.14025]
Fernández de Bobadilla, J.; Luengo, I.; Melle-Hernández, A.; Némethi, A., On rational cuspidal plane curves, open surfaces and local singularities, 411-442 [Zbl 1124.14026]
Bordemann, Martin; Herbig, Hans-Christian; Pflaum, Markus J., A homological approach to singular reduction in deformation quantization, 443-461 [Zbl 1128.53060]
Bromberg, S.; Lopez de Medrano, S., Differentiability and composite functions, 463-473 [Zbl 1127.58002]
Caubel, Clément, Contact structures and non-isolated singularities, 475-485 [Zbl 1129.53059]
Domitrz, W., On local reduction theorems for singular symplectic forms on a 4-dimensional manifold, 487-501 [Zbl 1121.53054]
Du Bois, Philippe; Robin, Emmanuel, Devissage of the Seifert form of a plane curve germ with two branches, 503-555 [Zbl 1130.32015]
Ebeling, W.; Gusein-Zade, S. M., Chern obstructions for collections of 1-forms on singular varieties, 557-564 [Zbl 1130.32011]
Failla, G.; Lahyane, M.; Molica Bisci, G., The finite generation of the monoid of effective divisor classes on platonic rational surfaces, 565-576 [Zbl 1124.14034]
Frühbis-Krüger, Anne, An application of resolution of singularities: computing the topological \(\zeta\)-function of isolated surface singularities in \((\mathbb C^3,0)\), 577-591 [Zbl 1135.14047]
Fukuda, Takuo; Janeczko, Stanislaw, Global properties of integrable implicit Hamiltonian systems, 593-611 [Zbl 1137.37030]
Guibert, Gil, Motivic vanishing cycles and applications, 613-623 [Zbl 1155.14018]
Hamm, H. A., Complements of hypersurfaces and equisingularity, 625-649 [Zbl 1135.32023]
Houston, Kevin, A general image computing spectral sequence, 651-675 [Zbl 1141.55011]
Lê Dũng Tráng, Generic sections of singularities, 677-682 [Zbl 1135.14004]
Ludwig, Ursula, Morse-Smale-Witten complex for gradient-like vector fields on stratified spaces, 683-713 [Zbl 1131.58008]
Markwig, Thomas, Some obstructed equisingular families of curves on surfaces in \(\mathbb P^3\), 715-723 [Zbl 1118.14032]
Maxim, Laurentiu, On the Alexander invariants of hypersurface complements, 725-743 [Zbl 1141.32307]
Michel, Françoise; Pichon, Anne; Weber, Claude, The boundary of the Milnor fiber of Hirzebruch surface singularities, 745-760 [Zbl 1144.14031]
Murolo, Claudio, A survey on stratified transversality, 761-785 [Zbl 1179.57036]
Neumann, Walter D., Graph 3-manifolds, splice diagrams, singularities, 787-817 [Zbl 1155.32019]
Nicaise, Johannes; Sebag, Julien, Rigid geometry and the monodromy conjecture, 819-836 [Zbl 1138.14015]
Oka, Mutsuo, Zariski pairs on sextics. II, 837-863 [Zbl 1125.14013]
Schürmann, Jörg; Yokura, Shoji, A survey of characteristic classes of singular spaces, 865-952 [Zbl 1126.14007]
Seade, José, Indices of vector fields on singular varieties: an overview, 953-976 [Zbl 1146.32012]
Teleman, Nicolae, Direct connections and Chern character, 977-994 [Zbl 1133.57018]
Torrelli, Tristan, Logarithmic comparison theorem and \({\mathcal D}\)-modules: an overview, 995-1009 [Zbl 1121.32005]
Weber, Andrzej, On torsion in homology of singular toric varieties, 1011-1018 [Zbl 1127.14049]
Zając, Mariusz, Centre symmetry sets and other invariants of algebraic sets, 1019-1030 [Zbl 1124.14030]


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