Categories in algebra, geometry and mathematical physics. Conference and workshop in honor of Ross Street’s 60th birthday, Sydney and Canberra, Australia, July 11–16/July 18–21, 2005. (English) Zbl 1116.18001

Contemporary Mathematics 431. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS) (ISBN 978-0-8218-3970-6/pbk). xi, 467 p. (2007).

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Indexed articles:
Kelly, G. Maxwell, The beginnings of category theory in Australia, 1-6 [Zbl 1135.18001]
Baez, John C.; Schreiber, Urs, Higher gauge theory, 7-30 [Zbl 1132.55007]
Berger, Clemens; Moerdijk, Ieke, Resolution of coloured operads and rectification of homotopy algebras, 31-58 [Zbl 1134.18005]
Bergner, Julia E., Simplicial monoids and Segal categories., 59-83 [Zbl 1134.18006]
Borceux, Francis; Bourn, Dominique, Split extension classifier and centrality, 85-104 [Zbl 1133.18002]
Bourn, Dominique, Moore normalization and Dold-Kan theorem for semi-abelian categories, 105-124 [Zbl 1143.18013]
Bunge, Marta; Funk, Jonathon, An intrinsic characterization of branched coverings, 125-142 [Zbl 1128.18001]
Cheng, Eugenia; Gurski, Nick, The periodic table of \(n\)-categories for low dimensions. I: Degenerate categories and degenerate bicategories, 143-164 [Zbl 1142.18003]
Chorny, Boris, Abstract cellularization as a cellularization with respect to a set of objects, 165-170 [Zbl 1134.55014]
Cisinski, Denis-Charles, Batanin higher groupoids and homotopy types, 171-186 [Zbl 1131.55010]
Day, Brian; Street, Ross, Centres of monoidal categories of functors, 187-202 [Zbl 1128.18004]
Fuchs, Jürgen; Runkel, Ingo; Schweigert, Christoph, Ribbon categories and (unoriented) CFT: Frobenius algebras, automorphisms, reversions, 203-224 [Zbl 1154.18002]
Runkel, Ingo; Fjelstad, Jens; Fuchs, Jürgen; Schweigert, Christoph, Topological and conformal field theory as Frobenius algebras, 225-247 [Zbl 1154.18006]
Janelidze, George; Tholen, Walter, Characterization of torsion theories in general categories, 249-256 [Zbl 1128.18009]
Joyal, André; Kock, Joachim, Weak units and homotopy 3-types, 257-276 [Zbl 1137.18004]
Joyal, André; Tierney, Myles, Quasi-categories vs Segal spaces, 277-326 [Zbl 1138.55016]
Loday, Jean-Louis, Parking functions and triangulation of the associahedron, 327-340 [Zbl 1130.52006]
Maltsiniotis, Georges, The \(K\)-theory of a triangulated derivator, 341-373 [Zbl 1136.18002]
Porter, Timothy, Formal homotopy quantum field theories. II: Simplicial formal maps, 375-403 [Zbl 1135.18008]
Power, John, Three-dimensional monad theory, 405-426 [Zbl 1131.18005]
Steiner, Richard, Orientals, 427-439 [Zbl 1130.18001]
Verity, Dominic, Weak complicial sets. II: Nerves of complicial Gray-categories, 441-467 [Zbl 1137.18005]


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