Interpolation theory and applications. A conference in honor of Michael Cwikel on the occasion of his 59th birthday, March 29–31, 2006 and AMS special session on interpolation theory and applications, AMS sectional meeting, Miami, FL, USA, April 1–2, 2006. (English) Zbl 1126.00014

Contemporary Mathematics 445. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS) (ISBN 978-0-8218-4207-2/pbk). x, 357 p. (2007).

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Indexed articles:
Milman, Mario; Rochberg, Richard, Michael Cwikel: Mathematician, 1-9 [Zbl 1142.46001]
Blasco, Oscar, Dyadic BMO, paraproducts and Haar multipliers, 11-18 [Zbl 1149.47025]
Brudnyi, Alexander; Brudnyi, Yuri, Remez type inequalities and Morrey-Campanato spaces on Ahlfors regular sets, 19-44 [Zbl 1132.41313]
Cerdà, Joan, Lorentz capacity spaces, 45-59 [Zbl 1141.46313]
Chang, Der-Chen; Li, Jun-Feng; Xiao, Jie, Weighted scale estimations for Calderón-Zygmund type operators, 61-70 [Zbl 1188.42004]
Cwikel, Michael; Janson, Svante, Complex interpolation of compact operators mapping into the couple \((FL^{\infty},FL^{\infty}_1)\), 71-92 [Zbl 1142.46011]
Haroske, Dorothee D., Envelope functions in real interpolation spaces. A first approach, 93-102 [Zbl 1142.46313]
Jawerth, Bjorn; Milman, Mario, Weakly rearrangement invariant spaces and approximation by largest elements, 103-110 [Zbl 1142.46317]
Kalton, N. J.; Kucherenko, T., Sectorial operators and interpolation theory, 111-119 [Zbl 1153.46015]
Kalton, Nigel; Mayboroda, Svitlana; Mitrea, Marius, Interpolation of Hardy-Sobolev-Besov-Triebel-Lizorkin spaces and applications to problems in partial differential equations, 121-177 [Zbl 1158.46013]
Kruglyak, Natan, An elementary proof of the real version of the Riesz-Thorin theorem, 179-182 [Zbl 1143.46305]
Kruglyak, Natan, The \(K\)-functional and Calderón-Zygmund type decompositions, 183-194 [Zbl 1142.46314]
Kühn, Thomas; Schonbek, Tomas, Extrapolation of entropy numbers, 195-206 [Zbl 1145.47018]
Le, Triet M.; Vese, Luminita A., Additive and multiplicative piecewise-smooth segmentation models in a functional minimization approach, 207-223 [Zbl 1141.46331]
Manzano, Antonio; Mastyło, Mieczysław, Duality for coorbit interpolation functors generated by operator ideals, 225-235 [Zbl 1142.46315]
Martin, Joaquim; Milman, Mario, A note on Sobolev inequalities and limits of Lorentz spaces, 237-245 [Zbl 1141.46316]
Maz’ya, Vladimir, Bourgain-Brezis type inequality with explicit constants, 247-252 [Zbl 1143.46017]
Pick, Luboš, Optimality and interpolation, 253-264 [Zbl 1143.46018]
Pustylnik, Evgeniy, Some properties of ultrasymmetric spaces, 265-276 [Zbl 1143.46008]
Rochberg, Richard, Uses of commutator theorems in analysis, 277-295 [Zbl 1143.46306]
Sadosky, Cora, A unified view of disparate results from scattering systems, 297-311 [Zbl 1214.42036]
Sparr, Annika, On the conjugate space of the Lorentz space \(L(\varphi,q)\), 313-336 [Zbl 1141.46318]
Weidl, Timo, Nonstandard Cwikel type estimates, 337-357 [Zbl 1142.46036]


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