Algorithmic game theory. Foreword by Christos H. Papadimitriou. (English) Zbl 1130.91005

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (ISBN 978-0-521-87282-9/hbk). xxi, 754 p. (2007).

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Indexed articles:
Papadimitriou, Christos H., The complexity of finding Nash equilibria, 29-51 [Zbl 1151.91381]
von Stengel, Bernhard, Equilibrium computation for two-player games in strategic and extensive form, 53-78 [Zbl 1151.91320]
Blum, Avrim; Mansour, Yishay, Learning, regret minimization, and equilibria, 79-101 [Zbl 1143.91311]
Vazirani, Vijay V., Combinatorial algorithms for market equilibria, 103-134 [Zbl 1151.91616]
Codenotti, Bruno; Varadarajan, Kasturi, Computation of market equilibria by convex programming, 135-158 [Zbl 1151.91607]
Kearns, Michael, Graphical games, 159-180 [Zbl 1152.91384]
Dodis, Yevgeniy; Rabin, Tal, Cryptography and game theory, 181-205 [Zbl 1151.91329]
Nisan, Noam, Introduction to mechanism design (for computer scientists), 209-241 [Zbl 1143.91323]
Schummer, James; Vohra, Rakesh V., Mechanism design without money, 243-265 [Zbl 1143.91317]
Blumrosen, Liad; Nisan, Noam, Combinatorial auctions, 267-299 [Zbl 1152.91453]
Lavi, Ron, Computationally efficient approximation mechanisms, 301-329 [Zbl 1152.91469]
Hartline, Jason D.; Karlin, Anna R., Profit maximization in mechanism design, 331-361 [Zbl 1151.91418]
Feigenbaum, Joan; Schapira, Michael; Shenker, Scott, Distributed algorithmic mechanism design, 363-384 [Zbl 1151.91417]
Jain, Kamal; Mahdian, Mohammad, Cost sharing, 385-410 [Zbl 1152.91332]
Parkes, David C., Online mechanisms, 411-439 [Zbl 1151.91423]
Roughgarden, Tim; Tardos, Éva, Introduction to the inefficiency of equilibria, 443-459 [Zbl 1151.91336]
Roughgarden, Tim, Routing games, 461-486 [Zbl 1152.91329]
Tardos, Éva; Wexler, Tom, Network formation games and the potential function method, 487-516 [Zbl 1152.91315]
Vöcking, Berthold, Selfish load balancing, 517-542 [Zbl 1151.91322]
Johari, Ramesh, The price of anarchy and the design of scalable resource allocation mechanisms, 543-568 [Zbl 1152.91616]
Ozdaglar, Asuman; Srikant, R., Incentives and pricing in communications networks, 571-591 [Zbl 1152.91618]
Babaioff, Moshe; Chuang, John; Feldman, Michal, Incentives in peer-to-peer systems, 593-611 [Zbl 1151.91369]
Kleinberg, Jon, Cascading behavior in networks: algorithmic and economic issues, 613-632 [Zbl 1151.91376]
Anderson, Ross; Moore, Tyler; Nagaraja, Shishir; Ozment, Andy, Incentives and information security, 633-649 [Zbl 1152.91394]
Pennock, David M.; Sami, Rahul, Computational aspects of prediction markets, 651-675 [Zbl 1151.91679]
Friedman, Eric; Resnick, Paul; Sami, Rahul, Manipulation-resistant reputation systems, 677-697 [Zbl 1151.91371]
Lahaie, Sébastien; Pennock, David M.; Saberi, Amin; Vohra, Rakesh V., Sponsored search auctions, 699-716 [Zbl 1151.91464]
Suri, Siddharth, Computational evolutionary game theory, 717-736 [Zbl 1151.91359]


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