The presence and lack of Fermi acceleration in nonintegrable billiards. (English) Zbl 1142.37336

Summary: The unlimited energy growth (Fermi acceleration) of a classical particle moving in a billiard with a parameter-dependent boundary oscillating in time is numerically studied. The shape of the boundary is controlled by a parameter and the billiard can change from a focusing one to a billiard with dispersing pieces of the boundary. The complete and simplified versions of the model are considered in the investigation of the conjecture that Fermi acceleration will appear in the time-dependent case when the dynamics is chaotic for the static boundary. Although this conjecture holds for the simplified version, we have not found evidence of Fermi acceleration for the complete model with a breathing boundary. When the breathing symmetry is broken, Fermi acceleration appears in the complete model.


37D50 Hyperbolic systems with singularities (billiards, etc.) (MSC2010)
82-04 Software, source code, etc. for problems pertaining to statistical mechanics
82C05 Classical dynamic and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics (general)
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