Analysis and stochastics of growth processes and interface models. Selected papers based on the presentations at a regional meeting of the London Mathematical Society and a workshop on ‘Analysis and stochastics of growth processes’, Bath, UK, September 11–15, 2006. (English) Zbl 1144.60003

Oxford: Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-923925-2/hbk). x, 336 p. (2008).

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Indexed articles:
Seppäläinen, Timo, Directed random growth models on the plane, 9-38 [Zbl 1255.60171]
Deijfen, Maria; Häggström, Olle, The pleasures and pains of studying the two-type Richardson model, 39-54 [Zbl 1280.60056]
Ioffe, Dmitry; Velenik, Yvan, Ballistic phase of self-interacting random walks, 55-79 [Zbl 1255.60168]
Blanc, Xavier, Stochastic homogenization and energy of infinite sets of points, 83-100 [Zbl 1280.60028]
Matthies, Karsten; Theil, Florian, Validity and non-validity of propagation of chaos, 101-120 [Zbl 1255.60170]
Sakai, Akira, Application of the lace expansion to statistical-mechanical models, 123-147 [Zbl 1280.82004]
Adams, Stefan, Large deviations for empirical cycle counts of integer partitions and their relation to systems of bosons, 148-172 [Zbl 1304.82009]
Adams, Stefan; König, Wolfgang, Interacting Brownian motions and the Gross-Pitaevskii formula, 173-193 [Zbl 1304.60107]
Hundertmark, Dirk, A short introduction to Anderson localization, 194-218 [Zbl 1304.82040]
Niethammer, Barbara, Effective theories for Ostwald ripening, 223-243 [Zbl 1304.82054]
Dirr, Nicolas, Switching paths for Ising models with long-range interaction, 244-264 [Zbl 1304.82022]
Penrose, Oliver, Nucleation and droplet growth as a stochastic process, 265-277 [Zbl 1304.82053]
Neate, A. D.; Truman, A., On the stochastic Burgers equation and some applications to turbulence and astrophysics, 281-305 [Zbl 1304.60073]
Majumdar, Apala; Robbins, Jonathan; Zyskin, Maxim, Liquid chrystals and harmonic maps in polyhedral domains, 306-326 [Zbl 1304.82079]


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