Post-quantum cryptography. Second international workshop, PQCrypto 2008, Cincinnati, OH, USA, October 17–19, 2008. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1147.94002

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5299. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-88402-6/pbk). x, 231 p. (2008).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding workshop see Zbl 1155.81007.
Indexed articles:
Aguilar Melchor, Carlos; Cayrel, Pierre-Louis; Gaborit, Philippe, A new efficient threshold ring signature scheme based on coding theory, 1-16 [Zbl 1177.94178]
Baena, John; Clough, Crystal; Ding, Jintai, Square-Vinegar signature scheme, 17-30 [Zbl 1177.94180]
Bernstein, Daniel J.; Lange, Tanja; Peters, Christiane, Attacking and defending the McEliece cryptosystem, 31-46 [Zbl 1177.94128]
Biswas, Bhaskar; Sendrier, Nicolas, McEliece cryptosystem implementation: Theory and practice, 47-62 [Zbl 1177.94131]
Buchmann, Johannes; Dahmen, Erik; Schneider, Michael, Merkle tree traversal revisited, 63-78 [Zbl 1177.94182]
Buchmann, Johannes; Lindner, Richard; Rückert, Markus, Explicit hard instances of the shortest vector problem, 79-94 [Zbl 1177.94132]
Chen, Anna Inn-Tung; Chen, Chia-Hsin Owen; Chen, Ming-Shing; Cheng, Chen-Mou; Yang, Bo-Yin, Practical-sized instances of multivariate PKCs: Rainbow, TTS, and \(\ell \)IC-derivatives, 95-108 [Zbl 1177.94139]
Dahmen, Erik; Okeya, Katsuyuki; Takagi, Tsuyoshi; Vuillaume, Camille, Digital signatures out of second-preimage resistant hash functions, 109-123 [Zbl 1177.94185]
Ding, Jintai; Wagner, John, Cryptanalysis of rational multivariate public key cryptosystems, 124-136 [Zbl 1177.94143]
Finiasz, Matthieu, Syndrome based collision resistant hashing, 137-147 [Zbl 1177.94144]
Fujita, Ryou; Tadaki, Kohtaro; Tsujii, Shigeo, Nonlinear piece in hand perturbation vector method for enhancing security of multivariate public key cryptosystems, 148-164 [Zbl 1177.94147]
Kawachi, Akinori; Portmann, Christopher, On the power of quantum encryption keys, 165-180 [Zbl 1177.94153]
Liu, Feng-Hao; Lu, Chi-Jen; Yang, Bo-Yin, Secure PRNGs from specialized polynomial maps over any \(\mathbb{F}_{q}\), 181-202 [Zbl 1177.94160]
Mohamed, Mohamed Saied Emam; Mohamed, Wael Said Abd Elmageed; Ding, Jintai; Buchmann, Johannes, MXL2: Solving polynomial equations over \(\text{GF}(2)\) using an improved mutant strategy, 203-215 [Zbl 1177.11094]
Strenzke, Falko; Tews, Erik; Molter, H. Gregor; Overbeck, Raphael; Shoufan, Abdulhadi, Side channels in the McEliece PKC, 216-229 [Zbl 1177.94175]


94-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to information and communication theory
94A60 Cryptography
81P94 Quantum cryptography (quantum-theoretic aspects)
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest


Zbl 1155.81007
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