Parallel scientific computing and optimization. Advances and applications. (English) Zbl 1151.65001

Springer Optimization and Its Applications 27. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 978-0-387-09706-0/hbk). xxiii, 274 p. (2009).

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Indexed articles:
Granat, Robert; Jonsson, Isak; Kågström, Bo, RECSY and SCASY library software: Recursive blocked and parallel algorithms for Sylvester-type matrix equations with some applications, 3-24 [Zbl 1183.68729]
Jakusšev, Alexander; Čiegis, Raimondas; Laukaitytė, Inga; Trofimov, Vyacheslav, Parallelization of linear algebra algorithms using ParSol library of mathematical objects, 25-36 [Zbl 1188.68352]
Muddle, Richard L.; Boyle, Jonathan W.; Mihajlović, Milan D.; Heil, Matthias, The development of an object-oriented parallel block preconditioning framework, 37-46 [Zbl 1159.65358]
Denis, Christophe; Couturier, Raphael; Jézéquel, Fabienne, A sparse linear system solver used in a distributed and heterogeneous grid computing environment, 47-56 [Zbl 1188.68019]
Sunderland, Andrew G., Parallel diagonalization performance on high-performance computers, 57-66 [Zbl 1183.68113]
Žilinskas, Julius, Parallel global optimization in multidimensional scaling, 69-82 [Zbl 1156.65310]
Woodsend, Kristian; Gondzio, Jacek, High-performance parallel support vector machine training, 83-92 [Zbl 1183.68117]
Paulavičius, Remigijus; Žilinskas, Julius, Parallel branch and bound algorithm with combination of Lipschitz bounds over multidimensional simplices for multicore computers, 93-102 [Zbl 1188.68353]
Ivanikovas, Sergẹjus; Filatovas, Ernestas; Žilinskas, Julius, Experimental investigation of local searches for optimization of grillage-type foundations, 103-112 [Zbl 1156.90376]
Grothey, Andreas; Hogg, Jonathan; Woodsend, Kristian; Colombo, Marco; Gondzio, Jacek, A structure conveying parallelizable modeling language for mathematical programming, 145-156 [Zbl 1156.65311]
Čiegis, Raimondas; Gaspar, Francisco; Rodrigo, Carmen, Parallel multiblock multigrid algorithms for poroelastic models, 169-180 [Zbl 1183.68726]
Deveikis, Algirdas, Orthogonalization procedure for antisymmetrization of \(j\)-shell states, 213-221 [Zbl 1158.81362]
Siamas, George A.; Jiang, Xi; Wrobel, Luiz C., Parallel direct numerical simulation of an annular gas-liquid two-phase jet with swirl, 223-236 [Zbl 1188.68345]
Laukaitytė, Inga; Čiegis, Raimondas; Lichtner, Mark; Radziunas, Mindaugas, Parallel numerical algorithm for the traveling wave model, 237-251 [Zbl 1393.78016]
Guo, Xiaohu; Pinna, Marco; Zvelindovsky, Andrei V., Parallel algorithm for cell dynamics simulation of soft nano-structured matter, 253-262 [Zbl 1183.68730]
Dapkūnas, Žilvinas; Kulys, Juozas, Docking and molecular dynamics simulation of complexes of high and low reactive substrates with peroxidases, 263-271 [Zbl 1188.68342]


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