ICGG 2008. Proceedings of the 13th international conference on geometry and graphics, Dresden, Germany, August 3–8, 2008. (English) Zbl 1152.68006

Dresden: TU Dresden, Institut für Geometrie (ISBN 978-3-86780-042-6/pbk). CD-ROM, booklet with abstracts, 305 p. (2008).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Bacso, Sandor; Szilasi, Zoltan, Generalized Rabl mappings and Apollonius-type problems, 52 [Zbl 1157.68465]
Bervalds, Edgars; Dobelis, Modris, Geometric properties of regular hexagonal lattice caused by {Phi} relationship, 55 [Zbl 1157.68467]
Ciuiu, Ioana-Georgiana; Danesi, Frederic; Gardan, Yvon; Perrin, Estelle, Trade oriented direct deformations of surfaces, 67-68 [Zbl 1157.68471]
Croft, Frank M. jun., Using CAD to solve shortest distance connector problems in descriptive geometry, 70-71 [Zbl 1157.68472]
Čučakovič, Aleksandar; Dimitrijevič, Magdalena, Properties of two collinear spaces where common tetrahedron is irregular-orthocentric, 75 [Zbl 1157.68463]
Dirnböck, Hans, Two elliptic torus – surfaces have the same apparent contour, 76-77 [Zbl 1157.68468]
Dvoretsky, Alexander T., Apparatus of secondary reflection, 81 [Zbl 1157.51300]
Greenfield, Gary, Connectivity and a diffusion limited aggregation digital image magnification technique, 91-92 [Zbl 1157.68486]
Gruber, Franz; Weiss, Gunter, The constrained motion of an orthogonal trihedron along a fixed circle, 93-94 [Zbl 1157.51304]
Felsinger, Helene; Harms, Susanne, Geometric approximation with hybrid Bézier-technique, 98-99 [Zbl 1157.65326]
Hemmerling, Marco, Geometric complexity in computer aided architectural design, 105-106 [Zbl 1157.68474]
Abdel-Latif, M. S.; Hesham, A. M.; Elsonbaty, A. A.; Mahmoud, M. M., \({\text \textbf{E}}^3\) solid analytic geometry when treated with computational geometry, and computer graphics, 107 [Zbl 1157.68464]
Hoffmann, Miklós; Gorjanc, Sonja, Concentric circles and the generalized Gergonne point, 108 [Zbl 1157.51305]
Jurkin, Ema, Circular curves of order four in the isotropic plane produced by quadratic inversion, 117 [Zbl 1157.51306]
Katona, Janos; Molnar, Emil; Prok, Istvan, Visibility of the 4-dimensional regular solids, moving in the computer screen, 121 [Zbl 1157.68469]
Kmeťová, Mária, Ruled surfaces as subsets of line congruencies, 129-130 [Zbl 1157.51311]
Olariu, Felicia; Marza, Carmen, Geometrical analysis of doubly curved surfaces – an instrument in the selection of the optimal architectural shape, 158-159 [Zbl 1157.51308]
Pletenac, Lidija, Constructability of quartic curves using different methods of deduction, 185-186 [Zbl 1157.68528]
Rabl, Margot, Symbolic computation of envelopes of quadratically supported surfaces, 189 [Zbl 1157.68529]
Rachkovskaya, Galina S.; Kharabayev, Yuriy N.; Rachkovskaya, Natalya S., Kinematic rules surfaces (one-sheet hyperboloidal surfaces of revolution as fixed and moving axoids), 190-191 [Zbl 1157.68475]
de Spinadel, Vera W.; Redondo Buitrago, Antonia, On plastic numbers in the plane, 197-198 [Zbl 1157.11304]
Röschel, Otto, Remarks on cubic ruled surfaces with constant distribution parameter in \({\text{E}}_4\), 199-200 [Zbl 1157.51312]
Saad, M. Khalifa; Weiss, Gunter, Curvature lines and normal congruence of rectangular Bézier patches, 204 [Zbl 1157.68477]
Schröcker, Hans-Peter, Double tangent circles and focal properties of sphero-conics, 213 [Zbl 1157.51313]
Šimič, Marija, On some properties of non cyclic quadrangle in isotropic plane, 218 [Zbl 1157.51303]
Suzuki, Kenjiro; Schröcker, Hans-Peter, Application of descriptive geometry procedures in solving spatial problems with feature- and parametric- modelling 3D-CAD, 229 [Zbl 1157.68478]
Szabo, Jozsef, About the projective generalization of Eckhart’ method, new theoretical results, 230-231 [Zbl 1157.51309]
Taras, Iryna, Data interpolating surfaces using the sum of Bell-shaped functions, 235 [Zbl 1157.68479]
Dźwierzyńska, Jolanta; Tytkowski, Krzysztof, Flatplan program to generating panoramas on the prism and pyramid polyhedrons, 245 [Zbl 1157.68473]
Velichová, Daniela, Notes on family of pselical surfaces, 249-250 [Zbl 1157.53306]
Radeck, Matthias; Wagner, Ute, A technique using control points for interactive design of N-sided surfaces, 255-256 [Zbl 1157.68476]
Wang, Ziru; Jiang, Feng; Li, Mingqiu, Research on dam plane visualized CAD based on numerical solution, 260-261 [Zbl 1157.68480]
Wojtowicz, Barbara, Pencils of mutually superosculating conics, 266 [Zbl 1157.51314]
Martini, Horst; Wu, Senlin, Minkowskian circle geometry and characterizations of Euclidean space, 267 [Zbl 1157.51307]
Yamashima, Kazuhiro; Ishizuka, Hidehiro, An implementation of a similarity index of images for a retrieval system of thematic maps, 272 [Zbl 1157.68498]
Zsombor-Murray, Paul, Tangency among three cylinders a hyperboloid and a torus, 280-281 [Zbl 1157.51310]


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