Logicism, intuitionism, and formalism. What has become of them? Originated from the conference and the symposium on constructive mathematics, Uppsala, Sweden, August 2004. (English) Zbl 1154.03003

Synthese Library 341. Dordrecht: Springer (ISBN 978-1-4020-8925-1/hbk; 978-1-4020-8926-8/ebook). xii, 512 p. (2009).

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Indexed articles:
Lindström, Sten; Palmgren, Erik, Introduction: The three foundational programmes, 1-23 [Zbl 1158.03305]
Burgess, John P., Protocol sentences for lite logicism, 27-46 [Zbl 1162.03304]
Linnebo, Øystein, Frege’s context principle and reference to natural numbers, 47-68 [Zbl 1169.03009]
Shapiro, Stewart, The measure of Scottish neo-logicism, 69-90 [Zbl 1163.03305]
Tennant, Neil, Natural logicism via the logic of orderly pairing, 91-125 [Zbl 1162.03006]
Aczel, Peter, A constructive version of the Lusin separation theorem, 129-151 [Zbl 1171.03037]
Berger, Josef; Schuster, Peter, Dini’s theorem in the light of reverse mathematics, 153-166 [Zbl 1162.03032]
Bridges, Douglas; Víţă, Luminiţa Simona, Journey into apartness space, 167-187 [Zbl 1168.03049]
Ishihara, Hajime, Relativization of real numbers to a universe, 189-207 [Zbl 1167.03039]
Martin-Löf, Per, 100 years of Zermelo’s axiom of choice: what was the problem with it?, 209-219 [Zbl 1167.03033]
Pagin, Peter, Intuitionism and the anti-justification of bivalence, 221-236 [Zbl 1169.03321]
Palmgren, Erik, From intuitionistic to point-free topology: On the foundation of homotopy theory, 237-253 [Zbl 1227.03080]
Schwichtenberg, Helmut, Program extraction in constructive analysis, 255-275 [Zbl 1159.03042]
Veldman, Wim, Brouwer’s approximate fixed-point theorem is equivalent to Brouwer’s fan theorem, 277-299 [Zbl 1167.03040]
van Atten, Mark; Kennedy, Juliette, “Gödel’s modernism: on set-theoretic incompleteness,” revisited, 303-355 [Zbl 1178.03016]
Sinaceur, Hourya Benis, Tarski’s practice and philosophy: Between formalism and pragmatism, 357-396 [Zbl 1162.03005]
Rathjen, Michael, The constructive Hilbert program and the limits of Martin-Löf type theory, 397-433 [Zbl 1172.03031]
Shapiro, Stewart, Categories, structures, and the Frege-Hilbert controversy: The status of meta-mathematics, 435-448 [Zbl 1165.03006]
Sieg, Wilfried, Beyond Hilbert’s reach?, 449-483 [Zbl 1163.03009]
Stenlund, Sören, Hilbert and the problem of clarifying the infinite, 485-503 [Zbl 1163.03003]


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