Artificial intelligence and applications. Machine learning. As part of the 26th IASTED international multi-conference on applied informatics. (English) Zbl 1154.68012

Calgary: International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED); Anaheim, CA: Acta Press (ISBN 978-0-88986-710-9/CD-ROM). CD-ROM. (2008).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Malouche, Dhafer; Sevestre-Ghalila, Sylvie, Estimating high dimensional faithful Gaussian graphical models by low-order conditioning, 1-6 [Zbl 1157.68407]
Voulgaris, Zacharias; Magoulas, George D., Extensions of the \(k\) nearest neighbour methods for classification problems, 23-28 [Zbl 1157.68448]
Buonoa, Agus; Kusumoputrob, Benyamin, A problem in data variability on speaker identification system using Hidden Markov Model, 29-33 [Zbl 1157.68440]
Krauthausen, Peter; Laubenheimer, Astrid, A comparative study of decision tree approaches to multi-class support vector machines, 34-39 [Zbl 1157.68427]
Li, Boyang; Hu, Jinglu; Hirasawa, Kotaro, An improved support vector machine with soft decision-making boundary, 40-45 [Zbl 1157.68428]
Takeda, Akiko, A modified algorithm for nonconvex support vector classification, 46-51 [Zbl 1157.68434]
Motoi, Shigeru; Nakada, Yohei; Misu, Toshie; Matsumoto, Takashi; Yagi, Nobuyuki, A novel hierarchical Bayesian HMM for multi-dimensional discrete data, 52-57 [Zbl 1157.68429]
Bánhalmi, András, One-class classification methods via automatic counter-example generation, 58-63 [Zbl 1157.68438]
Papadopoulos, Harris; Gammerman, Alex; Vovk, Volodya, Normalized nonconformity measures for regression conformal prediction, 64-69 [Zbl 1157.68430]
Andonie, Răzvan; Caţaron, Angel; Sasu, Lucian Mircea, Fuzzy ARTMAP with feature weighting, 91-96 [Zbl 1157.68411]
Kassab, Randa; Lamirel, Jean-Charles, A multi-level abstraction model for competitive learning neural networks, 97-103 [Zbl 1157.68426]
de Graaf, Edgar H.; Kok, Joost N.; Kosters, Walter A., Mining balanced patterns in web access data, 104-109 [Zbl 1157.68449]
Bellandi, Andrea; Furletti, Barbara; Grossi, Valerio; Romei, Andrea, Ontological support for association rule mining, 110-115 [Zbl 1157.68413]
Kim, Sung-Ho; Lee, Sangjin, A model searching method based on marginal model stuctures, 116-120 [Zbl 1157.68405]
Kumlander, Deniss, Real-time systems: incomplete solution approach for the maximum-weighted clique problem, 140-145 [Zbl 1157.68406]
Caballero-Gil, P.; Fúster-Sabater, A., A cellular automata based method for predicting binary sequences, 164-168 [Zbl 1157.68392]
Lamirel, Jean-Charles; Ta, Anh Phuong; Attik, Mohammed, Novel labeling strategies for hierarchical representation of multidimensional data analysis results, 169-174 [Zbl 1157.68356]
Bi, Xiao-jun; Liu, Guo-an; Li, Jiao, Improved particle swarm optimization algorithm based on statistical laws and dynamic learning factors, 210-214 [Zbl 1157.68414]
Kassab, Randa; Lamirel, Jean-Charles, Feature-based cluster validation for high-dimensional data, 232-239 [Zbl 1157.68445]
Xydas, I.; Miaoulis, G.; Bonnefoi, P.-F.; Plemenos, D.; Ghazanfarpour, D., Using an evolutionary neural network for web intrusion detection, 258-265 [Zbl 1157.68436]
Kojima, Kazunori; Ishigame, Masaaki; Makino, Shozo, Consideration of the efficiency of Layered Server-Client topology for parallel distributed GA on large problem, 266-271 [Zbl 1157.68524]
Barbosa de Oliveira, Gina Maira; Takiguti, Maria Cazuho Saito; Gustavo Almeida Martins, Luiz, Dependence modeling rule mining using multi-objective genetic algorithms, 278-283 [Zbl 1157.68412]
Nariman-Zadeh, N.; Hajiloo, A.; Jamali, A., Multi-objective stochastic design of robust PI controllers for systems with probabilistic uncertainty using genetic algorithm, 290-295 [Zbl 1157.93453]
Mori, Kouichirou; Orihara, Ryohei, Frequent pattern mining from high-dimensional data using record space search, 327-333 [Zbl 1157.68358]
Chitchareon, Doungrat; Pattaraintakorn, Puntip, Knowledge discovery by rough sets mathematical flow graphs and its extension, 340-345 [Zbl 1157.68453]
Rigatos, Gerasimos G., Fuzzy automata and neural associative memories compatible with principles of quantum computation, 364-369 [Zbl 1157.68374]
Hirozawa, Kazuki; Osana, Yuko, Chaotic neural network with time delay term for sequential patterns, 370-375 [Zbl 1157.68418]
Ikeya, Takahiro; Sazuka, Takehito; Hagiwara, Akira; Osana, Yuko, Improved chaotic associative memory for successive learning, 376-381 [Zbl 1157.68419]
Imabayashi, Tomohisa; Osana, Yuko, Kohonen feature map associative memory with refractoriness based on area representation, 382-387 [Zbl 1157.68421]
Kamimura, Ryotaro; Taniguchi, Tadanari; Kitajima, Ryozo, An information-theoretic approach to feature extraction in competitive learning, 388-394 [Zbl 1157.68425]
Kamimura, Ryotaro, Free energy-based competitive learning and minimum information production learning, 395-400 [Zbl 1157.68423]
Kamimura, Ryotaro, Free energy-based competitive learning for self-organizing maps, 414-419 [Zbl 1157.68424]


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