Proceedings of EUCOMES 08. The second European conference on mechanism science. Selected papers based on the presentations at the conference, Cassino, Italy, September 17–20, 2008. With CD-ROM. (English) Zbl 1155.93006

Dordrecht: Springer (ISBN 978-1-4020-8914-5/hbk; 978-1-4020-8915-2/ebook). xxvi, 625 p. (2009).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Russo, Flavio; Rossi, Cesare; Russo, Ferruccio, Automatic weapons of the Roman Empire, 1-9 [Zbl 1331.01008]
Papadogiannis, Argyris S.; Tsakoumaki, Marilena C.; Chondros, Thomas G., “DEUS-EX-MACHINA” in Phlius theatre, 11-19 [Zbl 1331.01007]
Chondros, Thomas G., Archimedes and the origins of mechanisms design, 21-28 [Zbl 1331.01004]
Papadogiannis, A. S.; Papadogianni, N. S.; Carabelas, A.; Tsitomeneas, S.; Kyraggelos, P.; Chondros, T. G., The mirror weapon in Archimedes era, 29-36 [Zbl 1331.01006]
Vitiukov, T.; Tarabarin, V., The creation of the site about the historical part of collection of mechanisms Bauman MSTU, 37-43 [Zbl 1331.01041]
Söylemez, Eres, Using computer spreadsheets in teaching mechanisms, 45-53 [Zbl 1352.70002]
Kovalev, Mikhail, Hinged frameworks with unusual geometrical properties, 55-60 [Zbl 1330.70032]
Huang, Chintien, A comparison between line geometries of point and line displacements, 61-68 [Zbl 1192.53009]
Diez, Mikel; Petuya, Víctor; Urízar, Mónica; Hernández, Alfonso, A kinematic approach to calculate protein motion paths, 69-76 [Zbl 1193.92038]
Bonandrini, Giovanni; Mimmi, Giovanni; Rottenbacher, Carlo, Solutions of the equation of meshing for planar gear profiles, 77-85 [Zbl 1330.70010]
De Bustos, Igor Fernández; Agirrebeitia, Josu; Avilés, Rafael, A numerical method for the second-order mobility analysis of mechanisms, 87-93 [Zbl 1330.70017]
Ualiyev, G.; Jomartov, Assylbek, Mathematical models of mechanisms with essentially elastic links, 95-99 [Zbl 1330.70048]
Castelli, Gianni; Ottaviano, Erika, Design and simulation of a new hybrid mobile robot for overpassing obstacles, 101-108 [Zbl 1330.70014]
Schröcker, Hans-Peter; Jüttler, Bert; Aigner, Martin, Evolving four-bars for optimal synthesis, 109-116 [Zbl 1330.70043]
Pfurner, Martin, A new family of overconstrained 6R-mechanisms, 117-124 [Zbl 1330.70039]
Lonij, G.; Husing, Mathias; Choi, S. W.; Corves, Burkhard, Development of a spherical linkage mechanism with the aid of the dynamic spatial geometry program “GECKO”, 125-132 [Zbl 1330.70034]
Stroe, Ioan, Elastic and safety clutch with radial disposed elastic lamellas, 133-138 [Zbl 1330.70047]
Castejón, Cristina; Carbone, Giuseppe; Prada, Juan Carlos García; Ceccarelli, Marco, Computational multi-objective optimization to design service robots, 139-147 [Zbl 1330.70013]
Yao, Shuangji; Ceccarelli, Marco; Carbone, Giuseppe; Lu, Zhen, An optimal design for a new underactuated finger mechanism, 149-157 [Zbl 1330.70053]
Davitashvili, N.; Gelashvili, O., Synthesis of a spatial five-link mechanism with two degrees of freedom according to the given laws of motion, 159-166 [Zbl 1330.70016]
Cabrera, J. A.; Castillo, J. J.; Nadal, F.; Ortiz, A.; Simón, A., Synthesis of mechanisms with evolutionary techniques, 167-174 [Zbl 1330.70012]
De-Juan, Ana; Sancibrian, Ramon; Viadero, Fernando, Optimal synthesis of steering mechanisms including transmission angles, 175-181 [Zbl 1330.70018]
Kecskeméthy, Andrés; Masic, Ismar; Tändl, Martin, Workspace fitting and control for a serial-robot motion simulator, 183-190 [Zbl 1330.70029]
Hernandez-Martinez, Eusebio; Carbone, Giuseppe; Lopez-Cajun, Carlos, Operation features of Milli-CaTraSys, 191-199 [Zbl 1330.70026]
Pugi, Luca; Rindi, Andrea; Allotta, Benedetto; Gori, Giuseppe, Design of an actuation system for a fatigue test rig, 201-208 [Zbl 1330.74007]
Pisla, Doina; Itul, Tiberiu, The influence of motion mode and friction on the dynamics of a parallel robot used for orientation applications, 209-218 [Zbl 1330.70040]
Echávarri Otero, J.; Lafont Morgado, P.; Sánchez-Peñuela, J. B.; Muñoz Sanz, J. L.; Munoz-Guijosa, J. M.; Díaz Lantada, A.; Lorenzo Yustos, H., Elastohydrodynamic models for predicting friction in point contacts lubricated with polyalphaolefins, 219-227 [Zbl 1271.74356]
Alonso, F. J.; Cuadrado, J.; Pintado, P., An integrated differentiation-projection approach for the kinematic data consistency of biomechanical systems, 229-236 [Zbl 1330.70005]
Zielinska, Teresa; Mianowski, Krzysztof; Kryczka, Przemyslaw, Design of simple humanoid dedicated to the research on the gait synthesis, 237-245 [Zbl 1330.70055]
Rubio, Francisco; Valero, Francisco; Sunẽr, Josep Lluiś; Mata, Vicente, A comparison of algorithms for path planning of industrial robots, 247-254 [Zbl 1331.93159]
Gonçalves, Rogério Sales; Carvalho, João Carlos Mendes, Stiffness analysis of parallel manipulator using matrix structural analysis, 255-262 [Zbl 1330.70024]
Jatsun, Sergey; Dyshenko, Vyacheslav; Yatsun, Andrey; Malchikov, Andrey, Modelling of robot’s motion by use of vibration of internal masses, 263-270 [Zbl 1330.70083]
Raparelli, Terenziano; Zobel, Pierluigi Beomonte; Durante, Francesco, Mechanical design of a 3-dof parallel robot actuated by smart wires, 271-278 [Zbl 1330.70041]
Iriarte, Xabier; Díaz-Rodríguez, Miguel; Mata, Vicente, A multicriteria approach for optimal trajectories in dynamic parameter identification of parallel robots, 279-285 [Zbl 1331.93152]
Allotta, Benedetto; Pugi, Luca; Bartolini, Fabio, Reinforcement neural network for the stabilization of a Furuta pendulum, 287-294 [Zbl 1330.70080]
Incerti, Giovanni, A technique for vibration suppression of a 2 DOF compliant manipulator, 295-303 [Zbl 1330.70082]
Flores, Paulo; Pereira, Rui; Machado, Margarida; Seabra, Eurico, Investigation on the Baumgarte stabilization method for dynamic analysis of constrained multibody systems, 305-312 [Zbl 1330.70066]
Callegari, Massimo; Gabrielli, Andrea; Palpacelli, Matteo-Claudio, Cornering stability and dynamic analysis of a four steering wheels vehicle driven by “in wheel” engines, 313-320 [Zbl 1330.70065]
Fernández, Javier Guerra; Batlle, Vicente Feliu; Torija, Miguel Ángel Caminero, Dynamic modelling of a single-link flexible arm to be used as a sensing antenna, 321-328 [Zbl 1330.70019]
Jomartov, Assylbek; Ualiyev, Z. G., Method of dynamic analysis of mechanisms of variable structure, 329-335 [Zbl 1330.70027]
Václavík, Miroslav; Koloc, Zdeněk, A contribution to the synthesis of a trihedral conjugate cam, 337-342 [Zbl 1330.70049]
Golovin, Alexander; Lafitsky, Alexey; Simuskhin, Alexey, Experimental and theoretical research of cams wearing of cams mechanism, 343-350 [Zbl 1330.70022]
Jaliu, C.; Diaconescu, D. V.; Neagoe, M.; Săulescu, R., Dynamic features of speed increasers from mechatronic wind and hydro systems. I: Structure kinematics, 351-359 [Zbl 1330.70058]
Jaliu, C.; Diaconescu, D. V.; Neagoe, M.; Săulescu, R., Dynamic features of speed increasers from mechatronic wind and hydro systems. II: Dynamic aspects, 361-368 [Zbl 1330.70059]
Petropoulou, A.; Dimopoulos, Stavros; Mourtzis, D.; Chondros, T. G., A computer aided method for cam profile design, 369-376 [Zbl 1330.70038]
Kerle, Hanfried, On the power transmission and running quality of micro-mechanisms, 377-385 [Zbl 1330.70030]
Golovin, Alexander; Milevskaya, Tamara, Probable simulating models of wear for open gearing with high-ratio gear, 387-395 [Zbl 1330.70023]
Tarabarin, Valentin; Tarabarina, Zinaida, Alternative in harmonic train design, 397-403 [Zbl 1330.70062]
Velicu, Radu; Moldovean, Gheorghe; Bozan, Cristina A., On the position of the single pair tooth segment relative to the pitch point, for internal gears, with effect on contact stress calculus, 405-414 [Zbl 1330.70050]
Stachel, Hellmuth, Gears and belt drives for non-uniform transmission, 415-422 [Zbl 1330.70046]
Kiper, Gökhan, Fulleroid-like linkages, 423-430 [Zbl 1330.70031]
Zentner, Lena; Böhm, Valter, On the classification of compliant mechanisms, 431-438 [Zbl 1330.70054]
Gavrilă, Cornel Cătălin, Comparative kinematics of mobile transversal coupling, as multibody system, 439-446 [Zbl 1330.70067]
Visa, Ion; Diaconescu, Dorin; Popa, Valentina; Burduhos, Bogdan; Saulescu, Radu, The synthesis of a linkage with linear actuator for solar tracking with large angular stroke, 447-454 [Zbl 1330.70052]
Font, Josep Maria; Kövecses, József, Dynamics of heel strike in bipedal systems with circular feet, 455-462 [Zbl 1330.70020]
Karger, Adolf, Parallel manipulators with simple geometrical structure, 463-470 [Zbl 1330.70028]
Merlet, Jean-Pierre, Analysis of wire elasticity for wire-driven parallel robots, 471-478 [Zbl 1330.70036]
Amici, Cinzia; Borboni, Alberto; Magnani, Pier Luigi; Pomi, Diego, Kinematic analysis of a compliant, parallel and three-dimensional meso-manipulator generated from a planar structure, 479-485 [Zbl 1330.70006]
Amici, Cinzia; Borboni, Alberto; Magnani, Pier Luigi; Pomi, Diego, Dynamic analysis of a compliant, parallel and three-dimensional meso-manipulator generated from a planar structure, 487-493 [Zbl 1330.70007]
Affi, Zouhaier; Romdhane, Lotfi, Modelling of the orientation error of a 3-DOF translational parallel manipulator, 495-503 [Zbl 1330.70004]
Binaud, Nicolas; Caro, Stéphane; Wenger, Philippe, Sensitivity analysis of degenerate and non-degenerate planar parallel manipulators, 505-512 [Zbl 1330.70008]
Rossi, Cesare; Savino, Sergio; Strano, Salvatore, 3D object reconstruction using a robot arm, 513-521 [Zbl 1330.70042]
Schöttler, Kerstin; Burisch, Arne; Raatz, Annika; Hesselbach, Jürgen, Scheduling and verification of micro assembly processes, 531-539 [Zbl 1330.70061]
Burisch, Arne; Loechte, Christian; Raatz, Annika; Fabrizi, Adriano, Cambio – a miniaturized tool changer for desktop factory application, 541-548 [Zbl 1330.70011]
Cretu, Simona-Mariana, Tensegrity concept – from natural systems to robots, 549-557 [Zbl 1330.70015]
Edeler, Christoph; Jasper, Daniel, Laser-based structuring of piezoceramics for mobile microrobots, 559-566 [Zbl 1330.70002]
Blekta, Jiri; Mevald, Josef; Petrikova, Iva, Evaluation of spatial vibrations using a platform with 6 degrees of freedom, 567-573 [Zbl 1330.70009]
Miroir, M.; Szewczyk, J.; Nguyen, Y.; Mazalaigue, S.; Grayeli, A. Bozorg; Sterkers, O., Mechanical design and optimization of a microsurgical robot, 575-583 [Zbl 1331.93156]
Bujakas, Vicktor I., Multy mirror adjustable space reflector as the mechanism with many degrees of freedom, 585-594 [Zbl 1330.70056]
Plitea, N.; Pisla, D.; Vaida, C.; Gherman, B.; Pisla, A., Dynamic modeling of a parallel robot used in minimally invasive surgery, 595-602 [Zbl 1331.93158]
Moschella, D.; Danieli, G. A., Controlling the traditional rigid endoscopic instrumentation motion, 603-611 [Zbl 1331.93157]
Husing, Mathias; Corves, Burkhard, Use of substitute of mechanisms for tolerance investigation of guidance mechanisms, 613-621 [Zbl 1330.70057]


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