Recent progress on reaction-diffusion systems and viscosity solutions. Based on the international conference on reaction-diffusion systems and viscosity solutions, Taichung, Taiwan, January 3–6, 2007. (English) Zbl 1165.35002

Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific (ISBN 978-981-283-473-7/hbk). viii, 363 p. (2009).

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Indexed articles:
Ackermann, Nils, Long-time dynamics in semilinear parabolic problems with autocatalysis, 1-30 [Zbl 1181.35136]
Chen, Chao-Nien; Horng, Tzyy-Leng; Lee, Daniel; Tsai, Chen-Hsing, A note on reaction-diffusion systems with skew-gradient structure, 31-48 [Zbl 1183.35167]
Du, Yihong, Change of environment in model ecosystem: effect of a protection zone in diffusive population models, 49-73 [Zbl 1196.35124]
Farina, Alberto; Valdinoci, Enrico, The state of the art for a conjecture of de Giorgi and related problems, 74-96 [Zbl 1183.35137]
Ishii, Hitoshi; Mitake, Hiroyoshi, Two remarks on periodic solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations, 97-119 [Zbl 1184.35017]
Ishimura, N.; Nishida, K., Asymptotic expansion method for local volatility models, 120-130 [Zbl 1183.35077]
Koike, Shigeaki, Recent developments on maximum principle for \(L^p\)-viscosity solutions of fully nonlinear elliptic/parabolic PDEs, 131-153 [Zbl 1184.35089]
Lo, Chu-Pin; Tien, Hui-Chun; Lee, Daniel; Chang, Chih-Hung, Multiscale modeling of electrical activities of the heart, 154-169 [Zbl 1179.92015]
Poláčik, P., Symmetry properties of positive solutions of parabolic equations: a survey, 170-208 [Zbl 1213.35042]
Imamura, Kouya; Sakamoto, Kunimochi, Travelling pulse waves non-vanishing at infinity for the derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation, 209-224 [Zbl 1183.35253]
Esedoglu, Selim; Ruuth, Steven J.; Tsai, Richard, Threshold and redistancing dynamics for geometric motions, 225-244 [Zbl 1182.35012]
Chen, Yujuan; Wang, Mingxin, Blow-up problems for partial differential equations and systems of parabolic type, 245-281 [Zbl 1184.35072]
Yamada, Yoshio, Global solutions for the Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto model with cross-diffusion, 282-299 [Zbl 1182.35140]
Yanagida, Eiji, Dynamics of global solutions of a semilinear parabolic equation, 300-331 [Zbl 1194.35069]
Zhao, Xiao-Qiang, Spatial dynamics of some evolution systems in biology, 332-363 [Zbl 1182.35041]


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