Proceedings of the 10th international conference on geometry, integrability and quantization, Sts. Constantine and Elena (near Varna), Bulgaria, June 6–11, 2008. (English) Zbl 1169.81004

Geometry, Integrability and Quantization. Sofia: Avangard Prima (ISBN 978-954-323-531-5/pbk). 281 p. (2009).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1154.17001).
Indexed articles:
Clerc, Jean-Louis, Geometry of the Shilov boundary of a bounded symmetric domain, 11-55 [Zbl 1182.53046]
Garay, Óscar J., Extremals of the generalized Euler-Bernoulli energy and applications, 56-87 [Zbl 1261.58008]
Gerdjikov, Vladimir S., On spectral theory of Lax operators on symmetric spaces: vanishing versus constant boundary conditions, 88-123 [Zbl 1205.35292]
Blaga, Adara M., Remarks on Poisson reduction on \(k\)-symplectic manifolds, 127-132 [Zbl 1184.53078]
Brander, David; Rossman, Wayne; Schmitt, Nicholas, Constant mean curvature surfaces in Euclidean and Minkowski three-spaces, 133-142 [Zbl 1183.53005]
Canfora, Fabrizio, Some solutions with torsion in Chern-Simons gravity and observable effects, 143-157 [Zbl 1183.83038]
Cherbal, Omar; Drir, Mahrez, Pseudo-fermionic coherent states, 158-163 [Zbl 1179.81094]
Djondjorov, Peter A.; Hadzhilazova, Mariana Ts.; Mladenov, Ivaïlo M.; Vassilev, Vassil M., A note on the passage from the free to the elastica with a tension, 164-170 [Zbl 1261.58007]
Fetcu, Dorel; Oniciuc, Cezar, On the geometry of biharmonic submanifolds in Sasakian space forms, 171-182 [Zbl 1181.31003]
Kojima, Takeo; Shiraishi, Jun’ichi, Remark on the integrals of motion associated with level \(k\) realization of the elliptic algebra \(U_{q,p}(\overline{\mathfrak{sl}_2})\), 183-196 [Zbl 1179.81093]
Kovalchuk, Vasyl; Rożko, Ewa Eliza, Classical models of affinely-rigid bodies with “thickness” in degenerate dimension, 197-210 [Zbl 1261.70002]
Parisi, Luca, Dynamical systems techniques in cosmology. An example: LQC and the Einstein static universe, 211-226 [Zbl 1183.83025]
Popescu, Liviu, A note on Poisson Lie algebroids, 227-236 [Zbl 1226.53079]
Sako, Akifumi, Noncommutative deformation of instantons and vortexes, 237-247 [Zbl 1179.81152]
Tartaglia, Angelo, Defects in four-dimensional continua: a paradigm for the expansion of the universe?, 248-264 [Zbl 1183.83128]
Vilasi, Gaetano, Nambu dynamics, \(n\)-Lie algebras and integrability, 265-278 [Zbl 1261.37030]


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