Stochastic algorithms: Foundations and applications. 5th international symposium, SAGA 2009, Sapporo, Japan, October 26–28, 2009. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1175.68023

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5792. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-04943-9/pbk). x, 221 p. (2009).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium has been reviewed (see Zbl 1129.68004).
Indexed articles:
Römisch, Werner, Scenario reduction techniques in stochastic programming, 1-14 [Zbl 1260.90128]
V’yugin, Vladimir V., Learning volatility of discrete time series using prediction with expert advice, 16-30 [Zbl 1260.91209]
Dashevskiy, Mikhail; Luo, Zhiyuan, Prediction of long-range dependent time series data with performance guarantee, 31-45 [Zbl 1260.62073]
Haraguchi, Kazuya; Hong, Seok-Hee; Nagamochi, Hiroshi, Bipartite graph representation of multiple decision table classifiers, 46-60 [Zbl 1260.68331]
Defourny, Boris; Ernst, Damien; Wehenkel, Louis, Bounds for multistage stochastic programs using supervised learning strategies, 61-73 [Zbl 1260.68326]
Diochnos, Dimitrios I.; Turán, György, On evolvability: the swapping algorithm, product distributions, and covariance, 74-88 [Zbl 1260.92092]
Ando, Ei; Ono, Hirotaka; Yamashita, Masafumi, A generic algorithm for approximately solving stochastic graph optimization problems, 89-103 [Zbl 1260.90126]
Nonaka, Yoshiaki; Ono, Hirotaka; Sadakane, Kunihiko; Yamashita, Masafumi, How to design a linear cover time random walk on a finite graph, 104-116 [Zbl 1260.05148]
Berke, Robert; Onsjö, Mikael, Propagation connectivity of random hypergraphs, 117-126 [Zbl 1260.68444]
Berchenko, Yakir; Teicher, Mina, Graph embedding through random walk for shortest paths problems, 127-140 [Zbl 1260.90157]
Jordan, Charles; Zeugmann, Thomas, Relational properties expressible with one universal quantifier are testable, 141-155 [Zbl 1260.03016]
Arcuri, Andrea, Theoretical analysis of local search in software testing, 156-168 [Zbl 1260.68121]
Yang, Xin-She, Firefly algorithms for multimodal optimization, 169-178 [Zbl 1260.90164]
Englert, Matthias; Vöcking, Berthold; Winkler, Melanie, Economical caching with stochastic prices, 179-190 [Zbl 1260.91140]
Grills, C.; Fennell, D. A.; Shearer, S. F. C., Markov modelling of mitochondrial BAK activation kinetics during apoptosis, 191-205 [Zbl 1260.92022]
Shearer, S. F. C.; Sahoo, S.; Sahoo, A., Stochastic dynamics of logistic tumor growth, 206-220 [Zbl 1260.92036]


68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68T05 Learning and adaptive systems in artificial intelligence
68W20 Randomized algorithms
90C15 Stochastic programming
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest


Zbl 1129.68004
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