Domain decomposition methods in science and engineering XVIII. Selected papers based on the presentations at the 18th international conference of domain decomposition methods, Jerusalem, Israel, January 12–17, 2008. (English) Zbl 1178.65001

Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 70. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-02676-8/hbk; 978-3-642-04466-3/ebook). xiv, 370 p. (2009).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1130.65004).
Indexed articles:
Brandt, Achi; Iliev, Oleg; Willems, Joerg, A domain decomposition approach for calculating the graph corresponding to a fibrous geometry, 3-14 [Zbl 1185.80019]
Antil, Harbir; Hoppe, Ronald H. W.; Linsenmann, Christopher, Adaptive multilevel interior-point methods in PDE constrained optimization, 15-26 [Zbl 1183.65075]
Le Tallec, Patrick, Numerical homogeneisation technique with domain decomposition based a-posteriori error estimates, 27-37 [Zbl 1183.65108]
Nordbotten, Jan M., Multiscale methods for multiphase flow in porous media, 39-50 [Zbl 1284.76315]
Hiptmair, Ralf; Perugia, Ilaria, Mixed plane wave discontinuous Galerkin methods, 51-62 [Zbl 1180.65148]
Hecht, Frédéric; Lozinski, Alexei; Pironneau, Olivier, Numerical zoom and the Schwarz algorithm, 63-73 [Zbl 1183.65162]
Tu, Xuemin; Li, Jing, BDDC for nonsymmetric positive definite and symmetric indefinite problems, 75-86 [Zbl 1183.65036]
Widlund, Olof B., Accomodating irregular subdomains in domain decomposition theory, 87-98 [Zbl 1183.65166]
Tuminaro, Ray S.; Xu, Jinchao; Zhu, Yunrong, Auxiliary space preconditioners for mixed finite element methods, 99-109 [Zbl 1183.65151]
Iceta, Damien; Alart, Pierre; Dureisseix, David, A multilevel domain decomposition solver suited to nonsmooth mechanical problems, 113-120 [Zbl 1284.74141]
Roux, François-Xavier, A FETI-2LM method for non-matching grids, 121-128 [Zbl 1183.65150]
Gräser, Carsten; Sack, Uli; Sander, Oliver, Truncated nonsmooth Newton multigrid methods for convex minimization problems, 129-136 [Zbl 1183.65076]
Groß, Christian; Krause, Rolf, A recursive trust-region method for non-convex constrained minimization, 137-144 [Zbl 1183.65077]
Ipopa, Mohamed; Sassi, Taoufik, A Robin domain decomposition algorithm for contact problems: convergence results, 145-152 [Zbl 1284.74089]
Simon, René; Zulehner, Walter, Patch smoothers for saddle point problems with applications to PDE-constrained optimization problems, 153-160 [Zbl 1183.65079]
Dolean, Vitorita; Nataf, Frédéric; Rapin, Gerd, A domain decomposition preconditioner of Neumann-Neumann type for the Stokes equations, 161-168 [Zbl 1183.65029]
Berninger, Heiko, Non-overlapping domain decomposition for the Richards equation via superposition operators, 169-176 [Zbl 1284.76350]
Dubois, Olivier; Gander, Martin J., Convergence behavior of a two-level optimized Schwarz preconditioner, 177-184 [Zbl 1183.65030]
Gander, Martin J.; Japhet, Caroline, An algorithm for non-matching grid projections with linear complexity, 185-192 [Zbl 1183.65161]
Loisel, Sébastien; Szyld, Daniel B., A maximum principle for \(L^2\)-trace norms with an application to optimized Schwarz methods, 193-200 [Zbl 1183.65164]
Schiela, Anton, An extended mathematical framework for Barrier methods in function space, 208-201 [Zbl 1181.49030]
St-Cyr, Amik; Rosenberg, Duane; Kim, Sang Dong, Optimized Schwarz preconditioning for SEM based magnetohydrodynamics, 209-216 [Zbl 1284.76413]
Cai, Xiao-Chuan, Nonlinear overlapping domain decomposition methods, 217-224 [Zbl 1183.65053]
Halpern, Laurence, Optimized Schwarz waveform relaxation: Roots, blossoms and fruits, 225-232 [Zbl 1183.65119]
Nataf, F., Optimized Schwarz methods, 233-240 [Zbl 1183.65165]
Widlund, Olof B., The development of coarse spaces for domain decomposition algorithms, 241-248 [Zbl 1183.65167]
Ahmadia, Aron; Keyes, David; Melville, David; Rosenbluth, Alan; Tian, Kehan, Distributed decomposition over hyperspherical domains, 251-258 [Zbl 1183.65060]
Antonietti, Paola F.; Süli, Endre, Domain decomposition preconditioning for discontinuous Galerkin approximations of convection-diffusion problems, 259-266 [Zbl 1183.65028]
Arrarás, A.; Portero, L.; Jorge, J. C., Linearly implicit domain decomposition methods for nonlinear time-dependent reaction-diffusion problems, 267-274 [Zbl 1183.65109]
Barker, Andrew T.; Cai, Xiao-Chuan, NKS for fully coupled fluid-structure interaction with application, 275-282 [Zbl 1284.74029]
Dickopf, Thomas; Krause, Rolf, Weak information transfer between non-matching warped interfaces, 283-290 [Zbl 1183.65159]
Garbey, M.; Smaoui, M.; de Brye, N.; Picard, C., Computational tool for a mini-windmill study with SOFT, 291-297 [Zbl 1284.76323]
Krzyżanowski, Piotr, On preconditioners for generalized saddle point problems with an indefinite block, 299-306 [Zbl 1183.65034]
Kuznetsov, Yuri A., Lower bounds for eigenvalues of elliptic operators by overlapping domain decomposition, 307-314 [Zbl 1183.65139]
Copeland, Dylan; Langer, Ulrich; Pusch, David, From the boundary element domain decomposition methods to local Trefftz finite element methods on polyhedral meshes, 315-322 [Zbl 1183.65158]
Marcinkowski, Leszek, An additive Neumann-Neumann method for mortar finite element for 4th order problems, 323-330 [Zbl 1183.65148]
Pacull, F.; Garbey, M., A numerically efficient scheme for elastic immersed boundaries, 331-338 [Zbl 1284.76190]
Lee, Chang-Ock; Park, Eun-Hee, A domain decomposition method based on augmented Lagrangian with a Penalty term, 339-346 [Zbl 1183.65163]
Assous, F.; Segré, J.; Sonnendrücker, E., Parallelization of a constrained three-dimensional Maxwell solver, 347-354 [Zbl 1186.78042]
St-Cyr, Amik; Gander, Martin J., A discovery algorithm for the algebraic construction of optimized Schwarz preconditioners, 355-362 [Zbl 1183.65031]
Loisel, Sébastien; Szyld, Daniel B., On the convergence of optimized Schwarz methods by way of matrix analysis, 363-370 [Zbl 1183.65136]


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65N55 Multigrid methods; domain decomposition for boundary value problems involving PDEs
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