Progress in cryptology – INDOCRYPT 2009. 10th international conference on cryptology in India, New Delhi, India, December 13–16, 2009. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1178.94007

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5922. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-10627-9/pbk). xv, 443 p. (2009).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1154.94005).
Indexed articles:
Buchmann, Johannes; Lindner, Richard, Secure parameters for SWIFFT, 1-17 [Zbl 1273.94343]
Bernstein, Daniel J.; Lange, Tanja; Niederhagen, Ruben; Peters, Christiane; Schwabe, Peter, FSBday: implementing Wagner’s generalized birthday attack against the SHA-3 round-1 candidate FSB, 18-38 [Zbl 1248.94055]
Chatterjee, Sanjit; Menezes, Alfred; Ustaoglu, Berkant, Reusing static keys in key agreement protocols, 39-56 [Zbl 1252.94054]
Swanson, Colleen; Jao, David, A study of two-party certificateless authenticated key-agreement protocols, 57-71 [Zbl 1252.94099]
Berzati, Alexandre; Canovas-Dumas, Cécile; Goubin, Louis, Fault analysis of Rabbit: toward a secret key leakage, 72-87 [Zbl 1252.94049]
Bringer, Julien; Chabanne, Hervé; Icart, Thomas, On physical obfuscation of cryptographic algorithms, 88-103 [Zbl 1252.94052]
Rebeiro, Chester; Mukhopadhyay, Debdeep; Takahashi, Junko; Fukunaga, Toshinori, Cache timing attacks on Clefia, 104-118 [Zbl 1252.94093]
Berger, Thierry P.; Minier, Marine; Pousse, Benjamin, Software oriented stream ciphers based upon FCSRs in diversified mode, 119-135 [Zbl 1252.94048]
Sarkar, Sumanta, On the symmetric negabent Boolean functions, 136-143 [Zbl 1252.94094]
Demirci, Hüseyin; Taşkın, İhsan; Çoban, Mustafa; Baysal, Adnan, Improved meet-in-the-middle attacks on AES, 144-156 [Zbl 1273.94345]
Dunkelman, Orr; Fleischmann, Ewan; Gorski, Michael; Lucks, Stefan, Related-key rectangle attack of the full HAS-160 encryption mode, 157-168 [Zbl 1252.94060]
Ideguchi, Kota; Watanabe, Dai, Second preimage attack on SHAMATA-512, 169-181 [Zbl 1252.94076]
Gong, Zheng; Hartel, Pieter; Nikova, Svetla; Zhu, Bo, Towards secure and practical MACs for body sensor networks, 182-198 [Zbl 1252.94067]
Bhattacharyya, Rishiraj; Mandal, Avradip; Nandi, Mridul, Indifferentiability characterization of hash functions and optimal bounds of popular domain extensions, 199-218 [Zbl 1252.94050]
Mendel, Florian; Nad, Tomislav, A distinguisher for the compression function of SIMD-512, 219-232 [Zbl 1252.94087]
Jhanwar, Mahabir Prasad; Barua, Rana, Sampling from signed quadratic residues: RSA group is pseudofree, 233-247 [Zbl 1273.94350]
Su, Dong; Lv, Kewei, A new hard-core predicate of Paillier’s trapdoor function, 263-271 [Zbl 1273.94361]
Bringer, Julien; Chabanne, Hervé; Cohen, Gérard; Kindarji, Bruno, Private interrogation of devices via identification codes, 272-289 [Zbl 1273.94342]
Avoine, Gildas; Floerkemeier, Christian; Martin, Benjamin, RFID distance bounding multistate enhancement, 290-307 [Zbl 1252.94045]
Billet, Olivier; Elkhiyaoui, Kaoutar, Two attacks against the \(F _{f }\) RFID protocol, 308-320 [Zbl 1273.94341]
Matsuda, Takahiro; Matsuura, Kanta; Schuldt, Jacob C. N., Efficient constructions of signcryption schemes and signcryption composability, 321-342 [Zbl 1252.94085]
El Aimani, Laila, On generic constructions of designated confirmer signatures. (The “encryption of a signature” paradigm revisited), 343-362 [Zbl 1252.94108]
Rückert, Markus, Verifiably encrypted signatures from RSA without NIZKs, 363-377 [Zbl 1252.94111]
Selvi, S. Sharmila Deva; Vivek, S. Sree; Shriram, J.; Kalaivani, S.; Rangan, C. Pandu, Identity based aggregate signcryption schemes, 378-397 [Zbl 1252.94096]
Patra, Arpita; Choudhary, Ashish; Rangan, C. Pandu, Round efficient unconditionally secure MPC and multiparty set intersection with optimal resilience, 398-417 [Zbl 1273.94356]
Zhu, Huafei; Bao, Feng, Non-committing encryptions based on oblivious Naor-Pinkas cryptosystems, 418-429 [Zbl 1252.94103]
Gavin, Gérald; Minier, Marine, Oblivious multi-variate polynomial evaluation, 430-442 [Zbl 1273.94347]


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94A60 Cryptography
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