Multiple criteria decision making for sustainable energy and transportation systems. Proceedings of the 19th international conference on multiple criteria decision making, Auckland, New Zealand, 7th – 12th January 2008. (English) Zbl 1182.90002

Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems 634. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-04044-3/pbk). xviii, 389 p. (2010).

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Publisher’s description: In the twenty-first century the sustainability of energy and transportation systems is on the top of the political agenda in many countries around the world and governments are establishing policies towards a sustainable, low emissions energy future.
Environmental impacts of human economic activity necessitate the consideration of conflicting goals in decision making processes to develop sustainable systems. Any sustainable development has to reconcile conflicting economic and environmental objectives and criteria. The science of multiple criteria decision making has a lot to offer in addressing this need. Decision making with multiple (conflicting) criteria is the topic of research that is at the heart of the International Society of Multiple Criteria Decision Making. This book is based on selected papers presented at the societies 19th International Conference, held at The University of Auckland, New Zealand, from 7th to 12th January 2008 under the theme “MCDM for Sustainable Energy and Transportation Systems”.
The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Bouvy, Claude; Kausch, Christoph; Preuss, Mike; Henrich, Frank, On the potential of multi-objective optimization in the design of sustainable energy systems, 3-12 [Zbl 1184.90091]
Daniel, Joseph; Vishal, Nandigana V. R.; Albert, Bensely; Selvarsan, Iniyan, Evaluation of the significant renewable energy resources in India using analytical hierarchy process, 13-26 [Zbl 1184.90092]
Beinarts, Ivars; Levchenkov, Anatoly, Multiple criteria decision support for heating systems in electric transport, 27-34 [Zbl 1184.90090]
Marinoni, Oswald; Higgins, Andrew; Hajkowicz, Stefan, A multi criteria knapsack solution to optimise natural resource management project selection, 47-55 [Zbl 1184.90179]
Nagurney, Anna; Woolley, Trisha, Environmental and cost synergy in supply chain network integration in mergers and acquisitions, 57-78 [Zbl 1184.90019]
Islam, Rafikul; Saaty, Thomas L., The analytic hierarchy process in the transportation sector, 79-91 [Zbl 1184.90094]
Gandibleux, Xavier; Riteau, Pierre; Delorme, Xavier, RECIFE: A MCDSS for railway capacity evaluation, 93-103 [Zbl 1184.90178]
Schlechte, Thomas; Borndörfer, Ralf, Balancing efficiency and robustness - a bi-criteria optimization approach to railway track allocation, 105-116 [Zbl 1184.90160]
Wang, Judith Y. T.; Raith, Andrea; Ehrgott, Matthias, Tolling analysis with bi-objective traffic assignment, 117-129 [Zbl 1184.90098]
Pruyt, Erik; Wijnmalen, Diederik, National risk assessment in The Netherlands, 133-143 [Zbl 1184.90096]
Feyzioglu, Orhan; Büyüközkan, Gülçin, Evaluation of green suppliers considering decision criteria dependencies, 145-154 [Zbl 1184.90093]
Calvete, Herminia I.; Galé, Carmen, A multiobjective bilevel program for production-distribution planning in a supply chain, 155-165 [Zbl 1184.90150]
João, Isabel M.; Bana e Costa, Carlos A.; Figueira, José Rui, An ordinal regression method for multicriteria analysis of customer satisfaction, 167-176 [Zbl 1184.90078]
Srivastava, Kamal; Srivastava, Sanjay; Pathak, Bhupendra K.; Deb, Kalyanmoy, Discrete time-cost tradeoff with a novel hybrid meta-heuristic, 177-188 [Zbl 1184.90175]
Chu, Sydney C. K.; Zhu, Minyue; Zhu, Liang, Goal programming models and DSS for manpower planning of airport baggage service, 189-199 [Zbl 1184.90086]
Büyüközkan, Gülçin, A MCDM tool to evaluate government websites in a fuzzy environment, 201-210 [Zbl 1184.90072]
Woehrle, Matthias; Brockhoff, Dimo; Hohm, Tim; Bleuler, Stefan, Investigating coverage and connectivity trade-offs in wireless sensor networks: the benefits of MOEAs, 211-221 [Zbl 1184.90163]
Akhisar, Ilyas; Karpak, Birsen, AHP as an early warning system: An application in commercial banks in Turkey, 223-233 [Zbl 1184.90089]
Onar, Sezi Cevik; Aktas, Emel; Topcu, Y. Ilker, A multi-criteria evaluation of factors affecting internet banking in Turkey, 235-246 [Zbl 1184.90095]
Mikhailov, Ludmil; Knowles, Joshua, Priority elicitation in the AHP by a Pareto envelope-based selection algorithm, 249-257 [Zbl 1184.90157]
Bragge, Johanna; Korhonen, Pekka; Wallenius, Hannele; Wallenius, Jyrki, Bibliometric analysis of multiple criteria decision making/multiattribute utility theory, 259-268 [Zbl 1184.90071]
Greco, Salvatore; Matarazzo, Benedetto; Słowiński, Roman, Ordinal qualitative scales, 269-276 [Zbl 1184.90153]
Nakayama, Hirotaka; Yun, Yeboon; Shirakawa, Masakazu, Multi-objective model predictive control, 277-287 [Zbl 1184.90159]
Yan, Nian; Shi, Yong; Chen, Zhengxin, Multiple criteria nonlinear programming classification with the non-additive measure, 289-297 [Zbl 1184.90164]
Klinkenberg, Jan-Willem; Emmerich, Michael T. M.; Deutz, André H.; Shir, Ofer M.; Bäck, Thomas, A reduced-cost SMS-EMOA using kriging, self-adaptation, and parallelization, 301-311 [Zbl 1184.90155]
Bader, Johannes; Deb, Kalyanmoy; Zitzler, Eckart, Faster hypervolume-based search using Monte Carlo sampling, 313-326 [Zbl 1184.90147]
Hernandez-Diaz, Alfredo G.; Coello, Carlos A.; Perez, Fatima; Caballero, Rafael; Molina, Julian, Using a gradient based method to seed an EMO algorithm, 327-337 [Zbl 1184.90154]
Deb, Kalyanmoy; Miettinen, Kaisa, Nadir point estimation using evolutionary approaches: better accuracy and computational speed through focused search, 339-354 [Zbl 1184.90151]
Galand, Lucie; Perny, Patrice; Spanjaard, Olivier, A branch and bound algorithm for Choquet optimization in multicriteria problems, 355-365 [Zbl 1184.90138]
Preuss, Mike; Kausch, Christoph; Bouvy, Claude; Henrich, Frank, Decision space diversity can be essential for solving multiobjective real-world problems, 367-377 [Zbl 1184.90181]
Tantar, Emilia; Schütze, Oliver; Figueira, José Rui; Coello, Carlos A. Coello; Talbi, El-Ghazali, Computing and selecting \(\epsilon \)-efficient solutions of \({0, 1}\)-knapsack problems, 379-389 [Zbl 1184.90144]


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