Math.ch/100 – Schweizerische Mathematische Gesellschaft/Société Mathématique Suisse/Swiss Mathematical Society 1910–2010. (English, French, German) Zbl 1194.00073

Zürich: European Mathematical Society Publishing House (ISBN 978-3-03719-089-0/hbk). ix, 517 p. (2010).

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Indexed articles:
Plancherel, Michel, Mathematics and mathematicians in Switzerland (1850–1950), 1-21 [Zbl 1209.01011]
Neuenschwander, Erwin, 100 years of Swiss Mathematical Society, 23-105 [Zbl 1225.01095]
Blatter, Christian, Studying math in the fifties, 107-128 [Zbl 1209.01013]
Burckhardt, Johann Jakob, Andreas Speiser (1885–1970), 129-161 [Zbl 1209.01056]
Buser, Peter, Heinz Huber and the length spectrum, 163-193 [Zbl 1209.01057]
Chatterji, Srishti; Ojanguren, Manuel, A glimpse of the de Rham era, 195-240 [Zbl 1209.01060]
Descloux, Jean; de Werra, Dominique, The applied mathematics at the École polytechnique of Lausanne, 241-245 [Zbl 1209.01104]
Eliahou, Shalom; de la Harpe, Pierre; Hausmann, Jean-Claude; Weber, Claude, Michel Kervaire (1927–2007), 247-255 [Zbl 1209.01066]
Gautschi, Walter, Alexander M. Ostrowski (1893–1986): His life, work, and students, 257-278 [Zbl 1209.01071]
Gutknecht, Martin H., Numerical analysis in Zürich – 50 years ago, 279-290 [Zbl 1209.01108]
Haefliger, André, Armand Borel (1923–2003), 291-302 [Zbl 1209.01075]
Hirzebruch, Friedrich, A report on my time in Switzerland in the years 1948–1950, 303-315 [Zbl 1209.01018]
Hungerbühler, Norbert; Schmutz, Martine, Michel Plancherel, a life for mathematics and fellow humans, 317-342 [Zbl 1209.01077]
Kleisli, Heinrich, On the history of the Mathematical Institute of the University of Freiburg (Switzerland), 343-350 [Zbl 1209.01109]
Kramer, Jürg, Martin Eichler – life and work, 351-371 [Zbl 1209.01079]
Mani, Peter, Mathematics at the University of Bern in the 19th and 20th century, 373-388 [Zbl 1209.01105]
Raussen, Martin; Valette, Alain, An interview with Beno Eckmann, 389-401 [Zbl 1209.01094]
Riedtmann, Christine, Ways of women: female mathematicians in Switzerland, 403-421 [Zbl 1216.01023]
Robert, Alain M., The mathematical Institute Neuchâtel 1950–1990, 423-439 [Zbl 1209.01106]
Stammbach, Urs, Hermann Weyl, Heinz Hopf, and the year of 1930 at the ETH, 441-469 [Zbl 1217.01028]
Strebel, Kurt, Rolf Nevanlinna in Zurich, 471-485 [Zbl 1209.01098]
Weber, Claude, Some remembrances on the third Romanic cycle of mathematics and the seminar Plans-sur-Bex, 487-503 [Zbl 1209.01022]
Zehnder, Eduard, Jürgen Moser (1928–1999), 505-517 [Zbl 1209.01102]


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01A74 History of mathematics at institutions and academies (non-university)
01A60 History of mathematics in the 20th century
01A61 History of mathematics in the 21st century