Coding and cryptology. Third international workshop, IWCC 2011, Qingdao, China, May 30 – June 3, 2011. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1214.94002

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6639. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-20900-0/pbk). viii, 295 p. (2011).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding workshop see Zbl 1167.94001.
Indexed articles:
Abe, Masayuki; Ohkubo, Miyako, A signature scheme with efficient proof of validity, 1-10 [Zbl 1272.94073]
Beimel, Amos, Secret-sharing schemes: a survey, 11-46 [Zbl 1272.94074]
Belfiore, Jean-Claude; Oggier, Frédérique; Solé, Patrick, Lattice codes for the Gaussian wiretap channel, 47-61 [Zbl 1272.94098]
Bernstein, Daniel J., List decoding for binary Goppa codes, 62-80 [Zbl 1272.94095]
Bernstein, Daniel J.; Lange, Tanja; Peters, Christiane; Schwabe, Peter, Faster 2-regular information-set decoding, 81-98 [Zbl 1272.94096]
Farràs, Oriol; Padró, Carles, Ideal secret sharing schemes for useful multipartite access structures, 99-108 [Zbl 1272.94079]
Feng, Dengguo; Feng, Xiutao; Zhang, Wentao; Fan, Xiubin; Wu, Chuankun, Loiss: a byte-oriented stream cipher, 109-125 [Zbl 1272.94029]
Garay, Juan; Givens, Clint; Ostrovsky, Rafail, Secure message transmission by public discussion: a brief survey, 126-141 [Zbl 1272.94003]
Grassl, Markus, Variations on encoding circuits for stabilizer quantum codes, 142-158 [Zbl 1272.94099]
Hanrot, Guillaume; Pujol, Xavier; Stehlé, Damien, Algorithms for the shortest and closest lattice vector problems, 159-190 [Zbl 1272.68477]
Hayasaka, Kenichiro; Takagi, Tsuyoshi, An experiment of number field sieve over \(\mathrm{GF}(p)\) of low Hamming weight characteristic, 191-200 [Zbl 1271.11120]
Høholdt, Tom; Justesen, Jørn, The minimum distance of graph codes, 201-212 [Zbl 1271.05096]
Huang, Ming-Deh, Local duality and the discrete logarithm problem, 213-222 [Zbl 1270.11131]
Kiayias, Aggelos, On the effects of pirate evolution on the design of digital content distribution systems, 223-237 [Zbl 1272.94042]
Kohel, David, Arithmetic of split Kummer surfaces: Montgomery endomorphism of Edwards products, 238-245 [Zbl 1272.14044]
Li, Jie; Zeng, Xiangyong; Hu, Lei, A new family of quadriphase sequences with low correlation, 246-262 [Zbl 1248.65003]
Mesnager, Sihem; Cohen, Gérard, On the link of some semi-bent functions with Kloosterman sums, 263-272 [Zbl 1272.94101]
Yekhanin, Sergey, Locally decodable codes: a brief survey, 273-282 [Zbl 1271.94030]
Zhang, Fangguo; Wang, Ping, On relationship of computational Diffie-Hellman problem and computational square-root exponent problem, 283-293 [Zbl 1272.94069]


94-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to information and communication theory
94A60 Cryptography
94Bxx Theory of error-correcting codes and error-detecting codes
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest


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