Progress in cryptology – AFRICACRYPT 2011. 4th international conference on cryptology in Africa, Dakar, Senegal, July 5–7, 2011. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1216.94004

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6737. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-21968-9/pbk). xi, 387 p. (2011).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see Zbl 1186.94003.
Indexed articles:
Loftus, Jake; Smart, Nigel P., Secure outsourced computation, 1-20 [Zbl 1280.94080]
Lunemann, Carolin; Nielsen, Jesper Buus, Fully simulatable quantum-secure coin-flipping and applications, 21-40 [Zbl 1280.62126]
Vergnaud, Damien, Efficient and secure generalized pattern matching via Fast Fourier Transform, 41-58 [Zbl 1280.94097]
Anada, Hiroaki; Arita, Seiko, Identification schemes from key encapsulation mechanisms, 59-76 [Zbl 1280.94103]
Huang, Zhenyu; Lin, Dongdai, Attacking Bivium and Trivium with the characteristic set method, 77-91 [Zbl 1280.94070]
Herrmann, Mathias, Improved cryptanalysis of the multi-prime \(\varphi\)-hiding assumption, 92-99 [Zbl 1281.94030]
Kerckhof, Stéphanie; Collard, Baudoin; Standaert, François-Xavier, FPGA implementation of a statistical saturation attack against PRESENT, 100-116 [Zbl 1280.94075]
Sasaki, Yu, Collisions of MMO-MD5 and their impact on original MD5, 117-133 [Zbl 1280.94093]
Bernstein, Daniel J.; Lange, Tanja; Peters, Christiane; Schwabe, Peter, Really fast syndrome-based hashing, 134-152 [Zbl 1280.94039]
Genelle, Laurie; Prouff, Emmanuel; Quisquater, Michaël, Montgomery’s trick and fast implementation of masked AES, 153-169 [Zbl 1280.94058]
Hutter, Michael; Joye, Marc; Sierra, Yannick, Memory-constrained implementations of elliptic curve cryptography in co-\(Z\) coordinate representation, 170-187 [Zbl 1280.94071]
El Mrabet, Nadia; Guillevic, Aurore; Ionica, Sorina, Efficient multiplication in finite field extensions of degree 5, 188-205 [Zbl 1280.12001]
Blazy, Olivier; Canard, Sébastien; Fuchsbauer, Georg; Gouget, Aline; Sibert, Hervé; Traoré, Jacques, Achieving optimal anonymity in transferable e-cash with a judge, 206-223 [Zbl 1280.94105]
Escala, Alex; Herranz, Javier; Morillo, Paz, Revocable attribute-based signatures with adaptive security in the standard model, 224-241 [Zbl 1280.94048]
Armknecht, Frederik; Elsner, Carsten; Schmidt, Martin, Using the inhomogeneous simultaneous approximation problem for cryptographic design, 242-259 [Zbl 1280.94037]
Loebenberger, Daniel; Nüsken, Michael, Analyzing standards for RSA integers, 260-277 [Zbl 1280.94079]
Farashahi, Reza Rezaeian, Hashing into Hessian curves, 278-289 [Zbl 1280.94050]
Ciss, Abdoul Aziz; Sow, Djiby, On randomness extraction in elliptic curves, 290-297 [Zbl 1280.94045]
Karmakar, Sandip; Roy Chowdhury, Dipanwita, Fault analysis of grain-128 by targeting NFSR, 298-315 [Zbl 1280.94074]
Esmaeili Salehani, Yaser; Kircanski, Aleksandar; Youssef, Amr, Differential fault analysis of Sosemanuk, 316-331 [Zbl 1280.94049]
Ali, Subidh; Mukhopadhyay, Debdeep, An improved differential fault analysis on AES-256, 332-347 [Zbl 1280.94036]
Fousse, Laurent; Lafourcade, Pascal; Alnuaimi, Mohamed, Benaloh’s dense probabilistic encryption revisited, 348-362 [Zbl 1280.94055]
Buchmann, Johannes; Dahmen, Erik; Ereth, Sarah; Hülsing, Andreas; Rückert, Markus, On the security of the Winternitz one-time signature scheme, 363-378 [Zbl 1280.94106]
Groth, Jens, Efficient zero-knowledge proofs. (Abstract), 379 [Zbl 1280.94064]
Okamoto, Tatsuaki; Takashima, Katsuyuki, Some key techniques on pairing vector spaces, 380-382 [Zbl 1280.94087]
Preneel, Bart, The NIST SHA-3 competition: a perspective on the final year, 383-386 [Zbl 1280.94092]


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94A60 Cryptography
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