Advances in cryptology – CRYPTO 2011. 31st annual cryptology conference, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, August 14–18, 2011. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1219.94002

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6841. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-22791-2/pbk). xv, 782 p. (2011).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1194.94022].
Indexed articles:
Barak, Boaz; Dodis, Yevgeniy; Krawczyk, Hugo; Pereira, Olivier; Pietrzak, Krzysztof; Standaert, François-Xavier; Yu, Yu, Leftover hash lemma, revisited, 1-20 [Zbl 1287.94047]
Baecher, Paul; Fischlin, Marc, Random oracle reducibility, 21-38 [Zbl 1287.94046]
Mahmoody, Mohammad; Moran, Tal; Vadhan, Salil, Time-lock puzzles in the random oracle model, 39-50 [Zbl 1287.94083]
Brzuska, Christina; Fischlin, Marc; Schröder, Heike; Katzenbeisser, Stefan, Physically uncloneable functions in the universal composition framework, 51-70 [Zbl 1288.68059]
Barthe, Gilles; Grégoire, Benjamin; Heraud, Sylvain; Béguelin, Santiago Zanella, Computer-aided security proofs for the working cryptographer, 71-90 [Zbl 1287.94048]
Papamanthou, Charalampos; Tamassia, Roberto; Triandopoulos, Nikos, Optimal verification of operations on dynamic sets, 91-110 [Zbl 1287.94094]
Benabbas, Siavosh; Gennaro, Rosario; Vahlis, Yevgeniy, Verifiable delegation of computation over large datasets, 111-131 [Zbl 1288.68159]
Halevi, Shai; Lindell, Yehuda; Pinkas, Benny, Secure computation on the web: computing without simultaneous interaction, 132-150 [Zbl 1287.94070]
Chung, Kai-Min; Kalai, Yael Tauman; Liu, Feng-Hao; Raz, Ran, Memory delegation, 151-168 [Zbl 1288.68005]
Bouillaguet, Charles; Derbez, Patrick; Fouque, Pierre-Alain, Automatic search of attacks on round-reduced AES and applications, 169-187 [Zbl 1287.94056]
Naya-Plasencia, María, How to improve rebound attacks, 188-205 [Zbl 1287.94090]
Leander, Gregor; Abdelraheem, Mohamed Ahmed; AlKhzaimi, Hoda; Zenner, Erik, A cryptanalysis of PRINTcipher: the invariant subspace attack, 206-221 [Zbl 1287.94080]
Guo, Jian; Peyrin, Thomas; Poschmann, Axel, The PHOTON family of lightweight hash functions, 222-239 [Zbl 1287.94069]
Asharov, Gilad; Lindell, Yehuda; Rabin, Tal, Perfectly-secure multiplication for any \(t < n/3\), 240-258 [Zbl 1287.94045]
Lindell, Yehuda; Oxman, Eli; Pinkas, Benny, The IPS compiler: optimizations, variants and concrete efficiency, 259-276 [Zbl 1288.68023]
Beimel, Amos; Lindell, Yehuda; Omri, Eran; Orlov, Ilan, \(1/p\)-secure multiparty computation without honest majority and the best of both worlds, 277-296 [Zbl 1287.94051]
Garg, Sanjam; Jain, Abhishek; Sahai, Amit, Leakage-resilient zero knowledge, 297-315 [Zbl 1288.68081]
Whitnall, Carolyn; Oswald, Elisabeth, A comprehensive evaluation of mutual information analysis using a fair evaluation framework, 316-334 [Zbl 1287.94104]
Dziembowski, Stefan; Kazana, Tomasz; Wichs, Daniel, Key-evolution schemes resilient to space-bounded leakage, 335-353 [Zbl 1287.94066]
Veyrat-Charvillon, Nicolas; Standaert, François-Xavier, Generic side-channel distinguishers: improvements and limitations, 354-372 [Zbl 1287.94102]
Kalai, Yael Tauman; Kanukurthi, Bhavana; Sahai, Amit, Cryptography with tamperable and leaky memory, 373-390 [Zbl 1287.94077]
Brassard, Gilles; Høyer, Peter; Kalach, Kassem; Kaplan, Marc; Laplante, Sophie; Salvail, Louis, Merkle puzzles in a quantum world, 391-410 [Zbl 1287.94057]
Hallgren, Sean; Smith, Adam; Song, Fang, Classical cryptographic protocols in a quantum world, 411-428 [Zbl 1287.94071]
Buhrman, Harry; Chandran, Nishanth; Fehr, Serge; Gelles, Ran; Goyal, Vipul; Ostrovsky, Rafail; Schaffner, Christian, Position-based quantum cryptography: impossibility and constructions, 429-446 [Zbl 1287.94060]
Hanrot, Guillaume; Pujol, Xavier; Stehlé, Damien, Analyzing blockwise lattice algorithms using dynamical systems, 447-464 [Zbl 1287.94072]
Micciancio, Daniele; Mol, Petros, Pseudorandom knapsacks and the sample complexity of LWE search-to-decision reductions, 465-484 [Zbl 1287.94085]
Dingledine, Roger, Tor and circumvention: lessons learned (abstract to go with invited talk), 485-486 [Zbl 1290.94063]
Coron, Jean-Sébastien; Mandal, Avradip; Naccache, David; Tibouchi, Mehdi, Fully homomorphic encryption over the integers with shorter public keys, 487-504 [Zbl 1290.94059]
Brakerski, Zvika; Vaikuntanathan, Vinod, Fully homomorphic encryption from ring-LWE and security for key dependent messages, 505-524 [Zbl 1290.94051]
O’Neill, Adam; Peikert, Chris; Waters, Brent, Bi-deniable public-key encryption, 525-542 [Zbl 1290.94113]
Brakerski, Zvika; Segev, Gil, Better security for deterministic public-key encryption: the auxiliary-input setting, 543-560 [Zbl 1290.94050]
Lee, Jooyoung; Stam, Martijn; Steinberger, John, The collision security of Tandem-DM in the ideal cipher model, 561-577 [Zbl 1290.94104]
Boldyreva, Alexandra; Chenette, Nathan; O’Neill, Adam, Order-preserving encryption revisited: improved security analysis and alternative solutions, 578-595 [Zbl 1290.94045]
Yasuda, Kan, A new variant of PMAC: beyond the birthday bound, 596-609 [Zbl 1290.94139]
Bellare, Mihir; Keelveedhi, Sriram, Authenticated and misuse-resistant encryption of key-dependent data, 610-629 [Zbl 1290.94144]
Garg, Sanjam; Rao, Vanishree; Sahai, Amit; Schröder, Dominique; Unruh, Dominique, Round optimal blind signatures, 630-648 [Zbl 1290.94075]
Abe, Masayuki; Groth, Jens; Haralambiev, Kristiyan; Ohkubo, Miyako, Optimal structure-preserving signatures in asymmetric bilinear groups, 649-666 [Zbl 1290.94038]
Ishai, Yuval; Kushilevitz, Eyal; Ostrovsky, Rafail; Prabhakaran, Manoj; Sahai, Amit; Wullschleger, Jürg, Constant-rate oblivious transfer from noisy channels, 667-684 [Zbl 1290.94092]
Cascudo, Ignacio; Cramer, Ronald; Xing, Chaoping, The torsion-limit for algebraic function fields and its application to arithmetic secret sharing, 685-705 [Zbl 1290.94148]
Sakumoto, Koichi; Shirai, Taizo; Hiwatari, Harunaga, Public-key identification schemes based on multivariate quadratic polynomials, 706-723 [Zbl 1283.94104]
Ding, Jintai; Hodges, Timothy J., Inverting HFE systems is quasi-polynomial for all fields, 724-742 [Zbl 1287.94064]
Bernstein, Daniel J.; Lange, Tanja; Peters, Christiane, Smaller decoding exponents: ball-collision decoding, 743-760 [Zbl 1287.94053]
Dinh, Hang; Moore, Cristopher; Russell, Alexander, McEliece and Niederreiter cryptosystems that resist quantum Fourier sampling attacks, 761-779 [Zbl 1287.94065]


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