Selected areas in cryptography. 18th international workshop, SAC 2011, Toronto, ON, Canada, August 11–12, 2011. Revised selected papers. (English) Zbl 1234.94005

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7118. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-28495-3/pbk). xiii, 431 p. (2012).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding workshop see Zbl 1208.94008.
Indexed articles:
Sasaki, Yu, Boomerang distinguishers on MD4-family: first practical results on full 5-pass HAVAL, 1-18 [Zbl 1279.94114]
Jean, Jérémy; Naya-Plasencia, María; Schläffer, Martin, Improved analysis of ECHO-256, 19-36 [Zbl 1292.94084]
Andreeva, Elena; Mennink, Bart, Provable chosen-target-forced-midfix preimage resistance, 37-54 [Zbl 1292.94020]
Loftus, Jake; May, Alexander; Smart, Nigel P.; Vercauteren, Frederik, On CCA-secure somewhat homomorphic encryption, 55-72 [Zbl 1292.94106]
Slamanig, Daniel, Efficient schemes for anonymous yet authorized and bounded use of cloud resources, 73-91 [Zbl 1292.94137]
Costello, Craig; Lauter, Kristin, Group law computations on Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves, 92-117 [Zbl 1292.94049]
Saarinen, Markku-Juhani O., Cryptographic analysis of all \(4 \times 4\)-bit s-boxes, 118-133 [Zbl 1292.94132]
Krause, Matthias; Hamann, Matthias, The cryptographic power of random selection, 134-150 [Zbl 1292.94096]
Sen Gupta, Sourav; Maitra, Subhamoy; Paul, Goutam; Sarkar, Santanu, Proof of empirical RC4 biases and new key correlations, 151-168 [Zbl 1292.94070]
Karakoç, Ferhat; Demirci, Hüseyin; Harmancı, A. Emre, Combined differential and linear cryptanalysis of reduced-round PRINTcipher, 169-184 [Zbl 1292.94089]
Jia, Keting; Chen, Jiazhe; Wang, Meiqin; Wang, Xiaoyun, Practical attack on the full MMB block cipher, 185-199 [Zbl 1292.94086]
Knellwolf, Simon; Meier, Willi; Naya-Plasencia, María, Conditional differential cryptanalysis of trivium and KATAN, 200-212 [Zbl 1292.94095]
Ågren, Martin, Some instant- and practical-time related-key attacks on KTANTAN32/48/64, 213-229 [Zbl 1293.94051]
Fuhr, Thomas; Gilbert, Henri; Reinhard, Jean-René; Videau, Marion, Analysis of the initial and modified versions of the candidate 3GPP integrity algorithm 128-EIA3, 230-242 [Zbl 1292.94064]
Bouillaguet, Charles; Dunkelman, Orr; Fouque, Pierre-Alain; Leurent, Gaëtan, New insights on impossible differential cryptanalysis, 243-259 [Zbl 1292.94037]
Kunihiro, Noboru; Shinohara, Naoyuki; Izu, Tetsuya, A unified framework for small secret exponent attack on RSA, 260-277 [Zbl 1292.94097]
Akishita, Toru; Hiwatari, Harunaga, Very compact hardware implementations of the blockcipher CLEFIA, 278-292 [Zbl 1292.94018]
Chatterjee, Sanjit; Menezes, Alfred; Sarkar, Palash, Another look at tightness, 293-319 [Zbl 1279.94134]
Bertoni, Guido; Daemen, Joan; Peeters, Michaël; Van Assche, Gilles, Duplexing the sponge: Single-pass authenticated encryption and other applications, 320-337 [Zbl 1292.94030]
Naito, Yusuke, Blockcipher-based double-length hash functions for pseudorandom oracles, 338-355 [Zbl 1292.94120]
Jakimoski, Goce; Khajuria, Samant, ASC-1: an authenticated encryption stream cipher, 356-372 [Zbl 1292.94083]
Plût, Jérôme, On various families of twisted Jacobi quartics, 373-383 [Zbl 1292.94129]
Cenk, Murat; Negre, Christophe; Hasan, M. Anwar, Improved three-way split formulas for binary polynomial multiplication, 384-398 [Zbl 1284.65199]
Labrande, Hugo; Jacobson, Michael J. jun., Sublinear scalar multiplication on hyperelliptic Koblitz curves, 399-411 [Zbl 1266.94023]
Fuentes-Castañeda, Laura; Knapp, Edward; Rodríguez-Henríquez, Francisco, Faster hashing to \({\mathbb G}_2\), 412-430 [Zbl 1292.94063]


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