Advances in cryptology – ASIACRYPT 2012. 18th international conference on the theory and application of cryptology and information security, Beijing, China, December 2–6, 2012. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1258.94006

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7658. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-34960-7/pbk). xv, 778 p. (2012).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1227.94002].
Indexed articles:
Boneh, Dan, Pairing-based cryptography: past, present, and future, 1 [Zbl 1292.94034]
Zong, Chuanming, Some mathematical mysteries in lattices, 2-3 [Zbl 1292.94167]
Abe, Masayuki; Chase, Melissa; David, Bernardo; Kohlweiss, Markulf; Nishimaki, Ryo; Ohkubo, Miyako, Constant-size structure-preserving signatures: generic constructions and simple assumptions, 4-24 [Zbl 1292.94016]
Gerbush, Michael; Lewko, Allison; O’Neill, Adam; Waters, Brent, Dual form signatures: an approach for proving security from static assumptions, 25-42 [Zbl 1290.94149]
Hayashi, Takuya; Shimoyama, Takeshi; Shinohara, Naoyuki; Takagi, Tsuyoshi, Breaking pairing-based cryptosystems using \(\eta_T\) pairing over \(GF(3^{97})\), 43-60 [Zbl 1292.94073]
Seo, Jae Hong, On the (Im)possibility of projecting property in prime-order setting, 61-79 [Zbl 1292.94136]
Villar, Jorge Luis, Optimal reductions of some decisional problems to the rank problem, 80-97 [Zbl 1292.94147]
Faust, Sebastian; Hazay, Carmit; Nielsen, Jesper Buus; Nordholt, Peter Sebastian; Zottarel, Angela, Signature schemes secure against hard-to-invert leakage, 98-115 [Zbl 1292.94061]
Lindell, Yehuda; Omri, Eran; Zarosim, Hila, Completeness for symmetric two-party functionalities – revisited, 116-133 [Zbl 1292.94102]
Bellare, Mihir; Hoang, Viet Tung; Rogaway, Phillip, Adaptively secure garbling with applications to one-time programs and secure outsourcing, 134-153 [Zbl 1292.94027]
Ames, Scott; Gennaro, Rosario; Venkitasubramaniam, Muthuramakrishnan, The generalized randomized iterate and its application to new efficient constructions of uowhfs from regular one-way functions, 154-171 [Zbl 1292.94019]
Liu, Meicheng; Zhang, Yin; Lin, Dongdai, Perfect algebraic immune functions, 172-189 [Zbl 1292.94104]
Mendel, Florian; Rijmen, Vincent; Toz, Deniz; Varıcı, Kerem, Differential analysis of the LED block cipher, 190-207 [Zbl 1292.94112]
Borghoff, Julia; Canteaut, Anne; Güneysu, Tim; Kavun, Elif Bilge; Knezevic, Miroslav; Knudsen, Lars R.; Leander, Gregor; Nikov, Ventzislav; Paar, Christof; Rechberger, Christian; Rombouts, Peter; Thomsen, Søren S.; Yalçın, Tolga, PRINCE – a low-latency block cipher for pervasive computing applications. Extended abstract, 208-225 [Zbl 1292.94035]
Leurent, Gaëtan, Analysis of differential attacks in ARX constructions, 226-243 [Zbl 1292.94098]
Bogdanov, Andrey; Leander, Gregor; Nyberg, Kaisa; Wang, Meiqin, Integral and multidimensional linear distinguishers with correlation zero, 244-261 [Zbl 1292.94031]
Wu, Hongjun; Huang, Tao; Nguyen, Phuong Ha; Wang, Huaxiong; Ling, San, Differential attacks against stream cipher ZUC, 262-277 [Zbl 1292.94154]
Lampe, Rodolphe; Patarin, Jacques; Seurin, Yannick, An asymptotically tight security analysis of the iterated Even-Mansour cipher, 278-295 [Zbl 1293.94085]
Zhang, Liting; Wu, Wenling; Sui, Han; Wang, Peng, 3kf9: enhancing 3GPP-MAC beyond the birthday bound, 296-312 [Zbl 1292.94162]
Jetchev, Dimitar; Özen, Onur; Stam, Martijn, Understanding adaptivity: random systems revisited, 313-330 [Zbl 1292.94085]
Bellare, Mihir; Paterson, Kenneth G.; Thomson, Susan, RKA security beyond the linear barrier: IBE, encryption and signatures, 331-348 [Zbl 1292.94028]
Okamoto, Tatsuaki; Takashima, Katsuyuki, Fully secure unbounded inner-product and attribute-based encryption, 349-366 [Zbl 1292.94122]
Attrapadung, Nuttapong; Libert, Benoît; Peters, Thomas, Computing on authenticated data: new privacy definitions and constructions, 367-385 [Zbl 1293.94053]
Paterson, Kenneth G.; Polychroniadou, Antigoni; Sibborn, Dale L., A coding-theoretic approach to recovering noisy RSA keys, 386-403 [Zbl 1292.94126]
Kakvi, Saqib A.; Kiltz, Eike; May, Alexander, Certifying RSA, 404-414 [Zbl 1292.94087]
Ducas, Léo; Nguyen, Phong Q., Faster Gaussian lattice sampling using lazy floating-point arithmetic, 415-432 [Zbl 1292.94058]
Ducas, Léo; Nguyen, Phong Q., Learning a zonotope and more: cryptanalysis of ntrusign countermeasures, 433-450 [Zbl 1292.94059]
Petit, Christophe; Quisquater, Jean-Jacques, On polynomial systems arising from a Weil descent, 451-466 [Zbl 1292.94127]
Bos, Joppe W.; Kleinjung, Thorsten, ECM at work, 467-484 [Zbl 1292.94036]
Döttling, Nico; Müller-Quade, Jörn; Nascimento, Anderson C. A., IND-CCA secure cryptography based on a variant of the LPN problem, 485-503 [Zbl 1292.94056]
Lee, Jooyoung, Provable security of the Knudsen-Preneel compression functions, 504-525 [Zbl 1294.94060]
Mennink, Bart, Optimal collision security in double block length hashing with single length key, 526-543 [Zbl 1292.94113]
Khovratovich, Dmitry, Bicliques for permutations: collision and preimage attacks in stronger settings, 544-561 [Zbl 1292.94092]
Sasaki, Yu; Wang, Lei; Wu, Shuang; Wu, Wenling, Investigating fundamental security requirements on whirlpool: improved preimage and collision attacks, 562-579 [Zbl 1292.94134]
Peyrin, Thomas; Sasaki, Yu; Wang, Lei, Generic related-key attacks for HMAC, 580-597 [Zbl 1292.94128]
Mizuki, Takaaki; Kumamoto, Michihito; Sone, Hideaki, The five-card trick can be done with four cards, 598-606 [Zbl 1292.94115]
Khazaei, Shahram; Moran, Tal; Wikström, Douglas, A mix-net from any CCA2 secure cryptosystem, 607-625 [Zbl 1292.94091]
Bernhard, David; Pereira, Olivier; Warinschi, Bogdan, How not to prove yourself: pitfalls of the fiat-shamir heuristic and applications to helios, 626-643 [Zbl 1292.94029]
Brogle, Kyle; Goldberg, Sharon; Reyzin, Leonid, Sequential aggregate signatures with lazy verification from trapdoor permutations. (Extended abstract), 644-662 [Zbl 1292.94039]
Jain, Abhishek; Krenn, Stephan; Pietrzak, Krzysztof; Tentes, Aris, Commitments and efficient zero-knowledge proofs from learning parity with noise, 663-680 [Zbl 1292.94082]
Asharov, Gilad; Orlandi, Claudio, Calling out cheaters: covert security with public verifiability, 681-698 [Zbl 1292.94022]
Pass, Rafael; Lin, Huijia; Venkitasubramaniam, Muthuramakrishnan, A unified framework for UC from only OT, 699-717 [Zbl 1292.94125]
Longa, Patrick; Sica, Francesco, Four-dimensional Gallant-Lambert-Vanstone scalar multiplication, 718-739 [Zbl 1292.94107]
Veyrat-Charvillon, Nicolas; Medwed, Marcel; Kerckhof, Stéphanie; Standaert, François-Xavier, Shuffling against side-channel attacks: a comprehensive study with cautionary note, 740-757 [Zbl 1292.94146]
Balasch, Josep; Faust, Sebastian; Gierlichs, Benedikt; Verbauwhede, Ingrid, Theory and practice of a leakage resilient masking scheme, 758-775 [Zbl 1292.94023]


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