Operations research proceedings 2012. Selected papers of the international annual conference of the German Operations Research Society (GOR), Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany, September 5–7, 2012. (English) Zbl 1279.90005

Operations Research Proceedings. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-00794-6/pbk; 978-3-319-00795-3/ebook). xvi, 599 p. (2014).

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Lutter, Pascal, Product line design with pricing kits, 3-8 [Zbl 1305.91175]
Walter, Matthias, Sparsity of lift-and-project cutting planes, 9-14 [Zbl 1305.90313]
Schlechte, Thomas, Railway track allocation, 15-20 [Zbl 1305.90259]
Schmidt, Marie, Integrating routing decisions in network problems, 21-26 [Zbl 1305.90090]
Berger, Theo, Financial crisis, VaR forecasts and the performance of time varying EVT-copulas, 35-40 [Zbl 1305.91246]
Costa, João Paulo; Alves, Maria João, The linear sum-of-ratios optimization problem: a PSO-based algorithm, 43-48 [Zbl 1305.90293]
Bilbao-Terol, A.; Arenas-Parra, M.; Canal-Fernandez, V.; Bilbao-Terol, C., Selection of socially responsible portfolios using hedonic prices, 51-56 [Zbl 1305.91214]
Ahmad, Iftikhar; Mohr, Esther; Schmidt, Günter, Competitive ratio as coherent measure of risk, 63-69 [Zbl 1305.91243]
Addas Porto, Natália; de Barros Correia, Paulo, Binomial lattice model: application on carbon credits market, 71-76 [Zbl 1305.91235]
Aras, Necati; Türkoğulları, Yavuz; Taşkın, Z. Caner; Altınel, Kuban, Simultaneous optimization of berth allocation, quay crane assignment and quay crane scheduling problems in container terminals, 101-107 [Zbl 1305.90270]
Buscher, Udo; Mayer, Birgit; Ehrig, Tobias, A genetic algorithm for the unequal area facility layout problem, 109-114 [Zbl 1305.90412]
Büsing, Christina; D’Andreagiovanni, Fabio, A new theoretical framework for robust optimization under multi-band uncertainty, 115-121 [Zbl 1305.90082]
Janacek, Jaroslav; Kvet, Marek, Relevant network distances for approximate approach to large \(p\)-median problems, 123-128 [Zbl 1305.90085]
Kohani, Michal; Buzna, Lubos; Janacek, Jaroslav, Impact of utility function to service center location in public service system, 129-134 [Zbl 1305.90256]
Buzna, Lubos; Lozano, Sergi; Díaz-Guilera, Albert, How does network topology determine the synchronization threshold in a network of oscillators?, 135-140 [Zbl 1305.90096]
Kasperski, Adam; Zieliński, Paweł, Approximating combinatorial optimization problems with uncertain costs and the OWA criterion, 141-146 [Zbl 1305.90354]
Kasperski, Adam; Kurpisz, Adam; Zieliński, Paweł, Recoverable robust combinatorial optimization problems, 147-153 [Zbl 1305.90353]
Rahman, Dewan Fayzur; Viana, Ana; Pedroso, João Pedro, A MILP-based approach for hydrothermal scheduling, 157-162 [Zbl 1305.90283]
Kanala, Roman; Fragnière, Emmanuel, Mixing behavioral and technological data in mathematical programming framework, 163-168 [Zbl 1305.90013]
Glensk, B.; Madlener, R., Dynamic portfolio optimization for power generation assets, 177-182 [Zbl 1305.91219]
van den Akker, J. M.; Leemhuis, S. L.; Bloemhof, G. A., Optimizing storage placement in electricity distribution networks, 183-188 [Zbl 1305.90266]
Horiuchi, Tomoya; Takahashi, Kei; Ohno, Takahiro, An efficient method for option pricing with finite elements: an endogenous element length approach, 203-208 [Zbl 1305.91240]
Christöfl, Alexandra; Leopold-Wildburger, Ulrike; Rasmußen, Arleta, Simulation of bribes and consequences of leniency policy. Results from an experimental study, 211-216 [Zbl 1305.91061]
Daylova, Ekaterina; Vasin, Alexander, Two-stage market with a random factor, 217-223 [Zbl 1305.91181]
Carreras, Francesc; Owen, Guillermo, A new allocation method for simple bargaining problems: the Shapley rule, 225-230 [Zbl 1305.91159]
Vasin, Alexander; Dolmatova, Marina, Does SFE correspond to expected behavior in the uniform price auction?, 231-236 [Zbl 1305.91162]
Gutjahr, Walter J., A three-objective optimization approach to cost effectiveness analysis under uncertainty, 239-244 [Zbl 1305.90225]
Gössinger, Ralf; Kaluzny, Michael, Condition-based release of maintenance jobs in a decentralized multi-stage production/maintenance system, 269-274 [Zbl 1305.90183]
Hungerländer, Philipp; Anjos, Miguel F., An exact approach for the combined cell layout problem, 275-281 [Zbl 1305.90252]
Siepermann, Markus; Lackes, Richard; Noll, Torsten, A cutting stock problem with alternatives: the tubes rolling process, 283-288 [Zbl 1305.90357]
Hinrichs, Christian; Lehnhoff, Sebastian; Sonnenschein, Michael, A decentralized heuristic for multiple-choice combinatorial optimization problems, 297-302 [Zbl 1305.90352]
Mohaupt, Michael; Hilbert, Andreas, Advertisement scheduling-revenue management with TV break preference-based cancellations, 383-388 [Zbl 1305.90243]
Raza, Syed Asif, An integrated approach to pricing, inventory, and market segmentation decisions with demand leakage, 389-394 [Zbl 1305.90034]
Sharifyazdi, Mehdi; Davarzani, Hoda, Capacity allocation and pricing for take-or-pay reservation contracts, 395-400 [Zbl 1305.91173]
Gafarov, Evgeny R.; Dolgui, Alexandre; Grimaud, Frédéric, Two dedicated parallel machines scheduling problem with precedence relations, 403-408 [Zbl 1305.90181]
Kreter, Stefan; Rieck, Julia; Zimmermann, Jürgen, MILP-formulations for the total adjustment cost problem, 409-415 [Zbl 1305.90190]
Polyakovskiy, S.; M’Hallah, R., Minimizing weighted earliness and tardiness on parallel machines using a multi-agent system, 417-422 [Zbl 1305.90197]
Grigoriu, Liliana, Multiprocessor scheduling with availability constraints, 423-428 [Zbl 1305.68042]
Kellenbrink, Carolin, First results on resource-constrained project scheduling with model-endogenous decision on the project structure, 429-434 [Zbl 1305.90189]
Weiß, Reyk; Opitz, Jens; Nachtigall, Karl, A novel approach to strategic planning of rail freight transport, 463-468 [Zbl 1305.90079]
Drees, Tim; Schuster, Roland; Moser, Albert, Proximal bundle methods in unit commitment optimization, 469-474 [Zbl 1305.90275]
Großmann, Peter, Automatic scheduling of periodic event networks by SAT solving, 481-486 [Zbl 1305.90184]
Poehle, Daniel; Weigand, Werner, The importance of automatic timetabling for a railway infrastructure company, 487-492 [Zbl 1305.90281]
Runovska, Zoia, Study of a process of task accumulation and distribution in a GRID-system, 493-497 [Zbl 1305.90089]
Delonge, Frank, Balancing load distribution on baggage belts at airports, 499-505 [Zbl 1305.90273]
Cranshaw, Derek; Pall, Raman; Wesolkowski, Slawomir, On the application of a multi-objective genetic algorithm to the LORA-spares problem, 509-514 [Zbl 1305.90413]
Kießling, Miriam; Kreisel, Tobias; Kurz, Sascha; Rambau, Jörg, Evaluation of a new supply strategy for a fashion discounter, 515-520 [Zbl 1305.90278]
Clausen, Uwe; Meier, J. Fabian, Heuristic strategies for a multi-allocation problem in LTL logistics, 521-526 [Zbl 1305.90051]
Voigt, Guido, Contracting under asymmetric holding cost information in a serial supply chain with a nearly profit maximizing buyer, 527-532 [Zbl 1305.90077]
Hartmann, Jens; Makuschewitz, Thomas; Frazzon, Enzo M.; Scholz-Reiter, Bernd, A genetic algorithm for the integrated scheduling of production and transport systems, 533-539 [Zbl 1305.90186]
Joochim, Orapadee, A dynamic model for facility location in closed-loop supply chain design, 541-547 [Zbl 1305.90254]
Bicer, Isik, Pricing indirect behavioral effects in a supply chain: from the perspective of “Contracts as reference point”, 549-554 [Zbl 1305.90048]
Bakal, Ismail Serdar; Ozpamukcu, Serkan; Bayindir, Pelin, Two-stage versus single-stage inventory models with or without repair ability, 555-560 [Zbl 1305.90016]
Wang, Judith Y. T.; Ehrgott, Matthias, Bi-objective network equilibrium, traffic assignment and road pricing, 563-568 [Zbl 1305.90109]
Preis, Henning; Frank, Stefan; Nachtigall, Karl, Energy-optimized routing of electric vehicles in urban delivery systems, 583-588 [Zbl 1305.90282]
Rieck, Julia; Ehrenberg, Carsten, Integrated network design and routing: an application in the timber trade industry, 589-595 [Zbl 1305.90286]


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