Mathematical software – ICMS 2014. 4th international congress, Seoul, South Korea, August 5–9, 2014. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1293.65003

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8592. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-662-44198-5/pbk). xxxii, 735 p. (2014).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding congress see [Zbl 1196.68008].
Indexed articles:
Borwein, Jonathan M., Experimental computation and visual theorems, 1-8 [Zbl 1403.68311]
Buchberger, Bruno, Soft math math soft, 9-15 [Zbl 1403.68005]
Adams, Mark, Flyspecking flyspeck, 16-20 [Zbl 1403.68220]
Chung, Youngjoo, Symbolic computing package for Mathematica for versatile manipulation of mathematical expressions, 21-25 [Zbl 1403.68364]
Iancu, Mihnea; Kohlhase, Michael; Prodescu, Corneliu, Representing, archiving, and searching the space of mathematical knowledge, 26-30 [Zbl 1403.68280]
Ion, Patrick, Early examples of software in mathematical knowledge management, 31-35 [Zbl 1403.68281]
Kohlhase, Michael; Iancu, Mihnea, Discourse-level parallel markup and meaning adoption in flexiformal theory graphs, 36-40 [Zbl 1403.68282]
Maletzky, Alexander; Buchberger, Bruno, Complexity analysis of the bivariate Buchberger algorithm in Theorema, 41-48 [Zbl 1403.68228]
Windsteiger, Wolfgang, Theorema 2.0: a system for mathematical theory exploration, 49-52 [Zbl 1403.68229]
Borovik, Alexandre; Yalçınkaya, Şükrü, New approaches in black box group theory., 53-58 [Zbl 1325.20042]
Dietrich, Heiko; Faccin, Paolo; de Graaf, Willem A., A GAP package for computing with real semisimple Lie algebras, 59-66 [Zbl 1304.17001]
Egri-Nagy, Attila; Francis, Andrew R.; Gebhardt, Volker, Bacterial genomics and computational group theory: the BioGAP package for GAP, 67-74 [Zbl 1402.92296]
Egri-Nagy, Attila; Mitchell, James D.; Nehaniv, Chrystopher L., SgpDec: cascade (de)compositions of finite transformation semigroups and permutation groups, 75-82 [Zbl 1403.20002]
Eick, Bettina, Approximating generators for integral arithmetic groups., 83-86 [Zbl 1325.20041]
Hulpke, Alexander, Software for groups: theory and practice, 87-91 [Zbl 1403.20003]
van Hoeij, Mark; Vidunas, Raimundas, Computation of genus 0 Belyi functions, 92-98 [Zbl 1402.14004]
Momose, Yasuhiro; Numata, Yasuhide, On computation of the first Baues-Wirsching cohomology of a freely-generated small category, 99-105 [Zbl 1402.18014]
Bayram, Aysegul; Oztas, Elif Segah; Siap, Irfan, Codes over a non chain ring with some applications, 106-110 [Zbl 1402.94098]
Han, Sunghyu, On the weight enumerators of the projections of the 2-adic Golay code of length 24 to \(\mathbb{Z}_{2^e}\), 111-114 [Zbl 1402.94111]
Kim, Jon-Lark, Computer based reconstruction of binary extremal self-dual codes of length 32, 115-118 [Zbl 1304.94112]
Lee, Kwankyu, Magma implementation of decoding algorithms for general algebraic geometry codes, 119-123 [Zbl 1304.94120]
Oztas, Elif Segah; Siap, Irfan; Yildiz, Bahattin, Reversible codes and applications to DNA, 124-128 [Zbl 1402.94125]
Adams, Henry; Tausz, Andrew; Vejdemo-Johansson, Mikael, Javaplex: a research software package for persistent (co)homology, 129-136 [Zbl 1402.65186]
Bauer, Ulrich; Kerber, Michael; Reininghaus, Jan; Wagner, Hubert, PHAT – persistent homology algorithms toolbox, 137-143 [Zbl 1402.65187]
Escolar, Emerson G.; Hiraoka, Yasuaki, Computing persistence modules on commutative ladders of finite type, 144-151 [Zbl 1357.68303]
Joswig, Michael; Lutz, Frank H.; Tsuruga, Mimi, Heuristics for sphere recognition, 152-159 [Zbl 1402.57020]
Juda, Mateusz; Mrozek, Marian, CAPD::RedHom v2 – homology software based on reduction algorithms, 160-166 [Zbl 1402.57021]
Maria, Clément; Boissonnat, Jean-Daniel; Glisse, Marc; Yvinec, Mariette, The Gudhi library: simplicial complexes and persistent homology, 167-174 [Zbl 1402.57001]
Brake, Daniel A.; Bates, Daniel J.; Hao, Wenrui; Hauenstein, Jonathan D.; Sommese, Andrew J.; Wampler, Charles W., Bertini_real: software for one- and two-dimensional real algebraic sets, 175-182 [Zbl 1437.14005]
Chen, Tianran; Lee, Tsung-Lin; Li, Tien-Yien, Hom4PS-3: a parallel numerical solver for systems of polynomial equations based on polyhedral homotopy continuation methods, 183-190 [Zbl 1434.65065]
Berberich, Eric, CGAL – reliable geometric computing for academia and industry, 191-197 [Zbl 1434.65008]
Cheilaris, Panagiotis; Dey, Sandeep Kumar; Gabrani, Maria; Papadopoulou, Evanthia, Implementing the \(L _{ \infty }\) segment Voronoi diagram in CGAL and applying in VLSI pattern analysis, 198-205 [Zbl 1434.65009]
Kim, Deok-Soo; Cho, Youngsong; Kim, Jae-Kwan; Ryu, Joonghyun; Lee, Mokwon; Cha, Jehyun; Song, Chanyoung, BULL! – the molecular geometry engine based on Voronoi diagram, quasi-triangulation, and beta-complex, 206-213 [Zbl 1434.65010]
Moritsugu, Shuichi, Integrating circumradius and area formulae for cyclic pentagons, 214-221 [Zbl 1434.68613]
Guevara, Douglas Navarro; Alvarez, Adrian Navarro, Computer aided geometry, 222-229 [Zbl 1387.68260]
Su, Wei; Wang, Paul S.; Cai, Chuan; Li, Lian, A touch-operation-based dynamic geometry system: design and implementation, 235-239 [Zbl 1434.68664]
Wang, Dongming; Chen, Xiaoyu; An, Wenya; Jiang, Lei; Song, Dan, Opengeo: an open geometric knowledge base, 240-245 [Zbl 1434.68665]
Bates, Daniel J.; Brake, Daniel A.; Hauenstein, Jonathan D.; Sommese, Andrew J.; Wampler, Charles W., On computing a cell decomposition of a real surface containing infinitely many singularities, 246-252 [Zbl 1437.14061]
Berberich, Eric, Robustly and efficiently computing algebraic curves and surfaces, 253-260 [Zbl 1437.14004]
Gan, Zhiwang; Zhou, Meng, Computing the orthogonal projection of rational curves onto rational parameterized surface by symbolic methods, 261-268 [Zbl 1437.14062]
Jin, Kai, Isotopic \(\varepsilon \)-approximation of algebraic curves (extended abstract), 269-276 [Zbl 1437.14063]
Lien, Jyh-Ming; Sharma, Vikram; Vegter, Gert; Yap, Chee, Isotopic arrangement of simple curves: an exact numerical approach based on subdivision, 277-282 [Zbl 1434.14023]
Chen, Changbo; Moreno Maza, Marc, Real quantifier elimination in the RegularChains library, 283-290 [Zbl 1437.14006]
Goldberg, Eugene; Manolios, Panagiotis, Software for quantifier elimination in propositional logic, 291-294 [Zbl 1434.03009]
John, Ajith K.; Chakraborty, Supratik, Quantifier elimination for linear modular constraints, 295-302 [Zbl 1437.65252]
Korovin, Konstantin; Veanes, Margus, Skolemization modulo theories, 303-306 [Zbl 1434.03031]
Lonsing, Florian; Egly, Uwe, Incremental QBF solving by DepQBF, 307-314 [Zbl 1434.68547]
Magron, Victor, NLCertify: a tool for formal nonlinear optimization, 315-320 [Zbl 1434.68640]
Ohara, Katsuyoshi; Tajima, Shinichi; Terui, Akira, Developing linear algebra packages on Risa/Asir for eigenproblems, 321-324 [Zbl 1434.15003]
Rappoport, Juri, Mathematical software for modified Bessel functions, 325-332 [Zbl 1434.33001]
Ryu, Joonghyun; Lee, Mokwon; Cha, Jehyun; Song, Chanyoung; Kim, Deok-Soo, BetaSCP2: a program for the optimal prediction of side-chains in proteins, 333-340 [Zbl 1434.92005]
Skerritt, Matthew, Computation of an improved lower bound to Giuga’s primality conjecture, 341-345 [Zbl 1434.11004]
Tajima, Shinichi; Ohara, Katsuyoshi; Terui, Akira, An extension and efficient calculation of the Horner’s rule for matrices, 346-351 [Zbl 1434.68716]
Abbott, John; Bigatti, Anna Maria, What is new in CoCoA?, 352-358 [Zbl 1437.13002]
Awange, Joseph; Paláncz, Béla; Lewis, Robert, Maximizing likelihood function for parameter estimation in point clouds via Groebner basis, 359-366 [Zbl 1437.13048]
Awange, Joseph; Paláncz, Béla; Lewis, Robert, Groebner basis in geodesy and geoinformatics, 367-373 [Zbl 1437.86008]
Buchberger, Bruno; Maletzky, Alexander, Groebner bases in Theorema, 374-381 [Zbl 1437.13009]
Hashemi, Amir, Effective computation of radical of ideals and its application to invariant theory, 382-389 [Zbl 1437.13004]
Kredel, Heinz, Generic and parallel Groebner bases in JAS (extended abstract), 390-397 [Zbl 1437.13006]
Liu, Y. Jane; Peddieson, John, Application of Groebner basis methodology to nonlinear mechanics problems, 398-405 [Zbl 1437.13007]
Montes, Antonio; Wibmer, Michael, Software for discussing parametric polynomial systems: the Gröbner cover, 406-413 [Zbl 1434.13002]
Nabeshima, Katsusuke; Tajima, Shinichi, An algorithm for computing standard bases by change of ordering via algebraic local cohomology, 414-418 [Zbl 1437.13008]
Noro, Masayuki; Yokoyama, Kazuhiro, Verification of Gröbner basis candidates, 419-424 [Zbl 1434.13029]
Chen, Changbo; Moreno Maza, Marc, Cylindrical algebraic decomposition in the RegularChains library, 425-433 [Zbl 1437.14007]
Chen, Zhenghong; Tang, Xiaoxian; Xia, Bican, Hierarchical comprehensive triangular decomposition, 434-441 [Zbl 1434.13026]
Corless, Robert M.; Thornton, Steven E., A package for parametric matrix computations, 442-449 [Zbl 1434.15002]
England, Matthew; Bradford, Russell; Davenport, James H.; Wilson, David, Choosing a variable ordering for truth-table invariant cylindrical algebraic decomposition by incremental triangular decomposition, 450-457 [Zbl 1350.68294]
England, Matthew; Wilson, David; Bradford, Russell; Davenport, James H., Using the Regular Chains library to build cylindrical algebraic decompositions by projecting and lifting, 458-465 [Zbl 1437.14008]
Hashemi, Amir; Touraji, Zahra, An improvement of Rosenfeld-Gröbner algorithm, 466-471 [Zbl 1434.13001]
Alvandi, Parisa; Chen, Changbo; Marcus, Steffen; Maza, Marc Moreno; Schost, Éric; Vrbik, Paul, Doing algebraic geometry with the RegularChains library, 472-479 [Zbl 1437.13003]
Xia, Peng; Shang, Bao-Xin; Lei, Na, On multivariate Birkhoff rational interpolation, 480-483 [Zbl 1437.41003]
Zhang, Yang, Computing Moore-Penrose inverses of Ore polynomial matrices, 484-491 [Zbl 1434.15004]
Abánades, Miguel A.; Botana, Francisco; Montes, Antonio; Recio, Tomás, Software using the Gröbner cover for geometrical loci computation and classification, 492-499 [Zbl 1437.13001]
Botana, Francisco; Recio, Tomás, Using Maple’s RegularChains library to automatically classify plane geometric loci, 500-503 [Zbl 1437.13043]
Chen, Changbo; Moreno Maza, Marc, Solving parametric polynomial systems by RealComprehensiveTriangularize, 504-511 [Zbl 1437.13047]
Fukasaku, Ryoya, QE software based on comprehensive Gröbner systems, 512-517 [Zbl 1434.68704]
Iwane, Hidenao; Yanami, Hitoshi; Anai, Hirokazu, SyNRAC: a toolbox for solving real algebraic constraints, 518-522 [Zbl 1437.13005]
Nabeshima, Katsusuke; Tajima, Shinichi, An algorithm for computing Tjurina stratifications of \(\mu \)-constant deformations by using local cohomology classes with parameters, 523-530 [Zbl 1437.14011]
Nagai, Akira; Inoue, Shutaro, An implementation method of Boolean Gröbner bases and comprehensive Boolean Gröbner bases on general computer algebra systems, 531-536 [Zbl 1434.13003]
Zhou, Jie; Wang, Dingkang, A method to determine if two parametric polynomial systems are equal, 537-544 [Zbl 1437.13046]
Fukazawa, Kenji, New way of explanation of the stochastic interpretation of wave functions and its teaching materials using KETpic, 549-553 [Zbl 1434.97011]
Gubinelli, Massimiliano; van der Hoeven, Joris; Poulain, François; Raux, Denis, GNU TeX\(_{\mathrm{MACS}}\) towards a scientific office suite, 562-569 [Zbl 1434.68632]
Iglesias, Andrés; Gálvez, Akemi, Computer software program for representation and visualization of free-form curves through bio-inspired optimization techniques, 570-577 [Zbl 1434.68606]
Kohlhase, Andrea, Math web search interfaces and the generation gap of mathematicians, 586-593 [Zbl 1434.68635]
Nomachi, Toshifumi; Koshiba, Toshihiko; Ouchi, Shunji, Development of visual aid materials in teaching the bivariate normal distributions, 601-606 [Zbl 1434.97016]
Ouchi, Shunji; Maeda, Yoshifumi; Kitahara, Kiyoshi; Hamaguchi, Naoki, Creating interactive graphics for mathematics education utilizing KETpic, 607-613 [Zbl 1434.97017]
Takato, Setsuo; Hamaguchi, Naoki; Sarafian, Haiduke, Generating data of mathematical figures for 3D printers with KETpic and educational impact of the printed models, 629-634 [Zbl 1434.97018]
Su, Wei; Wang, Paul S.; Li, Lian, A touch-based mathematical expression editor, 635-640 [Zbl 1434.68633]
Abbott, John; Bigatti, Anna Maria; Söger, Christof, Integration of libnormaliz in CoCoALib and CoCoA 5, 647-653 [Zbl 1434.68698]
Boyer, Brice; Dumas, Jean-Guillaume; Giorgi, Pascal; Pernet, Clément; Saunders, B. David, Elements of design for containers and solutions in the LinBox library (extended abstract), 654-662 [Zbl 1434.68699]
Bruns, Winfried; Söger, Christof, Recent developments in Normaliz, 663-668 [Zbl 1434.52002]
Chen, Changbo; Covanov, Svyatoslav; Mansouri, Farnam; Maza, Marc Moreno; Xie, Ning; Xie, Yuzhen, The basic polynomial algebra subprograms, 669-676 [Zbl 1435.65234]
Duracz, Jan; Farjudian, Amin; Konečný, Michal; Taha, Walid, Function interval arithmetic, 677-684 [Zbl 1435.65071]
Giorgi, Pascal; Vialla, Bastien, Generating optimized sparse matrix vector product over finite fields, 685-690 [Zbl 1439.65055]
Greuel, Gert-Martin; Sperber, Wolfram, swMATH – an information service for mathematical software, 691-701 [Zbl 1434.68656]
Hamada, Tatsuyoshi, MathLibre: modifiable desktop environment for mathematics, 702-705 [Zbl 1434.68657]
Koyama, Tamio; Nakayama, Hiromasa; Ohara, Katsuyoshi; Sei, Tomonari; Takayama, Nobuki, Software packages for holonomic gradient method, 706-712 [Zbl 1435.65013]
Kupriianova, Olga; Lauter, Christoph, Metalibm: a mathematical functions code generator, 713-717 [Zbl 1434.68660]
Müller, Norbert; Ziegler, Martin, From calculus to algorithms without errors, 718-724 [Zbl 1402.65039]
Haque, Sardar Anisul; Li, Xin; Mansouri, Farnam; Maza, Marc Moreno; Pan, Wei; Xie, Ning, Dense arithmetic over finite fields with the CUMODP library, 725-732 [Zbl 1402.11143]


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68W30 Symbolic computation and algebraic computation
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