Computing and combinatorics. 21st international conference, COCOON 2015, Beijing, China, August 4–6, 2015. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1316.68028

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9198. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-21397-2/pbk; 978-3-319-21398-9/ebook). xvi, 785 p. (2015).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1294.68012].
Indexed articles:
Uno, Takeaki; Uno, Yushi, Mining preserving structures in a graph sequence, 3-15 [Zbl 1465.68218]
Ben-Ameur, Walid; Glorieux, Antoine; Neto, José, On the most imbalanced orientation of a graph, 16-29 [Zbl 1465.90112]
Chan, T.-H. Hubert; Tang, Zhihao Gavin; Zhang, Chenzi, Cheeger inequalities for general edge-weighted directed graphs, 30-41 [Zbl 1468.05092]
Ye, Deshi; Mei, Lili; Zhang, Yong, Strategy-proof mechanism for obnoxious facility location on a line, 45-56 [Zbl 1468.90070]
Wang, Zhenbo; Han, Xin; Dósa, György; Tuza, Zsolt, Bin packing game with an interest matrix, 57-69 [Zbl 1386.90131]
Fang, Qizhi; Li, Bo; Shan, Xiaohan; Sun, Xiaoming, The least-core and nucleolus of path cooperative games, 70-82 [Zbl 1479.91024]
Komarath, Balagopal; Sarma, Jayalal; Sawlani, Saurabh, Reversible pebble game on trees, 83-94 [Zbl 1466.68044]
Nip, Kameng; Wang, Zhenbo; Xing, Wenxun, Combinations of some shop scheduling problems and the shortest path problem: complexity and approximation algorithms, 97-108 [Zbl 1353.90130]
Bonnet, Édouard; Foucaud, Florent; Kim, Eun Jung; Sikora, Florian, Complexity of Grundy coloring and its variants, 109-120 [Zbl 1465.05060]
Chan, T.-H. Hubert; Papamanthou, Charalampos; Zhao, Zhichao, On the complexity of the minimum independent set partition problem, 121-132 [Zbl 1468.05016]
Rai, Ashutosh; Saurabh, Saket, Bivariate complexity analysis of Almost Forest Deletion, 133-144 [Zbl 1465.68109]
Yu, Wei; Liu, Zhaohui, Improved approximation algorithms for min-max and minimum vehicle routing problems, 147-158 [Zbl 1465.68311]
Zhang, Peng; Jiang, Tao; Li, Angsheng, Improved approximation algorithms for the maximum happy vertices and edges problems, 159-170 [Zbl 1386.68225]
Wang, Yin; Xu, Yinfeng, An approximation algorithm for the smallest color-spanning circle problem, 171-182 [Zbl 1465.68310]
Huang, Lingxiao; Li, Jian; Shi, Qicai, Approximation algorithms for the connected sensor cover problem, 183-196 [Zbl 1436.68382]
Balaji, Nikhil; Krebs, Andreas; Limaye, Nutan, Skew circuits of small width, 199-210 [Zbl 1465.68074]
Chen, Ruiwen; Kabanets, Valentine, Correlation bounds and #SAT algorithms for small linear-size circuits, 211-222 [Zbl 1465.68102]
Takahashi, Yasuhiro; Tani, Seiichiro; Yamazaki, Takeshi; Tanaka, Kazuyuki, Commuting quantum circuits with few outputs are unlikely to be classically simulatable, 223-234 [Zbl 1465.81014]
König, Daniel; Lohrey, Markus, Evaluating matrix circuits, 235-248 [Zbl 1386.68061]
Jiang, Haitao; Ma, Jingjing; Luan, Junfeng; Zhu, Daming, Approximation and nonapproximability for the one-sided scaffold filling problem, 251-263 [Zbl 1465.92070]
Lu, Yiping; Chen, Danny Z.; Cha, Jianzhong, Packing cubes into a cube in \((D>3)\)-dimensions, 264-276 [Zbl 1465.90088]
Li, Shouwei; Mäcker, Alexander; Markarian, Christine; Meyer auf der Heide, Friedhelm; Riechers, Sören, Towards flexible demands in online leasing problems, 277-288 [Zbl 1385.68056]
Morizumi, Hiroki, Lower bounds for the size of nondeterministic circuits, 289-296 [Zbl 1465.68079]
Brandt, Aléx F.; Gaiowski, Miguel F. A.de M.; de Rezende, Pedro J.; de Souza, Cid C., Computing minimum dilation spanning trees in geometric graphs, 297-309 [Zbl 1465.68266]
White, W. Timothy J.; Beyer, Stephan; Dührkop, Kai; Chimani, Markus; Böcker, Sebastian, Speedy colorful subtrees, 310-322 [Zbl 1467.92078]
Panda, B. S.; Pandey, Arti; Paul, S., Algorithmic aspects of disjunctive domination in graphs, 325-336 [Zbl 1465.68217]
Lin, Jin-Yong; Liu, Ching-Hao; Poon, Sheung-Hung, Algorithmic aspect of minus domination on small-degree graphs, 337-348 [Zbl 1465.68214]
Banerjee, Niranka; Chakraborty, Sankardeep; Raman, Venkatesh; Roy, Sasanka; Saurabh, Saket, Time-space tradeoffs for dynamic programming algorithms in trees and bounded treewidth graphs, 349-360 [Zbl 1465.68203]
Meesum, S. M.; Misra, Pranabendu; Saurabh, Saket, Reducing rank of the adjacency matrix by graph modification, 361-373 [Zbl 1394.68268]
Balas, Kevin; Tóth, Csaba D., On the number of anchored rectangle packings for a planar point set, 377-389 [Zbl 1432.05007]
Ye, Deshi; Zhang, Guochuan, Approximate truthful mechanism design for two-dimensional orthogonal knapsack problem, 390-401 [Zbl 1353.91020]
Pan, Jiayin; Xu, Yinfeng, Online integrated allocation of berths and quay cranes in container terminals with 1-lookahead, 402-416 [Zbl 1465.90031]
Gebauer, Heidi; Komm, Dennis; Královič, Rastislav; Královič, Richard; Smula, Jasmin, Disjoint path allocation with sublinear advice, 417-429 [Zbl 1465.68103]
Chan, T-H. Hubert; Wu, Xiaowei; Zhang, Chenzi; Zhao, Zhichao, Dynamic tree shortcut with constant degree, 433-444 [Zbl 1465.68210]
Maßberg, Jens, The rectilinear Steiner tree problem with given topology and length restrictions, 445-456 [Zbl 1465.68215]
He, Xin; He, Dayu, Compact monotone drawing of trees, 457-468 [Zbl 1465.68212]
Wu, Bang Ye, A measure and conquer approach for the parameterized bounded degree-one vertex deletion, 469-480 [Zbl 1347.68357]
Bhattacharya, Anup; Issac, Davis; Jaiswal, Ragesh; Kumar, Amit, Sampling in space restricted settings, 483-494 [Zbl 1386.68060]
Bazzi, Louay, Entropy of weight distributions of small-bias spaces and pseudobinomiality, 495-506 [Zbl 1397.94032]
Liang, Hongyu; Liu, Shengxin; Yuan, Hao, Optimal algorithms for running max and min filters on random inputs, 507-520 [Zbl 1466.68083]
Duan, Zhenhua; Bu, Kangkang; Tian, Cong; Zhang, Nan, Model checking MSVL programs based on dynamic symbolic execution, 521-533 [Zbl 1465.68176]
Le, Van Bang; Peng, Sheng-Lung, On the complete width and edge clique cover problems, 537-547 [Zbl 1465.05145]
Ashok, Pradeesha; Kolay, Sudeshna; Misra, Neeldhara; Saurabh, Saket, Unique covering problems with geometric sets, 548-558 [Zbl 1391.68103]
Li, Jian; Wang, Haitao; Zhang, Bowei; Zhang, Ningye, Linear time approximation schemes for geometric maximum coverage, 559-571 [Zbl 1391.68113]
Wang, Huaqun; Li, Jiguo, Private certificate-based remote data integrity checking in public clouds, 575-586 [Zbl 1465.68066]
Chakraborty, Sourav; Ghosh, Shamik; Jha, Nitesh; Roy, Sasanka, Maximal and maximum transitive relation contained in a given binary relation, 587-600 [Zbl 1465.68200]
Hu, Shuai; Li, Wenjun; Wang, Jianxin, An improved kernel for the complementary maximal strip recovery problem, 601-608 [Zbl 1465.68113]
Hellmuth, Marc; Wieseke, Nicolas, On symbolic ultrametrics, cotree representations, and cograph edge decompositions and partitions, 609-623 [Zbl 1468.05227]
Cheng, Chia-Wen; Hsieh, Sun-Yuan, Bounds for the super extra edge connectivity of graphs, 624-631 [Zbl 1468.05133]
Dang, Zhe; Fischer, Thomas R.; Hutton, William J.; Ibarra, Oscar H.; Li, Qin, Quantifying communication in synchronized languages, 635-647 [Zbl 1465.68069]
Jo, Seungbum; Satti, Srinivasa Rao, Simultaneous encodings for range and next/previous larger/smaller value queries, 648-660 [Zbl 1466.68033]
Su, Shenghui; Xie, Tao; Lü, Shuwang, A new non-Merkle-Damgård structural hash function with provable security, 661-673 [Zbl 1465.94090]
Su, Shenghui; Lü, Shuwang; Xu, Maozhi, A public key cryptoscheme using bit-pairs with provable semantical security, 674-686 [Zbl 1465.94089]
Haunert, Jan-Henrik; Niedermann, Benjamin, An algorithmic framework for labeling network maps, 689-700 [Zbl 1386.68200]
Cornelissen, Kamiel; Manthey, Bodo, Smoothed analysis of the minimum-mean cycle canceling algorithm and the network simplex algorithm, 701-712 [Zbl 1468.90137]
Omote, Kazumasa; Thao, Tran Phuong, DD-POR: dynamic operations and direct repair in network coding-based proof of retrievability, 713-730 [Zbl 1383.68031]
McGregor, Andrew; Vu, Hoa T., Evaluating Bayesian networks via data streams, 731-743 [Zbl 1466.68037]
Böckenhauer, Hans-Joachim; Dobson, Richard; Krug, Sacha; Steinhöfel, Kathleen, On energy-efficient computations with advice, 747-758 [Zbl 1465.68312]
Gao, Yang; Gu, Zhaoquan; Hua, Qiang-Sheng; Jin, Hai, Multi-radio channel detecting jamming attack against enhanced jump-stay based rendezvous in cognitive radio networks, 759-770 [Zbl 1468.94307]
Chakraborty, Sourav; Kulkarni, Raghav; Lokam, Satyanarayana V.; Saurabh, Nitin, Upper bounds on Fourier entropy, 771-782 [Zbl 1468.94350]


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