Advances in cryptology – CRYPTO 2015. 35th annual cryptology conference, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, August 16–20, 2015. Proceedings. Part I. (English) Zbl 1319.94002

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9215. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-662-47988-9/pbk; 978-3-662-47989-6/ebook). xviii, 787 p. (2015).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1292.94001; Zbl 1292.94002]. For Part II of the proceedings of this conference see [Zbl 1319.94003].
Indexed articles:
Laarhoven, Thijs, Sieving for shortest vectors in lattices using angular locality-sensitive hashing, 3-22 [Zbl 1336.94060]
Guo, Qian; Johansson, Thomas; Stankovski, Paul, Coded-BKW: solving LWE using lattice codes, 23-42 [Zbl 1336.94051]
Kirchner, Paul; Fouque, Pierre-Alain, An improved BKW algorithm for LWE with applications to cryptography and lattices, 43-62 [Zbl 1336.94058]
Elias, Yara; Lauter, Kristin E.; Ozman, Ekin; Stange, Katherine E., Provably weak instances of Ring-LWE, 63-92 [Zbl 1336.94046]
Sun, Bing; Liu, Zhiqiang; Rijmen, Vincent; Li, Ruilin; Cheng, Lei; Wang, Qingju; Alkhzaimi, Hoda; Li, Chao, Links among impossible differential, integral and zero correlation linear cryptanalysis, 95-115 [Zbl 1347.94059]
Biryukov, Alex; Perrin, Léo, On reverse-engineering S-boxes with hidden design criteria or structure, 116-140 [Zbl 1347.94019]
Huang, Jialin; Vaudenay, Serge; Lai, Xuejia; Nyberg, Kaisa, Capacity and data complexity in multidimensional linear attack, 141-160 [Zbl 1369.94540]
Kölbl, Stefan; Leander, Gregor; Tiessen, Tyge, Observations on the SIMON block cipher family, 161-185 [Zbl 1369.94546]
Cogliati, Benoît; Lampe, Rodolphe; Seurin, Yannick, Tweaking Even-Mansour ciphers, 189-208 [Zbl 1369.94526]
Mouha, Nicky; Luykx, Atul, Multi-key security: the Even-Mansour construction revisited, 209-223 [Zbl 1369.94559]
Hajiabadi, Mohammad; Kapron, Bruce M., Reproducible circularly-secure bit encryption: applications and realizations, 224-243 [Zbl 1375.94132]
Coron, Jean-Sébastien; Gentry, Craig; Halevi, Shai; Lepoint, Tancrède; Maji, Hemanta K.; Miles, Eric; Raykova, Mariana; Sahai, Amit; Tibouchi, Mehdi, Zeroizing without low-level zeroes: new MMAP attacks and their limitations, 247-266 [Zbl 1375.94114]
Coron, Jean-Sébastien; Lepoint, Tancrède; Tibouchi, Mehdi, New multilinear maps over the integers, 267-286 [Zbl 1375.94116]
Chung, Kai-Min; Lin, Huijia; Pass, Rafael, Constant-round concurrent zero-knowledge from indistinguishability obfuscation, 287-307 [Zbl 1375.94111]
Ananth, Prabhanjan; Jain, Abhishek, Indistinguishability obfuscation from compact functional encryption, 308-326 [Zbl 1336.94035]
Döttling, Nico; Schröder, Dominique, Efficient pseudorandom functions via on-the-fly adaptation, 329-350 [Zbl 1375.94092]
Minaud, Brice; Seurin, Yannick, The iterated random permutation problem with applications to cascade encryption, 351-367 [Zbl 1375.94151]
Gaži, Peter; Pietrzak, Krzysztof; Tessaro, Stefano, The exact PRF security of truncation: tight bounds for keyed sponges and truncated CBC, 368-387 [Zbl 1375.94127]
Abdalla, Michel; Benhamouda, Fabrice; Passelègue, Alain, An algebraic framework for pseudorandom functions and applications to related-key security, 388-409 [Zbl 1375.94094]
Todo, Yosuke, Integral cryptanalysis on full MISTY1, 413-432 [Zbl 1375.94158]
Dinur, Itai; Dunkelman, Orr; Keller, Nathan; Shamir, Adi, New attacks on Feistel structures with improved memory complexities, 433-454 [Zbl 1375.94120]
Blondeau, Céline; Peyrin, Thomas; Wang, Lei, Known-key distinguisher on full \(\mathtt{PRESENT}\), 455-474 [Zbl 1375.94104]
Gilbert, Henri; Plût, Jérôme; Treger, Joana, Key-recovery attack on the \(\mathsf {ASASA}\) cryptosystem with expanding S-boxes, 475-490 [Zbl 1375.94129]
Hoang, Viet Tung; Reyhanitabar, Reza; Rogaway, Phillip; Vizár, Damian, Online authenticated-encryption and its nonce-reuse misuse-resistance, 493-517 [Zbl 1375.94167]
Mandal, Avradip; Roy, Arnab, Relational hash: probabilistic hash for verifying relations, secure against forgery and more, 518-537 [Zbl 1375.94147]
Agrawal, Shashank; Gupta, Divya; Maji, Hemanta K.; Pandey, Omkant; Prabhakaran, Manoj, Explicit non-malleable codes against bit-wise tampering and permutations, 538-557 [Zbl 1375.94095]
Fouque, Pierre-Alain; Lee, Moon Sung; Lepoint, Tancrède; Tibouchi, Mehdi, Cryptanalysis of the co-ACD assumption, 561-580 [Zbl 1375.94124]
Huang, Ming-Deh A.; Kosters, Michiel; Yeo, Sze Ling, Last fall degree, HFE, and Weil descent attacks on ECDLP, 581-600 [Zbl 1375.94135]
Fuchsbauer, Georg; Jafargholi, Zahra; Pietrzak, Krzysztof, A quasipolynomial reduction for generalized selective decryption on trees, 601-620 [Zbl 1375.94125]
Karpman, Pierre; Peyrin, Thomas; Stevens, Marc, Practical free-start collision attacks on 76-step SHA-1, 623-642 [Zbl 1375.94137]
Zhang, Bin; Xu, Chao; Meier, Willi, Fast correlation attacks over extension fields, large-unit linear approximation and cryptanalysis of SNOW 2.0, 643-662 [Zbl 1375.94163]
Lallemand, Virginie; Naya-Plasencia, María, Cryptanalysis of full sprout, 663-682 [Zbl 1375.94142]
Espitau, Thomas; Fouque, Pierre-Alain; Karpman, Pierre, Higher-order differential meet-in-the-middle preimage attacks on SHA-1 and BLAKE, 683-701 [Zbl 1375.94123]
Hamburg, Mike, Decaf: eliminating cofactors through point compression, 705-723 [Zbl 1375.94133]
Keller, Marcel; Orsini, Emmanuela; Scholl, Peter, Actively secure OT extension with optimal overhead, 724-741 [Zbl 1375.94138]
Carlet, Claude; Prouff, Emmanuel; Rivain, Matthieu; Roche, Thomas, Algebraic decomposition for probing security, 742-763 [Zbl 1375.94108]
Reparaz, Oscar; Bilgin, Begül; Nikova, Svetla; Gierlichs, Benedikt; Verbauwhede, Ingrid, Consolidating masking schemes, 764-783 [Zbl 1375.94156]


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