Mathematical aspects of computer and information sciences. 6th international conference, MACIS 2015, Berlin, Germany, November 11–13, 2015. Revised selected papers. (English) Zbl 1334.68018

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9582. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-32858-4/pbk; 978-3-319-32859-1/ebook). xxiii, 628 p. (2016).

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Böhm, Janko; Decker, Wolfram; Keicher, Simon; Ren, Yue, Current challenges in developing open source computer algebra systems, 3-24 [Zbl 1460.14135]
Jeannerod, Claude-Pierre, Exploiting structure in floating-point arithmetic, 25-34 [Zbl 1460.65050]
Li, Hongbo, Symbolic geometric reasoning with advanced invariant algebras, 35-49 [Zbl 1460.51009]
Rote, Günter, Congruence testing of point sets in three and four dimensions. Results and techniques, 50-59 [Zbl 1460.68124]
Beyer, Andreas; Liu, Yu; Mara, Hubert; Krömker, Susanne, Mesh reduction to exterior surface parts via random convex-edge affine features, 63-77 [Zbl 1460.68125]
Imbach, Rémi; Moroz, Guillaume; Pouget, Marc, Numeric and certified isolation of the singularities of the projection of a smooth space curve, 78-92 [Zbl 1460.14130]
Sidorov, S. P., Linear \(k\)-monotonicity preserving algorithms and their approximation properties, 93-106 [Zbl 1460.41010]
Brake, Daniel A.; Bates, Daniel J.; Putkaradze, Vakhtang; Maciejewski, Anthony A., Workspace multiplicity and fault tolerance of cooperating robots, 109-123 [Zbl 1464.70006]
Brake, Daniel A.; Hauenstein, Jonathan D.; Sommese, Andrew J., Numerical local irreducible decomposition, 124-129 [Zbl 1460.14131]
Bürgisser, Peter; Kohn, Kathlén; Lairez, Pierre; Sturmfels, Bernd, Computing the Chow variety of quadratic space curves, 130-136 [Zbl 1460.14132]
Daleo, Noah S.; Hauenstein, Jonathan D., Numerically testing generically reduced projective schemes for the arithmetic Gorenstein property, 137-142 [Zbl 1460.14106]
Kutas, Péter, Some results concerning the explicit isomorphism problem over number fields, 143-148 [Zbl 1464.11111]
Günther, Peter; Krummel, Volker, Implementing cryptographic pairings on accumulator based smart card architectures, 151-165 [Zbl 1464.94059]
Blömer, Johannes; Juhnke, Jakob; Löken, Nils, Short group signatures with distributed traceability, 166-180 [Zbl 1406.94026]
Kiss, Ágnes; Krämer, Juliane; Stüber, Anke, On the optimality of differential fault analyses on CLEFIA, 181-196 [Zbl 1464.94037]
Kinoshita, Takehiko; Watanabe, Yoshitaka; Nakao, Mitsuhiro T., \(H^3\) and \(H^4\) regularities of the Poisson equation on polygonal domains, 199-201 [Zbl 1460.35107]
Okayama, Tomoaki, Explicit error bound for modified numerical iterated integration by means of sinc methods, 202-217 [Zbl 1460.65024]
Takayasu, Akitoshi; Mizuguchi, Makoto; Kubo, Takayuki; Oishi, Shin’ichi, Verified computations for solutions to semilinear parabolic equations using the evolution operator, 218-223 [Zbl 1460.35216]
Yamanaka, Naoya; Okayama, Tomoaki; Oishi, Shin’ichi, Verified error bounds for the real gamma function using double exponential formula over semi-infinite interval, 224-228 [Zbl 1460.65020]
Fukasaku, Ryoya; Iwane, Hidenao; Sato, Yosuke, Improving a CGS-QE algorithm, 231-235 [Zbl 1460.13051]
Kobayashi, Munehiro; Iwane, Hidenao; Matsuzaki, Takuya; Anai, Hirokazu, Efficient subformula orders for real quantifier elimination of non-prenex formulas, 236-251 [Zbl 1460.68086]
Nabeshima, Katsusuke; Tajima, Shinichi, Solving extended ideal membership problems in rings of convergent power series via Gröbner bases, 252-267 [Zbl 1460.13052]
Quedenfeld, Frank-M.; Wolf, Christopher, Advanced algebraic attack on Trivium, 268-282 [Zbl 1464.94048]
Aronica, Salvatore; Langiu, Alessio; Marzi, Francesca; Mazzola, Salvatore; Mignosi, Filippo; Nazzicone, Giulio, Compressing big data: when the rate of convergence to the entropy matters, 285-289 [Zbl 1460.68036]
Daykin, Jacqueline W.; Miller, Mirka; Ryan, Joe, Trends in temporal reasoning: constraints, graphs and posets, 290-304 [Zbl 1460.68100]
Giesen, Joachim; Laue, Sören; Mueller, Jens K., Reconstructing a sparse solution from a compressed support vector machine, 305-319 [Zbl 1460.68084]
Kociumaka, Tomasz; Radoszewski, Jakub; Wiśniewski, Bartłomiej, Subquadratic-time algorithms for abelian stringology problems, 320-334 [Zbl 1460.68136]
Freitag, James; Li, Wei, Simple differential field extensions and effective bounds, 343-357 [Zbl 1464.12008]
Gustavson, Richard; León Sánchez, Omar, A new bound for the existence of differential field extensions, 358-361 [Zbl 1352.12003]
Levin, Alexander, Dimension polynomials of intermediate fields of inversive difference field extensions, 362-376 [Zbl 1464.12011]
Pogudin, Gleb, A “polynomial shifting” trick in differential algebra, 377-379 [Zbl 1464.12010]
An, Wenya; Chen, Xiaoyu; Wang, Dongming, Searching for geometric theorems using features retrieved from diagrams, 383-397 [Zbl 1460.68129]
Bouaguel, Waad; Mouelhi, Emna; Mufti, Ghazi Bel, New method for instance feature selection using redundant features for biological data, 398-405 [Zbl 1460.68083]
Hambasan, Radu; Kohlhase, Michael, Faceted search for mathematics, 406-420 [Zbl 1460.68130]
Shirai, Shizuka; Fukui, Tetsuo, Evaluation of a predictive algorithm for converting linear strings to mathematical formulae for an input method, 421-425 [Zbl 1460.68091]
Joswig, Michael; Loho, Georg; Lorenz, Benjamin; Schröter, Benjamin, Linear programs and convex hulls over fields of Puiseux fractions, 429-445 [Zbl 1460.90106]
Mörig, Marc, Another classroom example of robustness problems in planar convex hull computation, 446-450 [Zbl 1462.65028]
Mörig, Marc; Schirra, Stefan, Precision-driven computation in the evaluation of expression-dags with common subexpressions: problems and solutions, 451-465 [Zbl 1460.65018]
Bournez, Olivier; Graça, Daniel S.; Pouly, Amaury, Rigorous numerical computation of polynomial differential equations over unbounded domains, 469-473 [Zbl 1460.65088]
Brauße, Franz; Korovina, Margarita; Müller, Norbert, Using Taylor models in exact real arithmetic, 474-488 [Zbl 1460.65049]
Férée, Hugo; Ziegler, Martin, On the computational complexity of positive linear functionals on \(\mathcal{C}[0;1]\), 489-504 [Zbl 1460.03015]
Schröder, Matthias; Steinberg, Florian; Ziegler, Martin, Average-case bit-complexity theory of real functions, 505-519 [Zbl 1460.03016]
van der Hoeven, Joris, Certifying trajectories of dynamical systems, 520-532 [Zbl 1460.37078]
Lange, Marko, A new matrix splitting based relaxation for the quadratic assignment problem, 535-549 [Zbl 1460.90102]
Monnet, Dominique; Ninin, Jordan; Clement, Benoit, Global optimization of \(H_\infty\) problems: application to robust control synthesis under structural constraints, 550-554 [Zbl 1460.93032]
Ninin, Jordan, Global optimization based on contractor programming: an overview of the IBEX library, 555-559 [Zbl 1460.65080]
Patil, Bhagyesh V., The Bernstein branch-and-prune algorithm for constrained global optimization of multivariate polynomial MINLPs, 560-575 [Zbl 1460.90116]
Améndola, Carlos; Drton, Mathias; Sturmfels, Bernd, Maximum likelihood estimates for Gaussian mixtures are transcendental, 579-590 [Zbl 1460.62081]
Batra, Prashant, On the quality of some root-bounds, 591-595 [Zbl 1460.26014]
Dumas, Jean-Guillaume; Duval, Dominique; Ekici, Burak; Pous, Damien; Reynaud, Jean-Claude, Relative Hilbert-Post completeness for exceptions, 596-610 [Zbl 1460.68024]
Walter, Rouven; Kübart, Thore; Küchlin, Wolfgang, Optimal coverage in automotive configuration, 611-626 [Zbl 1460.90081]


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