On black hole thermodynamics from super Yang-Mills. (English) Zbl 1342.83435

Summary: We consider maximally supersymmetric \(\mathrm{U}(N)\) Yang-Mills in \((1+p)\)-dimensions for \(p<3\). In the ’t Hooft large \(N\) limit this is conjectured to be dual to \(N\) \(\mathrm{D}p\)-branes in the decoupling limit. At low temperatures \(T\ll\lambda^{1/(3-p)}\) governed by the dimensionful ’t Hooft coupling \(\lambda\), supergravity black holes predict the free energy density goes as \(\sim N^2T^{\frac{2(7-p)}{(5-p)}}\) and the expectation value of the scalars goes as \(\sim T^{\frac{2}{5-p}}\), with dimensions made up by \(\lambda\). The purpose of this work is to explain the origin of these peculiar powers of temperature. We argue that these powers naturally arise by requiring that the low energy moduli of the theory become strongly coupled at low temperature. As an application, we consider the BMN quantum mechanics that results from a supersymmetric deformation of the \(p=0\) theory. The black holes dual to this deformed theory have not yet been constructed, and our analysis can be used to make an explicit prediction for their thermodynamic behaviour.


83E30 String and superstring theories in gravitational theory
83C57 Black holes
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