Theoretical aspects of computing – ICTAC 2016. 13th international colloquium, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, October 24–31, 2016. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1347.68012

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9965. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-46749-8/pbk; 978-3-319-46750-4/ebook). xvii, 479 p. (2016).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding colloquium see [Zbl 1326.68024].
Indexed articles:
Travkin, Oleg; Wehrheim, Heike, Verification of concurrent programs on weak memory models, 3-24 [Zbl 1482.68147]
Yen, Hsu-Chun, Petri nets and semilinear sets (extended abstract), 25-29 [Zbl 1482.68157]
Li, Yi, Termination of single-path polynomial loop programs, 33-50 [Zbl 1482.68090]
Guttmann, Walter, Relation-algebraic verification of Prim’s minimum spanning tree algorithm, 51-68 [Zbl 1400.68155]
Fontaine, Allyx; Zemmari, Akka, Certified impossibility results and analyses in Coq of some randomised distributed algorithms, 69-81 [Zbl 1482.68282]
Truong, Anh-Hoang; Nguyen, Ngoc-Khai; Van Hung, Dang; Dang, Duc-Hanh, Calculating statically maximum log memory used by multi-threaded transactional programs, 82-99 [Zbl 1482.68097]
Kleijn, Jetty; Koutny, Maciej; Pietkiewicz-Koutny, Marta, Synthesis of Petri nets with whole-place operations and localities, 103-120 [Zbl 1422.68171]
McIver, Annabelle; Rabehaja, Tahiry; Struth, Georg, Schedulers and finishers: on generating the behaviours of an event structure, 121-138 [Zbl 1400.68138]
Given-Wilson, Thomas; Legay, Axel, On the expressiveness of symmetric communication, 139-157 [Zbl 1482.68150]
de Melo, Ana C. V.; Păsăreanu, Corina S.; Hanazumi, Simone, Towards MC/DC coverage of properties specification patterns, 158-175 [Zbl 1482.68137]
de Moura, Flávio L. C., Unification for \(\lambda\)-calculi without propagation rules, 179-195 [Zbl 1482.68080]
Halmagrand, Pierre, Soundly proving B method formulæ using typed sequent calculus, 196-213 [Zbl 1482.68270]
Guzmán, Michell; Perchy, Salim; Rueda, Camilo; Valencia, Frank D., Deriving inverse operators for modal logic, 214-232 [Zbl 1482.68153]
Marmsoler, Diego; Gleirscher, Mario, Specifying properties of dynamic architectures using configuration traces, 235-254 [Zbl 1482.68144]
Cavalcanti, Ana; Woodcock, Jim; Amálio, Nuno, Behavioural models for FMI co-simulations, 255-273 [Zbl 1482.68135]
Hilscher, Martin; Schwammberger, Maike, An abstract model for proving safety of autonomous urban traffic, 274-292 [Zbl 1401.68199]
Foster, Simon; Zeyda, Frank; Woodcock, Jim, Unifying heterogeneous state-spaces with lenses, 295-314 [Zbl 1482.68089]
Brenas, Jon Haël; Echahed, Rachid; Strecker, Martin, Ensuring correctness of model transformations while remaining decidable, 315-332 [Zbl 1482.68085]
Obua, Steven; Scott, Phil; Fleuriot, Jacques, ProofScript: proof scripting for the masses, 333-348 [Zbl 1482.68271]
Demaille, Akim, Derived-term automata for extended weighted rational expressions, 351-369 [Zbl 1482.68125]
Babari, Parvaneh; Droste, Manfred; Perevoshchikov, Vitaly, Weighted register automata and weighted logic on data words, 370-384 [Zbl 1482.68124]
Neves, Renato; Barbosa, Luis S., Hybrid automata as coalgebras, 385-402 [Zbl 1400.68111]
Nazier Mosaad, Peter; Fränzle, Martin; Xue, Bai, Temporal logic verification for delay differential equations, 405-421 [Zbl 1482.68145]
Madeira, Alexandre; Barbosa, Luis S.; Hennicker, Rolf; Martins, Manuel A., Dynamic logic with binders and its application to the development of reactive systems, 422-440 [Zbl 1482.68143]
Benevides, Mario R. F.; Lopes, Bruno; Haeusler, Edward Hermann, Propositional dynamic logic for Petri nets with iteration, 441-456 [Zbl 1401.68219]
Cauderlier, Raphaël; Dubois, Catherine, ML pattern-matching, recursion, and rewriting: from FoCaLiZe to Dedukti, 459-468 [Zbl 1482.68267]
André, Étienne, Parametric deadlock-freeness checking timed automata, 469-478 [Zbl 1482.68132]


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68Qxx Theory of computing
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Coq; ProofScript; dedukti
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