Recent trends in combinatorics. (English) Zbl 1348.05002

The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications 159. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-24296-5/hbk; 978-3-319-24298-9/ebook). xiii, 778 p. (2016).

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Indexed articles:
Székely, László; Wagner, Stephan; Wang, Hua, Problems related to graph indices in trees, 3-30 [Zbl 1354.05029]
Martin, Ryan R., The edit distance in graphs: methods, results, and generalizations, 31-62 [Zbl 1354.05067]
Axenovich, Maria, Repetitions in graphs and sequences, 63-81 [Zbl 1354.05137]
Verstraëte, Jacques, Extremal problems for cycles in graphs, 83-116 [Zbl 1354.05069]
Mubayi, Dhruv; Verstraëte, Jacques, A survey of Turán problems for expansions, 117-143 [Zbl 1354.05068]
Zhao, Yi, Recent advances on Dirac-type problems for hypergraphs, 145-165 [Zbl 1354.05100]
Ferber, Asaf; Krivelevich, Michael, Rainbow Hamilton cycles in random graphs and hypergraphs, 167-189 [Zbl 1355.05225]
Balogh, József; Wagner, Adam Zsolt, Further applications of the container method, 191-213 [Zbl 1354.05066]
Haxell, Penny, Independent transversals and hypergraph matchings – an elementary approach, 215-233 [Zbl 1355.05177]
Kang, Mihyun, Giant components in random graphs, 235-256 [Zbl 1354.05121]
Bonato, Anthony; Janssen, Jeannette, Infinite random graphs and properties of metrics, 257-273 [Zbl 1354.05095]
Hogben, Leslie, Nordhaus-Gaddum problems for Colin de Verdière type parameters, variants of tree-width, and related parameters, 275-294 [Zbl 1354.05080]
Butler, Steve, Algebraic aspects of the normalized Laplacian, 295-315 [Zbl 1354.05079]
Griggs, Jerrold R.; Li, Wei-Tian, Progress on poset-free families of subsets, 317-338 [Zbl 1354.05138]
Brightwell, Graham; Luczak, Malwina, The mathematics of causal sets, 339-365 [Zbl 1391.60016]
Breuillard, Emmanuel, Lectures on approximate groups and Hilbert’s 5th problem, 369-404 [Zbl 1407.11019]
Chang, Mei-Chu, Character sums and arithmetic combinatorics, 405-417 [Zbl 1407.11096]
Granville, Andrew; Solymosi, József, Sum-product formulae, 419-451 [Zbl 1407.11043]
Austin, Tim, Ajtai-Szemerédi theorems over quasirandom groups, 453-484 [Zbl 1392.37003]
Barvinok, Alexander, Some algorithmic applications of partition functions in combinatorics, 487-509 [Zbl 1354.05011]
Paule, Peter; Radu, Silviu, Partition analysis, modular functions, and computer algebra, 511-543 [Zbl 1354.05010]
Corteel, Sylvie; Kim, Jang Soo; Stanton, Dennis, Moments of orthogonal polynomials and combinatorics, 545-578 [Zbl 1356.33006]
Haglund, Jim, The combinatorics of knot invariants arising from the study of Macdonald polynomials, 579-600 [Zbl 1355.05020]
Elizalde, Sergi, A survey of consecutive patterns in permutations, 601-618 [Zbl 1354.05004]
Roby, Tom, Dynamical algebraic combinatorics and the homomesy phenomenon, 619-652 [Zbl 1354.05146]
Klee, Steven; Novik, Isabella, Face enumeration on simplicial complexes, 653-686 [Zbl 1354.05152]
Braun, Benjamin, Unimodality problems in Ehrhart theory, 687-711 [Zbl 1366.52014]
Duval, Art M.; Klivans, Caroline J.; Martin, Jeremy L., Simplicial and cellular trees, 713-752 [Zbl 1354.05151]
Aliev, Iskander; de Loera, Jesús A.; Louveaux, Quentin, Parametric polyhedra with at least \(k\) lattice points: their semigroup structure and the \(k\)-Frobenius problem, 753-778 [Zbl 1358.52016]


05-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to combinatorics
05Axx Enumerative combinatorics
05Dxx Extremal combinatorics
05Cxx Graph theory
05Bxx Designs and configurations
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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