ECAI 2016. 22nd European conference on artificial intelligence, The Hague, Netherlands, August 29 – September 2, 2016. Proceedings. Including proceedings of the accompanied conference on prestigious applications of intelligent systems (PAIS 2016). In 2 volumes. (English) Zbl 1352.68013

Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications 285. Amsterdam: IOS Press (ISBN 978-1-61499-671-2/pbk; 978-1-61499-672-9/ebook). xxv, 1833 p. (2016).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1296.68011].
Indexed articles:
King, Thomas C.; Dignum, Virginia; Jonker, Catholijn M., When do rule changes count-as legal rule changes?, 3-11 [Zbl 1396.91130]
Schneider, Markus; Ertel, Wolfgang; Palm, Günther, Constant time EXPected similarity estimation for large-scale anomaly detection, 12-20 [Zbl 1403.68211]
Gönen, Mehmet, AUC maximization in Bayesian hierarchical models, 21-27 [Zbl 1396.62135]
Jonsson, Peter, Finite unary relations and qualitative constraint satisfaction, 37-45 [Zbl 1403.68238]
Arioua, Abdallah; Croitoru, Madalina, A dialectical proof theory for universal acceptance in coherent logic-based argumentation frameworks, 55-63 [Zbl 1403.68250]
Zhou, Zhangquan; Qi, Guilin; Glimm, Birte, Exploring parallel tractability of ontology materialization, 73-81 [Zbl 1403.68284]
Tang, Qingtao; Wang, Yisen; Xia, Shu-Tao, Student-\(t\) process regression with dependent Student-\(t\) noise, 82-89 [Zbl 1400.62084]
Szczepański, Piotr L.; Michalak, Tomasz P.; Rahwan, Talal; Wooldridge, Michael, An extension of the Owen-value interaction index and its application to inter-links prediction, 90-98 [Zbl 1396.91610]
Sabbadin, Régis; Viet, Anne-France, Leader-follower MDP models with factored state space and many followers – followers abstraction, structured dynamics and state aggregation, 116-124 [Zbl 1396.91024]
D’Agostino, M.; Modgil, S., A rational account of classical logic argumentation for real-world agents, 141-149 [Zbl 1403.68261]
Hunter, Anthony, Two dimensional uncertainty in persuadee modelling in argumentation, 150-157 [Zbl 1403.68268]
Qiao, Linbo; Lin, Tianyi; Jiang, Yu-Gang; Yang, Fan; Liu, Wei; Lu, Xicheng, On stochastic primal-dual hybrid gradient approach for compositely regularized minimization, 167-174 [Zbl 1396.90054]
Aghighi, Meysam; Bäckström, Christer; Jonsson, Peter; Ståhlberg, Simon, Analysing approximability and heuristics in planning using the exponential-time hypothesis, 184-192 [Zbl 1403.68230]
Cooper, Martin C.; Herzig, Andreas; Maffre, Faustine; Maris, Frédéric; Régnier, Pierre, A simple account of multi-agent epistemic planning, 193-201 [Zbl 1403.68259]
Bercher, Pascal; Höller, Daniel; Behnke, Gregor; Biundo, Susanne, More than a name? On implications of preconditions and effects of compound HTN planning tasks, 225-233 [Zbl 1403.68234]
Linsbichler, Thomas; Pührer, Jörg; Strass, Hannes, A uniform account of realizability in abstract argumentation, 252-260 [Zbl 1403.68271]
Maushagen, Cynthia; Rothe, Jörg, Complexity of control by partitioning veto and maximin elections and of control by adding candidates to plurality elections, 277-285 [Zbl 1396.91133]
Belardinelli, Francesco; Lomuscio, Alessio; Michaliszyn, Jakub, Agent-based refinement for predicate abstraction of multi-agent systems, 286-294 [Zbl 1403.68300]
De Clercq, Sofie; Schockaert, Steven; Nowé, Ann; De Cock, Martine, Formalizing commitment-based deals in Boolean games, 329-337 [Zbl 1396.91020]
Yang, Yongjie; Shrestha, Yash Raj; Guo, Jiong, How hard is bribery with distance restrictions?, 363-371 [Zbl 1396.91155]
Haret, Adrian; Pfandler, Andreas; Woltran, Stefan, Beyond IC postulates: classification criteria for merging operators, 372-380 [Zbl 1403.68266]
Creignou, Nadia; Ktari, Raïda; Papini, Odile, Belief contraction within fragments of propositional logic, 390-398 [Zbl 1403.68260]
De Giacomo, Giuseppe; Lespérance, Yves; Pearce, Adrian R., Situation calculus game structures and GDL, 408-416 [Zbl 1396.91011]
Polevoy, Gleb; de Weerdt, Mathijs; Jonker, Catholijn, The game of reciprocation habits, 417-425 [Zbl 1396.91014]
Baroni, Pietro; Governatori, Guido; Riveret, Régis, On labelling statements in multi-labeling argumentation, 489-497 [Zbl 1403.68252]
Rong, Jiang; Qin, Tao; An, Bo; Liu, Tie-Yan, Modeling bounded rationality for sponsored search auctions, 515-523 [Zbl 1396.91278]
Li, Xiaohong; Zhang, Chengwei; Hao, Jianye; Tuyls, Karl; Chen, Siqi; Feng, Zhiyong, Socially-aware multiagent learning: towards socially optimal outcomes, 533-541 [Zbl 1396.91036]
Niskanen, Andreas; Wallner, Johannes P.; Järvisalo, Matti, Synthesizing argumentation frameworks from examples, 551-559 [Zbl 1403.68272]
Trovò, Francesco; Paladino, Stefano; Restelli, Marcello; Gatti, Nicola, Budgeted multi-armed bandit in continuous action space, 560-568 [Zbl 1396.91051]
Rosenfeld, Ariel; Keshet, Joseph; Goldman, Claudia V.; Kraus, Sarit, Online prediction of exponential decay time series with human-agent application, 595-603 [Zbl 1400.62196]
Benferhat, Salem; Levray, Amélie; Tabia, Karim; Kreinovich, Vladik, Set-valued conditioning in a possibility theory setting, 604-612 [Zbl 1403.68288]
Berg, Jeremias; Saikko, Paul; Järvisalo, Matti, Subsumed label elimination for maximum satisfiability, 630-638 [Zbl 1403.68235]
Bolt, Janneke H.; De Bock, Jasper; Renooij, Silja, Exploiting Bayesian network sensitivity functions for inference in credal networks, 646-654 [Zbl 1403.68289]
Scala, Enrico; Haslum, Patrik; Thiebaux, Sylvie; Ramirez, Miquel, Interval-based relaxation for general numeric planning, 655-663 [Zbl 1403.68246]
Zhuang, Zhiqiang; Delgrande, James; Nayak, Abhaya; Sattar, Abdul, Reconsidering AGM-style belief revision in the context of logic programs, 671-679 [Zbl 1403.68277]
Hug, Nicolas; Prade, Henri; Richard, Gilles; Serrurier, Mathieu, Analogical classifiers: a theoretical perspective, 689-697 [Zbl 1403.68191]
Durand, François; Mathieu, Fabien; Noirie, Ludovic, Can a Condorcet rule have a low coalitional manipulability, 707-715 [Zbl 1396.91123]
Bäckström, Christer; Jonsson, Peter, Upper and lower time and space bounds for planning, 716-724 [Zbl 1403.68231]
Belardinelli, Francesco; Lomuscio, Alessio, Abstraction-based verification of infinite-state reactive modules, 725-733 [Zbl 1403.68299]
Brewka, Gerhard; Mailly, Jean-Guy; Woltran, Stefan, Translation-based revision and merging for minimal Horn reasoning, 734-742 [Zbl 1403.68254]
Testerink, Bas; Dastani, Mehdi; Bulling, Nils, Distributed controllers for norm enforcement, 751-759 [Zbl 1403.93146]
Mo, Peiming; Li, Naiqi; Liu, Yongmei, Automatic verification of Golog programs via predicate abstraction, 760-768 [Zbl 1403.68129]
Aziz, Haris; Kalinowski, Thomas; Walsh, Toby; Xia, Lirong, Welfare of sequential allocation mechanisms for indivisible goods, 787-794 [Zbl 1396.91319]
Grégoire, Eric; Lagniez, Jean-Marie, A computational approach to consensus-finding, 795-801 [Zbl 1403.68264]
Döcker, Janosch; Dorn, Britta; Endriss, Ulle; Krüger, Dominikus, Complexity and tractability islands for combinatorial auctions on discrete intervals with gaps, 802-809 [Zbl 1396.91236]
Gaggl, Sarah; Rudolph, Sebastian; Schweizer, Lukas, Fixed-domain reasoning for description logics, 819-827 [Zbl 1403.68263]
Lee, Jae Hee; Li, Sanjiang; Long, Zhiguo; Sioutis, Michael, On redundancy in simple temporal networks, 828-836 [Zbl 1403.68302]
Gutiérrez-Basulto, Víctor; Jung, Jean Christoph; Ozaki, Ana, On metric temporal description logics, 837-845 [Zbl 1403.68265]
Luengo-Sanchez, Sergio; Bielza, Concha; Larrañaga, Pedro, Hybrid Gaussian and von Mises model-based clustering, 855-862 [Zbl 1396.62146]
Olsen, Martin; Kurz, Sascha; Milonero, Xavier, On the construction of high-dimensional simple games, 880-885 [Zbl 1396.91013]
Knobbout, Max; Dastani, Mehdi; Meyer, John-Jules, A dynamic logic of norm change, 886-894 [Zbl 1403.68270]
van Bevern, René; Komusiwicz, Christian; Molter, Hendrik; Niedermeier, Rolf; Sorge, Manuel; Walsh, Toby, h-index manipulation by undoing merges, 895-903 [Zbl 1394.68194]
Jabbour, Said; Raddaoui, Badran; Sais, Lakhdar; Salhi, Yakoub, On the computation of Top-\(k\) extensions in abstract argumentation frameworks, 913-920 [Zbl 1403.68269]
Rens, Gavin; Meyer, Thomas; Casini, Giovanni, On revision of partially specified convex probabilistic belief bases, 921-929 [Zbl 1403.68283]
Gonçalves, Ricardo; Knorr, Matthias; Leite, João, You can’t always forget what you want: on the limits of forgetting in answer set programming, 957-965 [Zbl 1403.68030]
Faber, Wolfgang; Vallati, Mauro; Cerutti, Federico; Giacomin, Massimiliano, Solving set optimization problems by cardinality optimization with an application to argumentation, 966-973 [Zbl 1403.68236]
Xiong, Liping; Liu, Yongmei, Strategy representation and reasoning in the situation calculus, 982-990 [Zbl 1403.68276]
Jabbour, Said; Sais, Lakhdar, Exploiting MUS structure to measure inconsistency of knowledge bases, 991-998 [Zbl 1403.68286]
Lukasiewicz, Thomas; Predoiu, Livia, Complexity of threshold query answering in probabilistic ontological data exchange, 1008-1016 [Zbl 1403.68054]
Chekol, Melisachew Wudage; Huber, Jakob; Meilicke, Christian; Stuckenschmidt, Heiner, Markov logic networks with numerical constraints, 1017-1025 [Zbl 1403.68290]
Joseph, Ajin George; Bhatnagar, Shalabh, Revisiting the cross entropy method with applications in stochastic global optimization and reinforcement learning, 1026-1034 [Zbl 1396.90053]
Say, Buser; Cire, Andre A.; Beck, J. Christopher, Mathematical programming models for optimizing partial-order plan flexibility, 1044-1052 [Zbl 1403.68245]
Caridroit, Thomas; Konieczny, Sébastien; de Lima, Tiago; Marquis, Pierre, On distances between KD45\(_n\) Kripke models and their use for belief revision, 1053-1061 [Zbl 1521.03026]
Hemaspaandra, Edith; Schnoor, Henning, Dichotomy for pure scoring rules under manipulative electoral actions, 1071-1079 [Zbl 1396.91129]
Baader, Franz; Fernández Gil, Oliver, Extending the description logic \(\tau\mathcal{EL}(\deg)\) with acyclic TBoxes, 1096-1104 [Zbl 1403.68251]
Bliem, Bernhard; Ordyniak, Sebastian; Woltran, Stefan, Clique-width and directed width measures for answer-set programming, 1105-1113 [Zbl 1403.68029]
Beierle, Christoph; Eichhorn, Christian; Kern-Isberner, Gabriele; Kutsch, Steven, Skeptical, weakly skeptical, and credulous inference based on preferred ranking functions, 1149-1157 [Zbl 1403.68253]
Gatti, Nicola; Rocco, Marco; Serafino, Paolo; Ventre, Carmine, Towards better models of externalities in sponsored search auctions, 1167-1175 [Zbl 1396.91243]
Koriche, Frédéric; Le Berre, Daniel; Lonca, Emmanuel; Marquis, Pierre, Fixed parameter tractable optimization under DNNF constraints, 1194-1202 [Zbl 1403.68241]
Amor, Nahla Ben; Dubois, Didier; Gouider, Héla; Prade, Henri, Preference modeling with possibilistic networks and symbolic weights: a theoretical study, 1203-1211 [Zbl 1403.68287]
Vicol, Paul; Delgrande, James; Schaub, Torsten, A minimization-based approach to iterated multi-agent belief change, 1221-1229 [Zbl 1403.68274]
Kouvaros, Panagiotis; Lomuscio, Alessio, Parameterised model checking for alternating-time temporal logic, 1230-1237 [Zbl 1403.68127]
Kuželka, Ondřej; Davis, Jesse; Schockaert, Steven, Interpretable encoding of densities using possibilistic logic, 1239-1247 [Zbl 1403.68291]
Wahbi, Mohamed; Brown, Kenneth N., A distributed asynchronous solver for Nash equilibria in hypergraphical games, 1291-1299 [Zbl 1396.91046]
de Silva, Lavindra; Sardina, Sebastian; Padgham, Lin, Summary information for reasoning about hierarchical plans, 1300-1308 [Zbl 1403.68249]
Claßen, Jens; Neuss, Malte, Knowledge-based programs with defaults in a modal situation calculus, 1309-1317 [Zbl 1403.68258]
Benabbou, Nawal; Perny, Patrice, Solving multi-agent knapsack problems using incremental approval voting, 1318-1326 [Zbl 1403.68233]
Schwering, Christoph; Lakemeyer, Gerhard, Decidable reasoning in a first-order logic of limited conditional belief, 1379-1387 [Zbl 1403.68273]
Oudghiri, Soufiane Drissi; Perny, Patrice; Spanjaard, Olivier; Hachimi, Mohamed, Using the Sugeno integral in optimal assignment problems with qualitative utilities, 1406-1413 [Zbl 1396.91326]
Ceylan, İsmail İlkan; Lukasiewicz, Thomas; Peñaloza, Rafael, Complexity results for probabilistic Datalog\(^\pm\), 1414-1422 [Zbl 1403.68050]
Gourvès, Laurent; Lesca, Julien; Wilczynski, Anaëlle, Strategic voting in a social context: considerate equilibria, 1423-1431 [Zbl 1396.91128]
Carapelle, Claudia; Turhan, Anni-Yasmin, Description logics reasoning w.r.t. general TBoxes is decidable for concrete domains with the EHD-property, 1440-1448 [Zbl 1403.68255]
Zhang, Lei; Chen, Haibin; Wu, Jun; Wang, Chong-Jun; Xie, Junyuan, False-name-proof mechanisms for path auctions in social networks, 1485-1492 [Zbl 1396.91286]
de Haan, Ronald, Parameterized complexity results for the Kemeny rule in judgment aggregation, 1502-1510 [Zbl 1403.68085]
van Zee, Marc; Doder, Dragan, AGM-style revision of beliefs and intentions, 1511-1519 [Zbl 1403.68278]
Yuan, Hongning; Wang, Kai; Fong, Ken C. K.; Zhang, Yong; Li, Minming, Facility location games with optional preference, 1520-1527 [Zbl 1396.91015]
Slavkovik, Marija; Jamroga, Wojciech, Iterative judgment aggregation, 1528-1536 [Zbl 1396.91094]


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