Five-loop fermion anomalous dimension for a general gauge group from four-loop massless propagators. (English) Zbl 1378.81150

Summary: We extend the \( \mathcal{O}\left({\alpha}_s^5\right) \) result of the analytic calculation of the quark mass anomalous dimension in pQCD arXiv:1402.6611 to the case of a generic gauge group. We present explicit formulas which express the relevant renormalization constants in terms of four-loop massless propagators. We also use our result to shed new light on the old puzzle of the absence of even zetas in results of perturbative calculations for a class of physical observables.


81V05 Strong interaction, including quantum chromodynamics
81T15 Perturbative methods of renormalization applied to problems in quantum field theory


Forcer; LiteRed; FORM; RStar
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