Information security and cryptology. 13th international conference, Inscrypt 2017, Xi’an, China, November 3–5, 2017. Revised selected papers. (English) Zbl 1387.94003

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10726. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-75159-7/pbk; 978-3-319-75160-3/ebook). xxi, 530 p. (2018).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1358.94004].
Indexed articles:
Bertino, Elisa, Security and privacy in the IoT, 3-10 [Zbl 1426.94084]
Kutyłowski, Mirosław, On crossroads of privacy protection, 11-20 [Zbl 1426.94108]
Ren, Kui, The dual role of smartphones in IoT security, 21-24 [Zbl 1426.94120]
Zhang, Zheng; Zhang, Fangguo; Zhang, Huang, Implementing indistinguishability obfuscation using GGH15, 27-43 [Zbl 1426.94143]
Yu, Jingyue; Deng, Yi; Chen, Yu, From attack on Feige-Shamir to construction of oblivious transfer, 44-64 [Zbl 1426.94139]
Wang, Ping; Shang, Dongdong, A new lattice sieving algorithm base on angular locality-sensitive hashing, 65-80 [Zbl 1426.94131]
Tian, Haibo; Fu, Liqing; He, Jiejie, A simpler bitcoin voting protocol, 81-98 [Zbl 1426.94124]
Gao, Xinwei; Ding, Jintai; Liu, Jiqiang; Li, Lin, Post-quantum secure remote password protocol from RLWE problem, 99-116 [Zbl 1426.94102]
He, Xiaoyang; Yu, Wei; Wang, Kunpeng, Hashing into twisted Jacobi intersection curves, 117-138 [Zbl 1426.94104]
Kitajima, Nobuaki; Yanai, Naoto; Nishide, Takashi, Identity-based key-insulated aggregate signatures, revisited, 141-156 [Zbl 1426.94107]
Kumawat, Sudhakar; Paul, Souradyuti, A new constant-size accountable ring signature scheme without random oracles, 157-179 [Zbl 1426.94147]
Zhu, Fei; Zhang, Yuexin; Lin, Chao; Wu, Wei; Meng, Ru, A universal designated multi-verifier transitive signature scheme, 180-195 [Zbl 1426.94155]
Yang, Xiaodong; Yang, Ping; An, Faying; Li, Shudong; Wang, Caifen; Feng, Dengguo, Cryptanalysis and improvement of a strongly unforgeable identity-based signature scheme, 196-208 [Zbl 1426.94153]
Wu, Xuguang; Han, Yiliang; Zhang, Minqing; Zhu, Shuaishuai, Parallel long messages encryption scheme based on certificateless cryptosystem for big data, 211-222 [Zbl 1426.94133]
Wang, Geng; Zhang, Xiao; Li, Yanmei, Constant decryption-cost non-monotonic ciphertext policy attribute-based encryption with reduced secret key size (and dynamic attributes), 223-241 [Zbl 1426.94129]
Chen, Liquan; Lim, Ming; Wang, Muyang, Fully homomorphic encryption scheme based on public key compression and batch processing, 242-259 [Zbl 1426.94089]
Wang, Biao; Wang, Xueqing; Xue, Rui, Leveled FHE with matrix message space, 260-277 [Zbl 1426.94128]
Feng, Hanwen; Liu, Jianwei; Wu, Qianhong; Liu, Weiran, Predicate fully homomorphic encryption: achieving fine-grained access control over manipulable ciphertext, 278-298 [Zbl 1426.94097]
Chen, Cong; Lin, Dongdai; Zhang, Wei; Zhou, Xiaojun, A game-based framework towards cyber-attacks on state estimation in ICSS, 321-341 [Zbl 1439.94023]
Zhang, Xiaojuan; Lin, Dongdai, Cryptanalysis of Acorn in nonce-reuse setting, 342-361 [Zbl 1439.94075]
Li, Qiang; Zhang, Yunan; Su, Liya; Wu, Yang; Ma, Xinjian; Yang, Zeming, An improved method to unveil malware’s hidden behavior, 362-382 [Zbl 1439.94043]
Qi, Biao; Shi, Zhixin; Wang, Yan; Wang, Jizhi; Wang, Qiwen; Jiang, Jianguo, BotTokenizer: exploring network tokens of HTTP-based botnet using malicious network traces, 383-403 [Zbl 1439.94055]
Yin, Jun; Ma, Chuyan; Lyu, Lijun; Song, Jian; Zeng, Guang; Ma, Chuangui; Wei, Fushan, Improved cryptanalysis of an ISO standard lightweight block cipher with refined MILP modelling, 404-426 [Zbl 1439.94072]
Deng, Yuanhao; Jin, Chenhui; Li, Rongjia, Meet in the middle attack on type-1 Feistel construction, 427-444 [Zbl 1439.94028]
Ma, Chujiao; Chandy, John; Michel, Laurent; Liu, Fanghui; Cruz, Waldemar, Influence of error on Hamming weights for ASCA, 447-460 [Zbl 1439.94049]
Zhang, Xiu; Liu, Baoxu; Gong, Xiaorui; Song, Zhenyu, State-of-the-art: security competition in talent education, 461-481 [Zbl 1439.94076]
Li, Xiangmin; Ding, Ning; Lu, Haining; Gu, Dawu; Wang, Shanshan; Xu, Beibei; Yuan, Yuan; Yan, Siyun, A modified fuzzy fingerprint vault based on pair-polar minutiae structures, 482-499 [Zbl 1439.94048]
Wang, Chonghua; Hao, Zhiyu; Yun, Xiaochun, NOR: towards non-intrusive, real-time and OS-agnostic introspection for virtual machines in cloud environment, 500-517 [Zbl 1439.94066]
Xu, Shanding; Cao, Xiwang; Tang, Chunming, A method to enlarge the design distance of BCH codes and some classes of infinite optimal cyclic codes, 518-528 [Zbl 1439.94101]


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