Entanglement scrambling in 2d conformal field theory. (English) Zbl 1388.83165

Summary: We investigate how entanglement spreads in time-dependent states of a 1+1 dimensional conformal field theory (CFT). The results depend qualitatively on the value of the central charge. In rational CFTs, which have central charge below a critical value, entanglement entropy behaves as if correlations were carried by free quasiparticles. This leads to long-term memory effects, such as spikes in the mutual information of widely separated regions at late times. When the central charge is above the critical value, the quasiparticle picture fails. Assuming no extended symmetry algebra, any theory with \(c > 1\) has diminished memory effects compared to the rational models. In holographic CFTs, with \(c\gg 1\), these memory effects are eliminated altogether at strong coupling, but reappear after the scrambling time \(t\beta\log c\) at weak coupling.


83C47 Methods of quantum field theory in general relativity and gravitational theory
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