Computational analysis and understanding of natural languages: principles, methods and applications. (English) Zbl 1400.68024

Handbook of Statistics 38. Amsterdam: Elsevier/North Holland (ISBN 978-0-444-64042-0/hbk; 978-0-444-64043-7/ebook). xxi, 515 p. (2018).

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Publisher’s description: This monograph provides a cohesive and integrated exposition of advances and associated applications, including chapters on Linguistics: Core Concepts and Principles, Grammars, Open-Source Libraries, Application Frameworks, Workflow Systems, Mathematical Essentials, Probability, Inference and Prediction Methods, Random Processes, Bayesian Methods, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Language Core Tasks, Language Understanding Applications, and more.
The synergistic confluence of linguistics, statistics, big data, and high-performance computing is the underlying force for the recent and dramatic advances in analyzing and understanding natural languages, hence making this series all the more important.
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Indexed articles:
Gudivada, Akhil; Rao, Dhana L.; Gudivada, Venkat N., Linguistics: core concepts and principles, 3-14 [Zbl 1406.91393]
Gudivada, Akhil; Rao, Dhana L., Languages and grammar, 15-29 [Zbl 1403.68112]
Gudivada, Venkat N.; Arbabifard, Kamyar, Open-source libraries, application frameworks, and workflow systems for NLP, 31-50 [Zbl 1403.68307]
Vadlamudi, China Venkaiah; Vadlamudi, Sesha Phani Deepika, Mathematical essentials, 53-73 [Zbl 1407.68011]
Vos, Paul; Wu, Qiang, Probability essentials, 75-109 [Zbl 1404.60004]
Wu, Qiang; Vos, Paul, Inference and prediction, 111-172 [Zbl 1407.62102]
Ghosh, Indranil, Bayesian methods, 173-196 [Zbl 1407.62078]
Shobha, Gangadhar; Rangaswamy, Shanta, Machine learning, 197-228 [Zbl 1403.68213]
Fathi, Ehsan; Shoja, Babak Maleki, Deep neural networks for natural language processing, 229-316 [Zbl 1403.68305]
Xie, Ying; Le, Linh; Zhou, Yiyun; Raghavan, Vijay V., Deep learning for natural language processing, 317-328 [Zbl 1403.68310]
Gudivada, Venkat N.; Rao, Dhana L.; Gudivada, Amogh R., Information retrieval: concepts, models, and systems, 331-401 [Zbl 1403.68055]
Gudivada, Venkat N., Natural language core tasks and applications, 403-428 [Zbl 1403.68306]
Nijagunappa, Deepamala, Linguistic elegance of the languages of South India, 429-462 [Zbl 1406.91395]
Noel, Steven, Text mining for modeling cyberattacks, 463-515 [Zbl 1403.68309]


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68T50 Natural language processing
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