Tools and algorithms for the construction and analysis of systems. 24th international conference, TACAS 2018, held as part of the European joint conferences on theory and practice of software, ETAPS 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece, April 14–20, 2018. Proceedings. Part II. (English) Zbl 1408.68007

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10806. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-89962-6/pbk; 978-3-319-89963-3/ebook). xx, 465 p. (2018).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1360.68015; Zbl 1360.68016]. For Part I of the proceedings of the present conference see [Zbl 1408.68006].
Indexed articles:
Meyer, Philipp J.; Esparza, Javier; Völzer, Hagen, Computing the concurrency threshold of sound free-choice workflow nets, 3-19 [Zbl 1423.68314]
Chini, Peter; Meyer, Roland; Saivasan, Prakash, Fine-grained complexity of safety verification, 20-37 [Zbl 1423.68094]
Balasubramanian, A. R.; Bertrand, Nathalie; Markey, Nicolas, Parameterized verification of synchronization in constrained reconfigurable broadcast networks, 38-54 [Zbl 1423.68273]
Heule, Marijn J. H.; Biere, Armin, What a difference a variable makes, 75-92 [Zbl 1423.68419]
Iosif, Radu; Xu, Xiao, Abstraction refinement for emptiness checking of alternating data automata, 93-111 [Zbl 1423.68255]
Reynolds, Andrew; Barbosa, Haniel; Fontaine, Pascal, Revisiting enumerative instantiation, 112-131 [Zbl 1423.68468]
Roux, Pierre; Iguernlala, Mohamed; Conchon, Sylvain, A non-linear arithmetic procedure for control-command software verification, 132-151 [Zbl 1423.68469]
Aronis, Stavros; Jonsson, Bengt; Lång, Magnus; Sagonas, Konstantinos, Optimal dynamic partial order reduction with observers, 229-248 [Zbl 1423.68093]
Sherman, Elena; Dwyer, Matthew B., Structurally defined conditional data-flow static analysis, 249-265 [Zbl 1423.68109]
Leike, Jan; Heizmann, Matthias, Geometric nontermination arguments, 266-283 [Zbl 1423.68103]
Schupp, Stefan; Ábrahám, Erika, Efficient dynamic error reduction for hybrid systems reachability analysis, 287-302 [Zbl 1423.68290]
Hartmanns, Arnd; Junges, Sebastian; Katoen, Joost-Pieter; Quatmann, Tim, Multi-cost bounded reachability in MDP, 320-339 [Zbl 1423.68282]
Hausmann, Daniel; Schröder, Lutz; Deifel, Hans-Peter, Permutation games for the weakly aconjunctive \(\mu \)-calculus, 361-378 [Zbl 1423.68307]
Namjoshi, Kedar S.; Trefler, Richard J., Symmetry reduction for the local mu-calculus, 379-395 [Zbl 1423.68316]
Bortolussi, Luca; Silvetti, Simone, Bayesian statistical parameter synthesis for linear temporal properties of stochastic models, 396-413 [Zbl 1423.68322]


68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68Qxx Theory of computing
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