Mathematics and computation in music. 7th international conference, MCM 2019, Madrid, Spain, June 18–21, 2019, Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1425.00082

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 11502. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-030-21391-6/pbk; 978-3-030-21392-3/ebook). xii, 399 p. (2019).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1375.00066].
Indexed articles:
Agustín-Aquino, Octavio A.; Mazzola, Guerino, Contrapuntal aspects of the mystic chord and Scriabin’s Piano Sonata No. 5, 3-20 [Zbl 1456.00050]
Mazzola, Guerino, ComMute – towards a computational musical theory of everything, 21-30 [Zbl 1445.00008]
Popoff, Alexandre; Andreatta, Moreno; Ehresmann, Andrée, Groupoids and wreath products of musical transformations: a categorical approach from poly-Klumpenhouwer networks, 33-45 [Zbl 1456.00095]
Tymoczko, Dmitri; Yust, Jason, Fourier phase and pitch-class sum, 46-58 [Zbl 1456.00099]
Mannone, Maria; Favali, Federico, Categories, musical instruments, and drawings: a unification dream, 59-72 [Zbl 1448.00017]
Albini, Giovanni; Bernardi, Marco Paolo, Tropical generalized interval systems, 73-83 [Zbl 1456.00052]
Mannone, Maria; Turchet, Luca, Shall we (math and) dance?, 84-97 [Zbl 1448.00018]
Yust, Jason, Decontextualizing contextual inversion, 101-112 [Zbl 1456.00102]
Schmidmeier, Markus, From Schritte and Wechsel to Coxeter groups, 113-124 [Zbl 1456.00097]
Noll, Thomas; Clampitt, David, Exploring the syntonic side of major-minor tonality, 125-136 [Zbl 1456.00089]
Noll, Thomas; De Jong, Karst, Embedded structural modes: unifying scale degrees and harmonic functions, 137-148 [Zbl 1456.00090]
Jedrzejewski, Franck, Non-contextual JQZ transformations, 149-160 [Zbl 1456.00076]
Jedrzejewski, Franck, The hierarchy of Rameau groups, 161-171 [Zbl 1456.00077]
Harasim, Daniel; Noll, Thomas; Rohrmeier, Martin, Distant neighbors and interscalar contiguities, 172-184 [Zbl 1456.00072]
Klassen, Matt, Constraint-based systems of triads and seventh chords, and parsimonious voice-leading, 185-198 [Zbl 1456.00079]
Hearne, Gareth M.; Milne, Andrew J.; Dean, Roger T., Distributional analysis of \(n\)-dimensional feature space for 7-note scales in 22-TET, 201-212 [Zbl 1456.00073]
Bigo, Louis; Andreatta, Moreno, Filtration of pitch-class sets complexes, 213-226 [Zbl 1456.00060]
Santini, Giovanni, Synesthesizer: physical modelling and machine learning for a color-based synthesizer in virtual reality, 229-235 [Zbl 1453.00014]
Martínez-Rodríguez, Brian; Liern, Vicente, Mercury\(^{\circledR}\): a software based on fuzzy clustering for computer-assisted composition, 236-247 [Zbl 1456.00084]
Foscarin, Francesco; Jacquemard, Florent; Rigaux, Philippe; Sakai, Masahiko, A parse-based framework for coupled rhythm quantization and score structuring, 248-260 [Zbl 1456.00068]
Lanthier, Paul; Guichaoua, Corentin; Andreatta, Moreno, Reinterpreting and extending Anatol Vieru’s periodic sequences through the cellular automata formalisms, 261-272 [Zbl 1456.00080]
Fram, Noah R., Surprisal, liking, and musical affect, 275-286 [Zbl 1456.00069]
White, Christopher Wm., Autocorrelation of pitch-event vectors in meter finding, 287-296 [Zbl 1457.00052]
Nuño, Luis, The envelopes of consonant intervals and chords in just intonation and equal temperament, 297-308 [Zbl 1456.00091]
Kastine, Jeremy, Maximally even tilings, 309-321 [Zbl 1456.00078]
Arronte Alvarez, Aitor; Gómez-Martin, Francisco, Distributed vector representations of folksong motifs, 325-332 [Zbl 1456.00057]
Baroin, Gilles; Calvet, André, Visualizing temperaments: squaring the circle?, 333-337 [Zbl 1456.00059]
Conklin, Darrell, Music corpus analysis using unwords, 338-343 [Zbl 1456.00065]
Díaz-Báñez, José-Miguel; Kroher, Nadine, Maths, computation and flamenco: overview and challenges, 344-351 [Zbl 1456.00067]
del Pozo, Isaac; Gómez, Francisco, Formalization of voice-leadings and the nabla algorithm, 352-358 [Zbl 1456.00066]
Sandak, Billie; Mazor, Avi; Asis, Amichay; Gilboa, Avi; Harel, David, Computational music therapy, 359-368 [Zbl 1456.00096]
Noll, Thomas, Insiders’ choice: studying pitch class sets through their discrete Fourier transformations, 371-378 [Zbl 1456.00088]
Mannone, Maria, Have fun with math and music!, 379-382 [Zbl 1448.00016]
Amiot, Emmanuel, “Concerférences”: of music and maths, for the audience’s delight, 394-398 [Zbl 1456.00054]


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