Twisted \(\mathcal{N} = 1\) SCFTs and their \(\mathrm{AdS}_3\) duals. (English) Zbl 1435.83145

Summary: We study compactifications of an infinite family of four-dimensional \(\mathcal{N} = 1\) SCFTs on a Riemann surface in the presence of arbitrary background fluxes for global symmetries. The four-dimensional parent theories have holographic Sasaki-Einstein duals in type IIB string theory. We compute central charges and R-charges of baryonic operators in the resulting two-dimensional \(\mathcal{N} = (0, 2)\) theories in three distinct ways: from the field theory side utilizing c-extremization, its recently discovered geometric dual formulation, and holographically using new \(\mathrm{AdS}_3\) duals of two-dimensional field theories.


83E05 Geometrodynamics and the holographic principle
83E30 String and superstring theories in gravitational theory
81T35 Correspondence, duality, holography (AdS/CFT, gauge/gravity, etc.)
81T40 Two-dimensional field theories, conformal field theories, etc. in quantum mechanics
81T60 Supersymmetric field theories in quantum mechanics
53Z05 Applications of differential geometry to physics
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