ICGG 2020 – Proceedings of the 19th international conference on geometry and graphics, São Paulo, Brazil, January 18–22, 2021. (English) Zbl 1458.00031

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 1296. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-030-63402-5/pbk; 978-3-030-63403-2/ebook). xviii, 959 p. (2021).

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Publisher’s description: This book covers various aspects of Geometry and Graphics, from recent achievements on theoretical researches to a wide range of innovative applications, as well as new teaching methodologies and experiences, and reinterpretations and findings about the masterpieces of the past. It is from the 19th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics, which was held in São Paulo, Brazil. The conference started in 1978 and is promoted by the International Society for Geometry and Graphics, which aims to foster international collaboration and stimulate the scientific research and teaching methodology in the fields of Geometry and Graphics. Organized five topics, which are Theoretical Graphics and Geometry; Applied Geometry and Graphics; Engineering Computer Graphics; Graphics Education and Geometry; Graphics in History, the book is intended for the professionals, academics and researchers in architecture, engineering, industrial design, mathematics and arts involved in the multidisciplinary field.
The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1403.00028].
Indexed articles:
Stachel, Hellmuth, String constructions of quadrics revisited, 3-14 [Zbl 1461.51018]
Schröcker, Hans-Peter; Pfurner, Martin; Siegele, Johannes, Space kinematics and projective differential geometry over the ring of dual numbers, 15-24 [Zbl 1466.53011]
Odehnal, Boris, Examples of isoptic ruled surfaces, 25-37 [Zbl 1465.14039]
Odehnal, Boris, A one-parameter family of triangle cubics, 38-49 [Zbl 1461.51015]
Yokoyama, Ikko, Perspective and illusion in four-dimension: Droste-effect in four-dimension based on Escher’s work, 62-68 [Zbl 1461.51024]
Vörös, László, Hidden structures in tessellations of convex uniform honeycombs, 69-81 [Zbl 1462.52035]
Pech, Pavel, Factorization of locus polynomials using DGS, 94-102 [Zbl 1484.12002]
Blažek, Jiří; Pech, Pavel, A spatial generalization of Wallace-Simson theorem on four lines, 103-114 [Zbl 1461.51011]
Zamboj, Michal, Interactive 4-d visualization of stereographic images from the double orthogonal projection, 115-126 [Zbl 1464.68422]
Sejfried, Michael, The M-points related to the perfect circles in any triangle \(ABC\) as the next points lying on the generalized soddy-line and about “square root angle”, 127-136 [Zbl 1461.51016]
Panchuk, Konstantin Leonidovich; Myasoedova, Tatyana Mikhailovna; Lyubchinov, Evgenij Vladimirovich, Cyclographic model of generation of families of parallel curves to a multiply-connected domain, 152-163 [Zbl 1464.68425]
Panchuk, Konstantin Leonidovich; Lyubchinov, Evgenij Vladimirovich; Myasoedova, Tatyana Mikhailovna, Cyclographic model of automotive road surface form design, 164-174 [Zbl 1464.68424]
Zheng, Peng-Fei; Lou, Jing-Jing; Lin, Da-Jun; An, Qi, A curved surface flattening computing method combined with machining process, 186-198 [Zbl 1465.53103]
Gao, Sande; Huang, Loulin, Research on reverse engineering for free-form surfaces, 199-210 [Zbl 1464.68423]
Rochman, Dina, The language of geometry, the icosahedron as a case study, 211-221 [Zbl 1464.68426]
Yamamoto, Yohei; Mitani, Jun, Interactive creation of Voronoi diagrams for origami tessellation, 222-234 [Zbl 1461.51023]
Suárez, Javier; Boothby, Thomas; González, Jose A., Graphic methodology based on funicular and projective geometry, in structural analysis of historical constructions, 286-296 [Zbl 1462.00080]
Shangina, Elena I., Geometric modeling of a topographic surface based on a fractal coordinate system, 297-307 [Zbl 1464.68419]
Tanabi, Naser; Barari, Ahmad; Vakilipour, Shidvash; Tsuzuki, Marcos S. G., Inverse designing airfoil aerodynamics in compressible flow by target pressure distribution, 308-319 [Zbl 1465.49028]
Duran, Guilherme C.; Sato, André K.; Tanabi, Naser; Nasiri, Hossein; Takimoto, Rogério Y.; Barari, Ahmad; Martins, Thiago C.; Tsuzuki, Marcos S. G., Framework for electrical impedance tomography forward problem with non-uniform electrodes distribution, 320-331 [Zbl 1464.78008]
Najafabadi, Hossein R.; Goto, Tiago G.; Martins, Thiago C.; Barari, Ahmad; Tsuzuki, Marcos S. G., Multi-objective topology optimization using simulated annealing method, 343-353 [Zbl 1464.90091]
Rodrigues, Daniel W. L., Applied geometry and graphics. Investigation of a turtle-shaped construction block and its relationship with other geometric toys, 366-374 [Zbl 1462.00007]
Tosello, María Elena; Saucedo, Santiago, From dynamic visualization to designing sustainable architecture, 375-382 [Zbl 1462.00081]
Florio, Wilson; Tagliari, Ana, The geometry of the ramps in Oscar Niemeyer’s cultural projects, 383-395 [Zbl 1462.00079]
de Macedo, Maysa Malfiza Garcia; Salas, Jordan; Conci, Aura, Hough transform voting scheme for detection of parabolas and open conics in images, 407-418 [Zbl 1462.94004]
Wagner, Márcia Anaf; Harris, Ana Lúcia Nogueira de Camargo, The contribution of great circles for building retractable polyhedra, 430-445 [Zbl 1461.00060]
Suzuki, Hirotaka, Utilization of nonconvex shapes as horizontal section of paper folding lampshade constructed with skew quadrilateral elastic folding, 458-467 [Zbl 1461.51022]
Reis D’Azevedo Breda, Ana Maria; Batista da Silva Trocado, Alexandre Emanuel; Dos Santos Dos Santos, José Manuel, Torus and quadrics intersection using GeoGebra, 484-493 [Zbl 1464.68418]
Li, Jiacheng; Zhang, Li; Hanif, Muhammad, An improved sensitivity method for multi-material topology optimization, 506-517 [Zbl 1464.90100]
Popescu, Iulian; Popescu, Marcela; Duţǎ, Alina; Sass, Ludmila; Romanescu, Alina Elena; Marinescu, Gabriel Cǎtǎlin, Using the contour method from the theory of mechanisms to approach a problem of geometry, 547-556 [Zbl 1462.51014]
Duran, Guilherme C.; Tsuzuki, Marcos S. G., A kinematics framing methodology for computing sweep surfaces using \(N\)-dimensional NURBS curves, 592-603 [Zbl 1464.65018]
Cumino, Caterina; Pavignano, Martino; Zich, Ursula, Intersecting architectural surfaces between graphic and analytic representations, 723-735 [Zbl 1461.00059]
Cirillo, Vincenzo, Geometry and graphics in history. Elementary geometry in staircases design. The ‘city house’ of Bernardo Antonio Vittone, 823-834 [Zbl 1462.00078]
Borin, Paolo; Bernardello, Rachele; Panarotto, Federico; Giordano, Andrea; Zaggia, Alessandro, Geometry, between history and shape configuration, 870-882 [Zbl 1462.00036]
Messina, Barbara; Chiarenza, Stefano, Drawing and geometric constructions of polyhedra in the art of Escher, 895-903 [Zbl 1461.00058]
Brailov, Aleksandr Yurievich; Panchenko, Vitaliy Ivanovich, Determination of parameters of an inaccessible point of an object, 911-915 [Zbl 1461.51012]
Romakina, Lyudmila, Isoptic curves of cycles on a hyperbolic plane of positive curvature, 943-946 [Zbl 1461.51019]


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