The art and practice of mathematics. Interviews at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore, 2010–2019. (English) Zbl 1471.01006

Singapore: World Scientific (ISBN 978-981-12-1958-0/hbk; 978-981-12-1960-3/ebook). xvii, 423 p. (2021).

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Publisher’s description: This book constitutes the second volume of interviews with prominent mathematicians and mathematical scientists who visited the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore. First published in the Institute’s newsletter Imprints during the period 2010–2020, they offer glimpses of an esoteric universe as viewed and experienced by some of the leading and creative practitioners of the craft of mathematics.
The topics covered in this volume are wide-ranging, running from pure mathematics (logic, number theory, algebraic geometry) to applied mathematics (mathematical modeling, fluid dynamics) through probability and statistics, mathematical physics, theoretical computer science and financial mathematics. This eclectic mix of the abstract and the concrete should interest those who are enthralled by the mystique and power of mathematics, whether they are students, researchers or the non-specialists.
By briefly tracing the paths traveled by the pioneers of different national backgrounds, the interviews attempt to put a cultural face to an intellectual endeavor that is often perceived as dry and austere by the uninitiated. They should also interest those who are intrigued by the influence of the environment on the creative spirit, and, in particular, those who are interested in the psychology and history of ideas.
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Indexed articles:
Huzihiro Araki. Mathematics and physics, a tale of two cultures, 3-11 [Zbl 1473.01023]
John Ball. Nonlinear elasticity, microstructures and mathematics, 13-21 [Zbl 1473.01024]
Andrew Barbour. Cambridge and Zürich, probability and Stochastik, 23-35 [Zbl 1473.01025]
Joseph Bernstein. Beauty and reality in mathematics – D-modules, groups, sheaves, 36-46 [Zbl 1473.01026]
Ingrid Daubechies. Wavelets at your service, 49-57 [Zbl 1473.01027]
Rodney Graham Downey. The road to parameterized complexity and beyond, 59-73 [Zbl 1473.01028]
Richard Timothy Durrett. Mathematical modeling in ecology, genetics and cancer research, 74-82 [Zbl 1473.01029]
Paul Embrechts. Mathematics, insurance, finance, 85-94 [Zbl 1473.01030]
Steven Neil Evans. Probabilist for all seasons, 97-105 [Zbl 1473.01031]
Jianqing Fan. Methodology and insight in statistics, financial crisis, high dimensional challenges, 107-117 [Zbl 1473.01032]
Ben Joseph Green. “Addictive” combinatorics, a prime obsession, 119-128 [Zbl 1473.01033]
Benedict Gross. Elliptic curves, millennium problem, 131-140 [Zbl 1473.01034]
Peter Gavin Hall. From probability to statistics – martingales. Percolation, bootstrap and beyond, 143-159 [Zbl 1473.01035]
Alexander Semenovich Holevo. Quantum information, quantum computation, 161-169 [Zbl 1473.01036]
Iain Murray Johnstone. Dealing with high-dimensional data – wavelets, PCA, RMT, 171-179 [Zbl 1473.01037]
Tze Leung Lai. From accidental statistician to interdisciplinary statistician who combines theory with practice, 181-192 [Zbl 1473.01038]
Tai-Ping Liu. Boltzmann equation, partial differential equations and the computer, 195-204 [Zbl 1473.01039]
Menachem Magidor. Mathematical logic, common-sense logic, 207-215 [Zbl 1473.01040]
Olivier Pironneau. Control theory, computational fluid dynamics, mathematical finance, 217-227 [Zbl 1473.01041]
Ralph Tyrrell Rockafellar. Convexity, optimization, risk, 229-239 [Zbl 1473.01042]
Caroline Mary Series. Pearl of hyperbolic manifolds, 241-249 [Zbl 1473.01043]
Jean-Pierre Serre. Seventy years of mathematics, 251-257 [Zbl 1473.01044]
Lawrence Alan Shepp. From Putnam to CAT scan, 259-267 [Zbl 1473.01045]
Richard Arnold Shore. Logic, mathematics, computer science, 269-281 [Zbl 1473.01046]
Yum-Tong Siu. Hongkong–Princeton–Harvard, a path of several complex variables, 283-293 [Zbl 1473.01047]
Gang Tian. From Kähler geometry to quantum cohomology, 295-303 [Zbl 1473.01048]
Emmanuel Ullmo. Diophantine geometry – from ergodic theory to O-minimal theory, 305-313 [Zbl 1473.01049]
Moshe Ya’akov Vardi. Sapere aude! (Dare to know!), 315-329 [Zbl 1473.01050]
Marie-France Vignéras. From lycée to Langlands, L’Express Femme \(100\), 331-339 [Zbl 1473.01051]
Cédric Villani. Ambassador of mathematics extraordinaire, 341-352 [Zbl 1473.01052]
Wendelin Werner. Probabilistic tour de force, 355-362 [Zbl 1473.01053]
Zhouping Xin. Courant in Hong Kong – shock waves, nonlinear waves, 365-374 [Zbl 1473.01054]
Shing-Tung Yau. Manifolds, cosmos, China, 377-389 [Zbl 1473.01055]
Shou-Wu Zhang. Number theory and arithmetic algebraic geometry, 391-399 [Zbl 1473.01056]
James V. Zidek. Bridges Bayesians build, 400-411 [Zbl 1473.01057]


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