Ludwig Wittgenstein. Vienna edition. Vol. 7. Synopsis of manuscript volumes I–IV. Edited by Michael Nedo. (Ludwig Wittgenstein. Wiener Ausgabe. Band 7. Synopse der Manuskriptbände I–IV.) (German. English introduction) Zbl 1472.01028

Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann (ISBN 978-3-465-01152-1/hbk). xvii, 333 p. (2020).
Volume 7 of the Vienna edition of the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein presents a reconstruction and critical edition of typescripts TS 208 and TS 210 containing the synopsis of the manuscript volumes I to IV edited in Vol.1 and 2 of the Vienna edition. The synopsis was dictated in 1930. The remarks were then used to rearrange cuttings from the typescripts. TS 208, e.g., was reworked to TS 209 which became the textual basis for Rush Rhees’ 1964 edition of the book [L. Wittgenstein, Philosophische Bemerkungen. Oxford: Blackwell (1964)]. The volume is introduced by the editor giving details on the historical circumstances of the formation of the synopsis and the way Wittgenstein worked with it. It ends with a usefull stemma, relating manuscripts, typescripts, cuttings and editions to one another (p.XVI).
The synopsis edited in this volume contains comprehensive observations, remarks and problems (questions) concerning the philosophy of mathematics and logic, among them the role of mathematics, the epistemology of mathematics, the nature of mathematical objects, the function of symbols, rule following, Brouwer’s intuitionism, and further topics. The volume helps to reconstruct the development of Wittgenstein’s thought from his early Tractatus logico-philosophicus to his later work.


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