Information security and cryptology. 16th international conference, Inscrypt 2020, Guangzhou, China, December 11–14, 2020. Revised selected papers. (English) Zbl 1475.94014

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 12612. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-030-71851-0/pbk; 978-3-030-71852-7/ebook). xiv, 506 p. (2021).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1497.94002].
Indexed articles:
Liu, Yanyan; Sun, Yiru, Generic construction of server-aided revocable hierarchical identity-based encryption, 73-82 [Zbl 1479.94223]
Wang, Ti; Zhou, Yongbin; Ma, Hui; Liu, Yuejun; Zhang, Rui, Fully secure ABE with outsourced decryption against chosen ciphertext attack, 83-103 [Zbl 1479.94266]
Tan, Gaosheng; Zhang, Rui; Ma, Hui; Tao, Yang, An efficient CCA-secure access control encryption for any policy, 104-112 [Zbl 1479.94346]
Zhang, Rui; Zou, Huan; Zhang, Cong; Xiao, Yuting; Tao, Yang, Distributed key generation for SM9-based systems, 113-129 [Zbl 1479.94280]
Yun, Kelly; Xue, Rui, Chosen ciphertext attacks secure inner-product functional encryption from learning with errors assumption, 133-147 [Zbl 1479.94275]
Fan, Xuejun; Tian, Song; Xu, Xiu; Li, Bao, CSURF-TWO: CSIDH for the ratio \((2:1)\), 148-156 [Zbl 1479.94166]
Fan, Xuejun; Xu, Xiu; Li, Bao, Group key exchange protocols from supersingular isogenies, 157-173 [Zbl 1479.94167]
Geng, Yifu; Qin, Bo; Shi, Wenchang; Wu, Qianhong, A paid message forwarding scheme based on social network, 177-192 [Zbl 1479.91279]
Li, Shanshan; Xu, Chunxiang; Zhang, Yuan; Yang, Anjia; Wen, Xinsheng; Chen, Kefei, Blockchain-based efficient public integrity auditing for cloud storage against malicious auditors, 202-220 [Zbl 1479.94334]
Wang, Hailong; Deng, Yi; Xie, Xiang, Public verifiable private decision tree prediction, 247-256 [Zbl 1484.68060]
Liu, Yang; Zeng, Yong; Liu, Zhihong; Ma, Jianfeng, Spectrum privacy preserving for social networks: a personalized differential privacy approach, 277-287 [Zbl 1479.91281]
Cai, Cailing; Yuen, Tsz Hon; Cui, Handong; Wu, Mingli; Yiu, Siu-Ming, LPPRS: new location privacy preserving schemes based on ring signature over mobile social networks, 288-303 [Zbl 1479.94300]
Zhou, Congwei; Guan, Jie; Hu, Bin; He, Kuan, On the structure property of PCR’s adjacency graph with a prime order and its application of constructing M-sequences, 307-317 [Zbl 1492.94231]
Edemskiy, Vladimir; Wu, Chenhuang, Symmetric 2-adic complexity of Ding-Helleseth generalized cyclotomic sequences of period \(pq\), 318-327 [Zbl 1479.94096]
Wu, Xinying; Ma, Yuan; Chen, Tianyu; Lv, Na, A distinguisher for RNGs with LFSR post-processing, 328-343 [Zbl 1479.94271]
Li, Ming; Jiang, Yupeng; Lin, Dongdai, On the \(k\)-error linear complexities of De Bruijn sequences, 344-356 [Zbl 1479.94213]
Sun, Yiru; Liu, Yanyan, A lattice-based fully dynamic group signature scheme without NIZK, 359-367 [Zbl 1479.94345]
Zhang, Yudi; He, Debiao; Zhang, Fangguo; Huang, Xinyi; Li, Dawei, An efficient blind signature scheme based on SM2 signature algorithm, 368-384 [Zbl 1479.94356]
Wang, Yukun; Wang, Mingqiang, A new efficient quantum digital signature scheme for multi-bit messages, 385-394 [Zbl 1479.94348]
Liu, Yi; Wang, Qi; Yiu, Siu-Ming, An improvement of multi-exponentiation with encrypted bases argument: smaller and faster, 397-414 [Zbl 1479.94224]
Liang, Zhichuang; Shen, Shiyu; Shi, Yuantao; Sun, Dongni; Zhang, Chongxuan; Zhang, Guoyun; Zhao, Yunlei; Zhao, Zhixiang, Number theoretic transform: generalization, optimization, concrete analysis and applications, 415-432 [Zbl 1479.94210]
Zhong, Jianghua; Pan, Yingyin; Lin, Dongdai, On Galois NFSRs equivalent to Fibonacci ones, 433-449 [Zbl 1479.94101]
Tan, Lin; Zhu, Xuanyong; Qi, Wenfeng, Bagua: a NFSR-based stream cipher constructed following confusion and diffusion principles, 453-465 [Zbl 1479.94259]
Yu, Wenqi; Zhao, Yuqing; Guo, Chun, Provable related-key security of contracting Feistel networks, 466-490 [Zbl 1479.94277]
Liu, Gang; Wang, Peng; Wei, Rong; Ye, Dingfeng, Revisiting construction of online cipher in hash-ECB-hash structure, 491-503 [Zbl 1479.94220]


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