Research in mathematics of materials science. (English) Zbl 1495.74001

Association for Women in Mathematics Series 31. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-031-04495-3/hbk; 978-3-031-04496-0/ebook). xii, 515 p. (2022).

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Publisher’s description: This volume highlights contributions of women mathematicians in the study of complex materials and includes both original research papers and reviews. The featured topics and methods draw on the fields of Calculus of Variations, Partial Differential Equations, Functional Analysis, Differential Geometry and Topology, as well as Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling. Areas of applications include foams, fluid-solid interactions, liquid crystals, shape-memory alloys, magnetic suspensions, failure in solids, plasticity, viscoelasticity, homogenization, crystallization, grain growth, and phase-field models.
The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Bach, Annika; Esposito, Teresa; Marziani, Roberta; Zeppieri, Caterina Ida, Interaction between oscillations and singular perturbations in a one-dimensional phase-field model, 3-31 [Zbl 1501.74061]
Barmak, Katayun; Dunca, Anastasia; Epshteyn, Yekaterina; Liu, Chun; Mizuno, Masashi, Grain growth and the effect of different time scales, 33-58 [Zbl 1501.74014]
Bauman, Patricia; Phillips, Daniel, Regularity of minimizers for a general class of constrained energies in two-dimensional domains with applications to liquid crystals, 59-78 [Zbl 1501.76003]
Blanc, Xavier; Ducomet, Bernard; Nečasová, Šárka, On some models in radiation hydrodynamics, 79-102 [Zbl 1501.76064]
Bociu, Lorena; Strikwerda, Sarah, Poro-visco-elasticity in biomechanics: optimal control, 103-132 [Zbl 1500.76114]
Thuyen Dang; Gorb, Yuliya; Bolaños, Silvia Jiménez, Global gradient estimate for a divergence problem and its application to the homogenization of a magnetic suspension, 133-157 [Zbl 1503.76077]
Davoli, Elisa; Kreisbeck, Carolin, On static and evolutionary homogenization in crystal plasticity for stratified composites, 159-183 [Zbl 1502.74009]
D’Elia, Marta; Yu, Yue, On the prescription of boundary conditions for nonlocal Poisson’s and peridynamics models, 185-207 [Zbl 1501.74068]
Disser, Karoline; Luckas, Michelle, Existence of global solutions for 2D fluid-elastic interaction with small data, 209-238 [Zbl 1501.74024]
Foss, Mikil D.; Radu, Petronela; White, Laura, Doubly nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard equations. Well-posedness and asymptotic behavior, 239-255 [Zbl 1501.74060]
Jung, Anne; Redenbach, Claudia; Schladitz, Katja; Staub, Sarah, 3D image-based stochastic micro-structure modelling of foams for simulating elasticity, 257-281 [Zbl 1501.74016]
Pérez-Velázquez, Judith; Gölgeli, Meltem; Ruiz Guido, Carlos Alfonso, Machine learning for failure analysis: a mathematical modelling perspective, 283-296 [Zbl 1502.74110]
Scilla, Giovanni; Stroffolini, Bianca, Invertibility of Orlicz-Sobolev maps, 297-317 [Zbl 1506.74054]
Şengül, Yasemin, Global existence of solutions for the one-dimensional response of viscoelastic solids within the context of strain-limiting theory, 319-332 [Zbl 1506.74078]
Thomas, Marita; Heida, Martin, GENERIC for dissipative solids with bulk-interface interaction, 333-364 [Zbl 1500.74002]
Cristoferi, Riccardo; Fonseca, Irene; Venkatraman, Raghavendra, Phase separation in heterogeneous media, 367-382 [Zbl 1502.82006]
De Luca, Lucia, Some recent results on 2D crystallization for sticky disc models and generalizations for systems of oriented particles, 383-398 [Zbl 1498.82033]
Han, Yucen; Majumdar, Apala, Pattern formation for nematic liquid crystals – modelling, analysis, and applications, 399-431 [Zbl 1500.76002]
Luger, Annemarie; Ou, Miao-Jung Yvonne, On applications of Herglotz-Nevanlinna functions in material sciences. I: Classical theory and applications of sum rules, 433-459 [Zbl 1501.74067]
Ou, Miao-Jung Yvonne; Luger, Annemarie, On applications of Herglotz-Nevanlinna functions in material sciences. II: Extended applications and generalized theory, 461-499 [Zbl 1500.74059]
Rüland, Angkana, Rigidity and flexibility in the modelling of shape-memory alloys, 501-515 [Zbl 1500.74050]


74-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to mechanics of deformable solids
00B15 Collections of articles of miscellaneous specific interest
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