Topics in cryptology – CT-RSA 2023. Cryptographers’ track at the RSA conference 2023, San Francisco, CA, USA, April 24–27, 2023. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1521.94005

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 13871. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-031-30871-0/pbk; 978-3-031-30872-7/ebook). xi, 702 p. (2023).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For CT-RSA 2022 see [Zbl 1490.94003].
Indexed articles:
Mouha, Nicky; Celi, Christopher, A vulnerability in implementations of SHA-3, SHAKE, EdDSA, and other NIST-approved algorithms, 3-28 [Zbl 07745599]
Costache, Anamaria; Nürnberger, Lea; Player, Rachel, Optimisations and tradeoffs for HElib, 29-53 [Zbl 1522.94052]
Taguchi, Ren; Takayasu, Atsushi, Concrete quantum cryptanalysis of binary elliptic curves via addition chain, 57-83 [Zbl 1532.81023]
Peikert, Chris; Xu, Jiayu, Classical and quantum security of elliptic curve VRF, via relative indifferentiability, 84-112 [Zbl 1525.94050]
Joye, Marc, On-line/off-line DCR-based homomorphic encryption and applications, 115-131 [Zbl 1522.94060]
Venema, Marloes, A practical compiler for attribute-based encryption: new decentralized constructions and more, 132-159 [Zbl 07745604]
Brorsson, Joakim; David, Bernardo; Gentile, Lorenzo; Pagnin, Elena; Wagner, Paul Stankovski, PAPR: publicly auditable privacy revocation for anonymous credentials, 163-190 [Zbl 1522.94046]
Afia, Ismail; AlTawy, Riham, Unlinkable policy-based sanitizable signatures, 191-221 [Zbl 1522.94095]
Cheng, Junjie; Qiao, Kexin, Improved graph-based model for recovering superpoly on Trivium, 225-251 [Zbl 1522.94049]
Bellini, Emanuele; Gerault, David; Grados, Juan; Makarim, Rusydi H.; Peyrin, Thomas, Fully automated differential-linear attacks against ARX ciphers, 252-276 [Zbl 1522.94038]
Taka, Kazuma; Ishikawa, Tatsuya; Sakamoto, Kosei; Isobe, Takanori, An efficient strategy to construct a better differential on multiple-branch-based designs: application to Orthros, 277-304 [Zbl 1522.94091]
Chen, Siwei; Zhu, Mingming; Xiang, Zejun; Xu, Runqing; Zeng, Xiangyong; Zhang, Shasha, Rotational-XOR differential rectangle cryptanalysis on Simon-like ciphers, 305-330 [Zbl 1522.94050]
Alamati, Navid; Montgomery, Hart; Patranabis, Sikhar, Multiparty noninteractive key exchange from ring key-homomorphic weak PRFs, 333-359 [Zbl 1522.94030]
Faust, Sebastian; Hazay, Carmit; Kretzler, David; Schlosser, Benjamin, Putting the online phase on a diet: covert security from short MACs, 360-386 [Zbl 07745612]
Bouez, Alexandre; Singh, Kalpana, One round threshold ECDSA without roll call, 389-414 [Zbl 1522.94098]
Fregly, Andrew; Harvey, Joseph; Kaliski jun., Burton S.; Sheth, Swapneel, Merkle tree ladder mode: reducing the size impact of NIST PQC signature algorithms in practice, 415-441 [Zbl 1522.94102]
Barbu, Guillaume; Giraud, Christophe, All shall FA-LLL: breaking CT-RSA 2022 and CHES 2022 infective countermeasures with lattice-based fault attacks, 445-468 [Zbl 1522.94036]
Beckwith, Luke; Abdulgadir, Abubakr; Azarderakhsh, Reza, A flexible shared hardware accelerator for NIST-recommended algorithms CRYSTALS-Kyber and CRYSTALS-Dilithium with SCA protection, 469-490 [Zbl 07745616]
Hambitzer, Anna; Gerault, David; Huang, Yun Ju; Aaraj, Najwa; Bellini, Emanuele, NNBits: bit profiling with a deep learning ensemble based distinguisher, 493-523 [Zbl 07745617]
Liu, Qun; Zhao, Zheng; Wang, Meiqin, Improved heuristics for low-latency implementations of linear layers, 524-550 [Zbl 1522.94072]
Adomnicăi, Alexandre; Minematsu, Kazuhiko; Shikata, Junji, Authenticated encryption for very short inputs, 553-572 [Zbl 1522.94029]
Sibleyras, Ferdinand; Todo, Yosuke, Keyed sum of permutations: a simpler RP-based PRF, 573-593 [Zbl 1522.94088]
Bellare, Mihir; Shea, Laura, Flexible password-based encryption: securing cloud storage and provably resisting partitioning-oracle attacks, 594-621 [Zbl 1522.94037]
Miracle, Sarah; Yilek, Scott, Targeted invertible pseudorandom functions and deterministic format-transforming encryption, 622-642 [Zbl 1522.94078]
Kiltz, Eike; Pan, Jiaxin; Riepel, Doreen; Ringerud, Magnus, Multi-user CDH problems and the concrete security of \(\mathsf{NAXOS}\) and \(\mathsf{X3DH}\), 645-671 [Zbl 1522.94065]
Arriaga, Afonso; Šala, Petra; Škrobot, Marjan, Wireless-channel key exchange, 672-699 [Zbl 1522.94032]


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