Abstract and concrete categories. The joy of cats. (English) Zbl 0695.18001

Wiley-Interscience Publication. New York etc.: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. xii, 482 p. (1990).
This well-prepared text on category theory is intended for beginners with an elementary knowledge of set theory. The first five chapters are devoted to the fundamentals of category theory up to adjoints and monads. The remaining two chapters deal with more recent research results in the realm of topological and algebraic categories, Cartesian closed categories and quasitopoi. The text prefers a pedagogical style, introducing new concepts first in special cases and then moving to the more general ones. Each categorical notion is always accompanied by many examples from diverse branches.
Reviewer: H.Nishimura


18-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to category theory