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The CRC handbook of combinatorial designs. (English) Zbl 0836.00010
CRC Press Series on Discrete Mathematics and its Applications. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. xviii, 753 p. (1996).
The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. Indexed articles: {\it Mathon, Rudolf; Rosa, Alexander}, $2$-$(v,k,\lambda)$ designs of small order, 3-41 [Zbl 0845.05008] {\it Abel, R.Julian R.; Greig, Malcolm}, BIBDs with small block size, 41-47 [Zbl 0855.05015] {\it Kreher, Donald L.}, $t$-designs, $t\geq 3$, 47-66 [Zbl 0855.05016] {\it Colbourn, Charles J.; Mathon, Rudolf}, Steiner systems, 66-75 [Zbl 0851.05020] {\it Tran Van Trung}, Symmetric designs, 75-87 [Zbl 0847.05006] {\it Abel, R.Julian R.; Furino, Steven C.}, Resolvable and near resolvable designs, 87-94 [Zbl 0855.05014] {\it Colbourn, Charles J.; Dinitz, Jeffrey H.}, Latin squares, 97-110 [Zbl 0870.05008] {\it Abel, R.Julian R.; Brouwer, Andries E.; Colbourn, Charles J.; Dinitz, Jeffrey H.}, Mutually orthogonal latin squares (MOLS), 111-142 [Zbl 0849.05009] {\it Abel, R.Julian R.; Colbourn, Charles J.; Dinitz, Jeffrey H.}, Incomplete MOLS, 142-172 [Zbl 0849.05010] {\it Colbourn, Charles J.}, Orthogonal arrays of index more than one, 172-178 [Zbl 0865.05022] {\it Bierbrauer, Jürgen; Colbourn, Charles J.}, Orthogonal arrays of strength more than two, 179-182 [Zbl 0845.05017] {\it Mullin, Ronald C.; Gronau, Hans-Dietrich O.F.}, PBDs and GDDs: The basics, 185-193 [Zbl 0865.05013] {\it Mullin, Ronald C.; Gronau, Hans-Dietrich O.F.}, PBDs: Recursive constructions, 193-203 [Zbl 0844.05015] {\it Bennett, Frank E.; Gronau, Hans-Dietrich O.F.; Ling, Alan C.H.; Mullin, Ronald C.}, PBD-closure, 203-213 [Zbl 0845.05011] {\it Gronau, Hans-Dietrich O.F.; Mullin, Ronald C.; Pietsch, Christian}, Pairwise balanced designs as linear spaces, 213-220 [Zbl 0845.05010] {\it Mullin, Ronald C.; Gronau, Hans-Dietrich O.F.}, PBDs and GDDs of higher index, 220-224 [Zbl 0844.05016] {\it Mullin, Ronald C.; Gronau, Hans-Dietrich O.F.}, PBDs, frames, and resolvability, 224-226 [Zbl 0844.05017] {\it Godsil, Christopher D.}, Association schemes, 229-233 [Zbl 0848.05070] {\it Kunkle, Thomas; Sarvate, Dinesh G.}, Balanced (part) ternary designs, 233-238 [Zbl 0868.05014] {\it Lamken, Esther R.}, Balanced tournament designs, 238-241 [Zbl 0849.05018] {\it de Launey, Warwick}, Bhaskar Rao designs, 241-246 [Zbl 0845.05026] {\it Keedwell, Donald}, Complete mappings and sequencings of finite groups, 246-253 [Zbl 0860.05016] {\it Gropp, Harald}, Configurations, 253-255 [Zbl 0864.05024] {\it Taylor, Herbert}, Costas arrays, 256-260 [Zbl 0845.05025] {\it Stinson, Douglas R.}, Coverings, 260-265 [Zbl 0847.05035] {\it Rodger, C.A.}, Cycle systems, 266-270 [Zbl 0847.05076] {\it Abel, R.Julian R.}, Difference families, 270-287 [Zbl 0851.05026] {\it Colbourn, Charles J.; de Launey, Warwick}, Difference matrices, 287-297 [Zbl 0858.05022] {\it Jungnickel, Dieter; Pott, Alexander}, Difference sets: Abelian, 297-307 [Zbl 0851.05024] {\it Smith, Ken W.}, Difference sets: Nonabelian, 308-312 [Zbl 0851.05025] {\it Colbourn, Charles J.}, Difference triangle sets, 312-317 [Zbl 0852.05034] {\it Bennett, Frank E.; Mahmoodi, Alireza}, Directed designs, 317-321 [Zbl 0848.05016] {\it Kharaghani, Hadi}, $D$-optimal matrices, 321-323 [Zbl 0844.05030] {\it Lindner, C.C.}, Embedding partial quasigroups, 323-325 [Zbl 0847.05031] {\it Mahmoodi, Alireza; Schellenberg, Paul J.}, Equidistant permutation arrays, 326-329 [Zbl 0845.05024] {\it Street, Deborah J.}, Factorial designs, 329-354 [Zbl 0864.62053] {\it Laywine, Charles F.}, Frequency squares, 354-356 [Zbl 0851.05033] {\it Payne, Stanley E.}, Generalized quadrangles, 357-361 [Zbl 0852.51004] {\it Heinrich, Katherine}, Graph decompositions and designs, 361-366 [Zbl 0881.05105] {\it Chee, Yeow Meng}, Graphical designs, 366-369 [Zbl 0856.05020] {\it Craigen, R.}, Hadamard matrices and designs, 370-377 [Zbl 0861.05013] {\it Beneteau, Lucien}, Hall triple systems, 377-380 [Zbl 0851.05022] {\it Dinitz, Jeffrey H.}, Howell designs, 381-385 [Zbl 0847.05020] {\it Evans, Anthony B.}, Maximal sets of MOLS, 386-388 [Zbl 0966.05500] {\it Mendelsohn, Eric}, Mendelsohn designs, 388-393 [Zbl 0845.05021] {\it Alspach, Brian}, The Oberwolfach problem, 394-395 [Zbl 0848.05050] {\it Bierbrauer, Jürgen}, Ordered designs and perpendicular arrays, 396-399 [Zbl 0845.05018] {\it Seberry, Jennifer; Craigen, R.}, Orthogonal designs, 400-406 [Zbl 0861.05012] {\it Street, Deborah J.}, Orthogonal main effect plans, 406-408 [Zbl 0900.62421] {\it Stinson, Douglas R.}, Packings, 409-413 [Zbl 0847.05036] {\it Thas, Joseph A.}, Partial geometries, 414-419 [Zbl 0890.51004] {\it Street, Deborah J.; Street, Anne Penfold}, Partially balanced incomplete block designs, 419-423 [Zbl 0847.05010] {\it Bennett, Frank E.}, Quasigroups, 424-430 [Zbl 0865.05023] {\it Shrikhande, Mohan S.}, Quasi-symmetric designs, 430-434 [Zbl 0847.05007] {\it van Rees, G.H.John}, $(r,\lambda)$-designs, 434-436 [Zbl 0845.05027] {\it Dinitz, Jeffrey H.}, Room squares, 437-442 [Zbl 0849.05011] {\it Zhu, L.}, Self-orthogonal latin squares (SOLS), 442-447 [Zbl 0966.05501] {\it Finizio, Norman J.}, SOLS with a symmetric orthogonal mate (SOLSSOM), 447-452 [Zbl 0851.05032] {\it Koukouvinos, Christos}, Sequences with zero autocorrelation, 452-456 [Zbl 0847.05025] {\it Shalaby, Nabil}, Skolem sequences, 457-461 [Zbl 0844.05031] {\it Hoggar, Stuart G.}, Spherical $t$-designs, 462-466 [Zbl 0921.05019] {\it Dinitz, Jeffrey H.}, Starters, 467-473 [Zbl 0845.05022] {\it Street, Anne Penfold}, Trades and defining sets, 474-478 [Zbl 0847.05011] {\it Colbourn, Charles J.}, $(t,m,s)$-nets, 479-480 [Zbl 0864.05023] {\it Song, Hong-Yeop; Dinitz, Jeffrey H.}, Tuscan squares, 480-484 [Zbl 0845.05023] {\it Kramer, Earl S.}, $t$-wise balanced designs, 484-490 [Zbl 0845.05009] {\it Danziger, Peter; Rodney, Peter}, Uniformly resolvable designs, 490-492 [Zbl 0847.05009] {\it Ray-Chaudhuri, Dijen K.}, Vector space designs, 492-496 [Zbl 0869.05019] {\it Craigen, R.}, Weighing matrices and conference matrices, 496-504 [Zbl 0860.05015] {\it Anderson, Ian}, Whist tournaments, 504-508 [Zbl 0849.05017] {\it Colbourn, Charles J.}, Youden designs, generalized, 508-511 [Zbl 0849.05015] {\it Preece, Donald A.}, Youden squares, 511-514 [Zbl 0849.05016] {\it Tonchev, Vladimir D.}, Codes, 517-543 [Zbl 0854.94016] {\it Colbourn, Charles J.}, Computer science: Selected applications, 543-549 [Zbl 0850.68174] {\it Gopalakrishnan, K.; Stinson, Douglas R.}, Applications of designs to cryptography, 549-557 [Zbl 0847.05023] {\it Gopalakrishnan, K.; Stinson, Douglas R.}, Derandomization, 558-560 [Zbl 0850.68250] {\it Street, Deborah J.}, Optimality and efficiency: Comparing block designs, 561-564 [Zbl 0847.05012] {\it Colbourn, Charles J.}, Group testing, 564-565 [Zbl 0849.05020] {\it Dinitz, Jeffrey .; Lamken, Esther R.; Wallis, Walter D.}, Scheduling a tournament, 565-578 [Zbl 0849.05019] {\it Colbourn, Charles J.}, Winning the lottery, 578-584 [Zbl 0864.05008] {\it Chouinard, Leo G.II; Jajcay, Robert; Magliveras, Spyros S.}, Finite groups and designs, 587-615 [Zbl 0847.05099] {\it Williams, Hugh}, Number theory and finite fields, 615-644 [Zbl 0911.11002] {\it Royle, Gordon F.}, Graphs and multigraphs, 644-653 [Zbl 0851.05060] {\it Andersen, Lars D.}, Factorizations of graphs, 653-667 [Zbl 0853.05063] {\it Brouwer, Andries E.}, Strongly regular graphs, 667-685 [Zbl 0848.05071] {\it Spence, Edward}, Two-graphs, 686-694 [Zbl 0857.05069] {\it Beutelspacher, Albrecht}, Classical geometries, 694-708 [Zbl 0892.51005] {\it de Resmini, Marialuisa J.}, Projective planes, nondesarguesian, 708-718 [Zbl 0851.51010] {\it Gibbons, Peter B.}, Computational methods in design theory, 718-740 [Zbl 0960.62533]

00B15Collections of articles of miscellaneous specific interest
05-02Research monographs (combinatorics)