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Topological homogeneity. (English) Zbl 1323.54001

Hart, K. P. (ed.) et al., Recent progress in general topology III. Based on the presentations at the Prague symposium, Prague, Czech Republic, 2001. Amsterdam: Atlantis Press (ISBN 978-94-6239-023-2/hbk; 978-94-6239-024-9/ebook). 1-68 (2014).

Proper pseudocompact subgroups of pseudocompact Abelian groups. (English) Zbl 0915.54029

Andima, Susan (ed.) et al., Papers on general topology and applications. Papers from the 8th summer conference at Queens College, New York, NY, USA, June 18–20, 1992. New York, NY: The New York Academy of Sciences. Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. 728, 237-247 (1994).
MSC:  54H11 20K45 22C05

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